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Sunday early lunch for seafood in and around Baltimore

Thames street Oyster House in fells Point is way better than Mama's on the Half shell. Make a reservation though. But I just read your post more cafefully and I'm not sure if they are open on Sundays. Even better, on Sunday morning check out the many food offerings at the Sunday farmers market under the JFX. It's not seafood but still good!

Lunch rec between BWI and Baltimore

We really like Taste of Aloha in Arbutus. Down home Hawaiian comfort food like loco moco and Kalau pork. Not far from BWI.

xmas stollen?

Surprisingly and randomly Aldi grocery store carries a premade cherry stollen with a marzipan center and also a marzipan stollen. We tried the cherry stollen and it was delicious. During the holidays Aldi comes up with some seasonal items like this.
Hope that helps!

early dinner in Federal Hill/Locust Point on Saturday

In that area with kids I would definitely suggest Hersh's. great pizza and pasta and kids are very welcome but def. does not have the "kid" place vibe. yummy desserts too.

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

we just took our out of town guests to Koco's this past Friday night because they requested crabcakes. Our guests proclaimed them "the best crabcakes they ever had!" $25 for crabcake, onion rings, and salad is not cheap but the crabcake is HUGE! and full of lump crab meet. Koco's is on Harford Road in the Hamilton/Lauraville neighborhood about 20 minutes from the fairgrounds.

Help 2 Canadian Foodies Fall in Love with Baltimore this Memorial Day Weekend.

Definitely definitely go to the Sunday farmer's market for lunch. Not to be missed when you are in Baltimore. walk around sampling stuff then get some donuts or a crepe or the mushroom sandwich to munch on. the thai food stand by the omelet place is great too. I think you should go to Bluegrass for dinner as opposed to lunch also.

Help 2 Canadian Foodies Fall in Love with Baltimore this Memorial Day Weekend.

Daphne- I really don't have any experience w/ public transportation in Baltimore other than the free Charm City Circulator which doesn't go to that many places. I probably wouldn't go to either Clementine or Woodberry w/ out a car or cab. Maybe you can rent a zipcar that is now available in Baltimore. That being said, I cannot say enough about Clementine's charcuterie. the chef/owner does it all himself!

Charm City Cafe
Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

Help 2 Canadian Foodies Fall in Love with Baltimore this Memorial Day Weekend.

some of these places suggested require a car from where you are staying. or it would be a very expensive cab ride. If you have access to car/cab then for very good charcuterie or brunch I would recommend Clementine on Harford Rd. Also Woodberry Kitchen is another great place for dinner but not walking distance. It's an amazing space w/ farm to table food.
Places mentioned that you can walk to (or short cab ride) that I def. concur w/ are Bluegrass (although I haven't been since the orig. chef left), Salt, and B&O (again I was there when before the orig. chef left)
The restaurant in Crush is called Demi. Also very good. but you can't walk there. Sit at the bar if you can for a great view of the kitchen.
the last place I would suggest for a casual lunch/dinner is Iggie's pizza on Calvert St. (which some people on this board have strong negative feelings about). It's not far from you. I think their Funghi pizza is amazing. ask for it well done if you want an extra crispy crust.
Enjoy your weekend!

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

Prom dinner suggestions for Alexandria

does anyone have a suggestion for a pre prom dinner in early June? The prom is at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. So this place has to be kind of fancy-ish (since they are going to be in gowns and tuxes) BUT not to stuffy, appropriate for high school seniors (very mature seniors). A fun, funky vibe would be a plus too. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!!

Durian creme brulee at Jack's Bistro in Baltimore!!

Wow! If you are a durian fan (which actually I am not!) Jack's Bistro is featuring it in a special limited time dessert of Durian Creme Brulee. My durian fanatic friends gave it a huge thumbs up for texture and flavor. People either love durian or hate it. I personally think it smells like hot trash. but if you are a fan I would head up there soon and partake in some durian creme brulee!

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Highlights of my trip to SLC- Chowtruck, Mini's Cupcakes, farmer's market and Forage

I'm an east coast Chowhounder who just got back fr. a few days in Salt Lake City. Here are some highlights of my trip:

Chowtruck- Wow! We ran out in pouring rain to catch the Chowtruck before they left their lunch stop. Totally worth getting soaked! I've been multiple times to Kogi in L.A. but the Chowtruck has them beat! It's slightly more innovative, just as tasty and no ridiculous line! The special that day was a fried shrimp cake which I ordered as a slider. YUM! We also had a spicy beef taco, a pork slider and the fried calamari. Next time I would skip the calamari and get more tacos or sliders! Highly recommend checking them out!

Mini's Cupcakes- Chocolate cupcake with seasalt and a pretzel on top. I'm a sucker for sweet/salty so this was right up my alley. s'more cupcake and tiramisu one also delicious

Downtown Farmer's Mkt- You guys have a great farmer's market. I would be there every wknd if I lived there

Forage- This was the highlight of my wknd and probably one of my dining highlights of the year!!
This place is AMAZING! You guys are so lucky to have Forage in SLC! Four of us dined here on Friday evening- we decided on the 3 course menu instead of the bigger tasting menu because it was late in the evening. Even so, including all the extras they throw in we had 7 courses. Everything tasted spectacular - particularly notable was egg custard in an egg shell, the pork main dish and all of the desserts. It was about $60/ person which was a TOTAL bargain! In NYC or SF this would have been at least double. service was good and the Asian chef is totally HOT!

Sorry for the long post. thanks for a great foodie adventure!

Aug 22, 2010
amaebi in Mountain States

Hollywood Diner Baltimore

Had a horrible experience there for brunch one Sunday after the farmer's mkt. it was 10:30am and they had already ran out of pancakes!? How is that possible? there was also only one waitress so you had to get up, order at the counter, and then wait for your food. ridiculous. many people got up and left after waiting at least 30 minutes for their food. I understand that every place has an off day but it was Sunday brunch (at a diner, right next to the Sunday farmer's market no less). They should have been better prepared.

B&O American Brasserie -- excellent

There is street parking on Charles St. one block south of the restaurant on the east side of Charles. Also there is street parking on Baltimore St. btwn Charles and St. Paul (just around the corner fr. the B&O). I am pretty sure that after 6pm in both places you don't have to feed the meter. I have never had a problem finding parking within a block of the place so please don't let that deter you fr. one of the best dining experiences in the city. I've been several times and have had wonderful meals there. We need to support this chef so that more innovative chefs move into Baltimore and open places like this.

Harris Crab House @ Kent Narrows

Whole belly clams are one of my all time favorite foods! Is this a regular item on the menu or just a special on some nights? I need to get myself there ASAP.

One night in Baltimore - Cinghiale Osteria, Bluegrass Tavern, Jack's Bistro, Pazo or Woodberry Kitchen?

Good choices. I know nothing of the Annapolis place but have been to all of the others multiple times. If you are only choosing one then my rec would be Woodberry Kitchen. Bluegrass and Jack's Bistro have slightly more innovative food. However, Woodberry has nice ambience and great "vibe". We usually choose Woodberry for out of town guests and they all love it. If you have time for an extra meal I would go to Blue Grass or Salt Tavern.

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

best take out in Locust Point?

Hill top carryout on Fort Ave. has amazing gyros!

Returning to Baltimore for a weekend away - where to eat?

I would suggest Salt (in Butchers Hill) or B&O American Brasserie on Charles st. Both are new, innovative and very tasty, well prepared food. Both have young chefs that are into cooking with fresh, locally grown (relatively) food. I've had amazing meals at both places and the ambience is nice. Price is probably comparable to Woodberry or Cinghiale. Cheaper than Charleston. Enjoy!

822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

Byblos -- Federal Hill

I had the hummus and baba there today. very tasty. Especially the baba. very nice smokiness.

Roast pork and broccoli rabe sub comes to Taylor Gourmet.

Drove down from Baltimore to have this sandwich last Thursday! Two enthusiastic thumbs up! Having had many roast pork sandwiches in Philly, this one ranks right up there. The seeded bread from Sarcone's makes this sandwich. or maybe it's the sharp provolone. Actually, I can't decide which component of this sandwich is the best but when put all together the flavor can't be beat. Sooooo good. I want to try some other sandwiches from Taylor Gourmet but I don't want to be disappointed if they're not as good as the pattison Avenue.

is this the board for Charlottesville, VA?

I posted on the DC Board about where to get breakfast/brunch in Charlottesville but someone said to post on this board. Going to be there this weekend. (homecoming). where are the can't miss spots?

Oct 07, 2009
amaebi in General South Archive

breakfast/brunch in Charlottesville, VA

Heading to Charlottesville this weekend. Any can't miss places for breakfast or brunch? locally grown etc. would be wonderful but really yummy food is more important. Keep in mind that it's homecoming weekend so it's probably going to be crowded wherever we go.

Egg Custard Snoball

Can someone else also tell me about the "skylite" flavor of snowballs? It's definitely a Baltimore thing. Is it a fruity flavor or what?!

Roma sausage at Giant

The "store" in Highlandtown (on Claremont St.) no longer exists! Went there to pick up sausages for Memorial day weekend and there was butcher paper on the windows and a sign that they had moved to Essex. great sausage though.

Have done a board search, still have a few assorted questions re: College Park, Baltimore....

For your aquarium lunch go to Miss Shirley's. it's just across Pratt St. fr. the Aquarium. it's slightly pricy for Brunch/lunch but very decadent. There are 2 locations so technically it is a chain but the food is very worth checking out, Enjoy!

Inner Harbor East -- delivery or takeout (no car)

I know that Roy's (Hawaiian food) and Fleming's (Steak) in Harbor East has a courtesy shuttle that will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the restaurant so maybe the same shuttle will bring take out food to your hotel. I would check out their websites and call them to see if they would do this. I've eaten at both places. both are good. I like Roy's a lot. Their molten chocolate cake is to die for!! There is also Lebanese Taverna in Harbor East for your middle eastern fix. I'm sure they do take out but don't know if they deliver. If you order fr. Roy's or Fleming's tip the van driver well. He's a very nice man.

Koko's Pub on Harford Rd

While it is very hard to go to Koco's and not order the crabcake, next time you are there try the fried shrimp. I'm not even sure why it's so good but it some of the best fried shrimp I've had around here. just simple breaded shrimp but so yummy. only thing wrong with this place is they don't serve dessert!

Lunch Very Near BWI Airport

Little Spice is a thai restaurant in a strip mall very close to BWI. 1350 Dorsey Rd.
I've only been there once but everything was very tasty.

bridal shower in annapolis?

went to a baby shower at Carroll Creek cafe. they have a separate room. everything was yummy. don't know about $ as I wasn't one of the hosts.

The Thirsty Dog in Baltimore

I enjoy their pizza BUT I love their Hearts Afire salad. They don't skimp on the hearts of palm. Yum!

Thai bakery? Is there one?

You are right about making it taste good is hard. the ones I had at the thai fest. in Silver Spring were mediocre at best. the ones in L.A. were amazing!! Let me know if you find anything out.