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Issues with white chocolate ganache

You are correct with your guess on white chocolate. It has none of the chemical properties that the milk chocolate and dark chcolate have. I would stay away from the whtie cchcolate for the truffles.

Feb 17, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

to go with lobster risotto

Seared scallops in a over sauteeds spinach, just go easy on the number and size of scallops as your risotto is heavy...maybe two scallops over a bed over a handfuls of spinach.

Feb 10, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

whats your fave beef tenderloin recipe?

Beef tenderloin, butterflied and then stuffed with lobster, then rolled and tied , seared, then finished in the oven, cut pinwheel style, served with bernaise sauce and truflfe risotto and parmesan roasted aspargus as a veg.

This is the VDAY meal, as per request from Mrs. Filet O'Fish for the last three years running even though I threw out so many other menus for her choice.

Desert- Champagne and strawberries--straight and to the point...

Feb 10, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Scottsdale- Pure Sushi reviews?

I would agree, this is the best and most fresh sushi in Scottsdale. I ate there last weekend and was very pleased.

However, they were out of Toro and was told they seldom have any...bummer.

Feb 06, 2009
Filet o Fish in Phoenix

authentic Italian red/marinara sauce?

Most Italians and Most Chefs who cook Italian food would scoff at the following:

Beef Stock
White Wine
Red Wine

Now, in reality, Marinara sauce in the US has morphed into regionalisms and family traditions.

When in doubt, refer to Marcella Hazan's cookbook, which is generally regarded as the Bible of all things authentic Italian cooking.

Feb 06, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

BBQ Beans: Andy Nelson BBQ

Soak the dry navy beans in water over night. Quick cook bean recipes never have as much flavor, when coooking the ingredients, use a ham hock and pull out at the end prior to service.

Feb 06, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Imported Flour

I seonc the Caputo! Wish I built the pizza oven, but I can tell you the taste, texture and workability of the dough is sginificant. Go for it!

Feb 05, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Prosciutto Rinds

Save your rinds, put them in soups of all kinds: Wedding Soup, Ragou, etc...

Feb 03, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Complete my menu, please! (Meat dish & sides)

How about a pistachio crusted rack of lamb and grilled eggplant....the lamb is easy and makes a statement, goes with the rest of your menu you planned and the eggplant is a nice touch.

Perhaps a Coucscous with a Mediteranean touch as a starch would be nice with some pine nuts, fresh rosemary and pitted olives.

If you need more specifics, plese feel free to ask.

Feb 03, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Scottsdales Best Butcher

As an avid home gourmet, I think that a personal relationship with your butcher is key to a really great meal. This being said, I do think the Pork Shop is great and Jason does an outstanding job! However, I live in N. Scottsdale and the drive roundtrip to the Pork Shop is almost 2 hours depending on traffic. I make is a pilgrimmage and stock up when I go.

I rely on the AJ's location at 18271 N Pima Rd, Pima and Union Hills, in N. Scottsdale. The Butcher manager's name is Tony Pina and I have been a loyal customer of his for years. Tony has been with the AJ's groups for many years and he has always made it important to take care of those quirky items I need, always cuts meat for me fresh and never pulls it out the case and happily takes phone requests whenever needed.

Call Tony Pina at 480-538-3080 and I assure that you will not be disappointed.

Feb 03, 2009
Filet o Fish in Phoenix

Okay, just how do you mash cauliflower?

I put mine in the food-processor, add some heavy cream, some butter and salt and pepper....

Feb 02, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

Grilling (salmon and other fish) with cedar planks ... many questions

I have been using this method for some time and people always enjoy it.

An interesting flavor enhancer is to soak your planks in apple juice, 1 gallon usually does the job, and often can find it on sale for less than $5.

This method produces a milder seet and smoky flavor.

Jan 29, 2009
Filet o Fish in Home Cooking

The Mission Restaurant (PHX)

The Mission-- Impossible----see my review

Jan 28, 2009
Filet o Fish in Phoenix

Dickies Dogs (N. Scottsdale)

I have an update for fans of Chicago-style hot dogs: Dickies Dogs, located on the SW corner of Thompson Peak Pkwy. and Bell Rd, will not be re-opening.

I learned from several people in the area this week, that the restaurant did not have their lease renewed. You may recall that this location was the scene of several frightening bombings and the restaurant was destroyed on more than one occasion..

While it appeared in recent months that the rebuild was progressing smoothly, it was noticed that sometime in mid-December, that those efforts came to a sudden hault.

The dogs were good, though over priced and those of us in the neighborhood are thankful that no one was injured or killed in these unsolved crimes.

Note: this makes 2 failed independent restaurants in this strip mall, as there was pizza place that went under several years ago and the space remains vacant today.

Jan 23, 2009
Filet o Fish in Southwest

The Mission- Impossible (Review)

On Friday evening, my girlfriend suggested we try something new and we ventured into Oldtown Scottsdale for dinner at The Mission. Upon arriving we were seated in the dining room and were stricken by the ambience of the low lighting and dramatic artwork and furnishings. Unfortunately, this is it where it ended.

The dinner, I smartly refer to as the Mission Imposible, began with a pomegranite margarita ($12.) and a beer, The restaurant lists a huge page of maragaritas on the menu, unfortunately, margaratias made from Sour mix out of gun, like a college bar, with some pomegranite juice, just don't make the cut. It was sour and revolting.

Next up was the the house specialty, according to our server, guacamole ($12)). Taking a page out of the Barrio Cafe's playbook, another server pulled up a cart next to our table and began to make the guacamole, tableside. As I watched him skin and piut the avocados, mash them, squeeze some lime and add a serrano pepper, I was amused that there was no cilanttro. Trouble was looming. He finished the guacamole with chipotle sauce, "for that smoky" flavor and olive oil. Both of these final ingredients seemed odd. He left the table and told he would return with some hot chips, 15 minutes later, we still had no chips.

The chips were ultimately delivered by our server upon prompting from me, when I could get her attention as she never checked to see if we likedit and thus, did not realize we had no chips. I explained that her counterpart had delivered no chips. Once we had chips, I dipped into the guacamole and discovered it was flat, lacked flavor and tasted something like baby food. This was an embarrasement as this was the house special!

With an empty beer bottle on the table and an empty water bottle($7) for well over 10 minutes, I waited patiently for some attention from our server, who was busy with a table of friends or regulars next to our table. Finally, another beer was offered, though it took another 10 minutes for it to be delivered! More water was never poured or offered!

We ordered 2 entrees for dinner: Chicken tacos ($15) and Braised RIbs ($32). Upon arrival of the entrees, I was shocked to see the size of the tacos. While there were three on the plate, the taco itself was approcimately 4 inches in diameter. The tortillas were thick, cold and reminded me of second grade class projct when we learned how corn was pounded to make tortillas. The tacos lacked flavor, had little meat and a small amount of cheese on the tacos that was not melted, but cold!

The Braised short rib, was also poor. The short rib was very tiny and very fatty. The short rib was served with pork belly that was undercooked as an old shoe. It had no flavor and was poorly flavored as well.

Total bill for the meal was $87. The service was poor. the portions wre tiny and the food was awful.

I left the restaurant hungry and spent the entire ride home wondering what was in my refrigerator so that I could come home and have something for dinner.

Jan 12, 2009
Filet o Fish in Southwest

Portuguese sausage in Phoenix?

The Pork Shop in Queen Creek has liguica. It is the best in town. Support your local butcher and take a short drive to Queen Creek. You will be so happy you did!

Dec 15, 2008
Filet o Fish in Phoenix

My Birthday Dinner At Noca (Review)

After months of reading the culinary kudos of Noca, my girlfriend took me there for my birthday on Friday evening. As a regular patron of many fine dining restraurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and one who is said to be more picky about food and service than Gordon Ramsay, I can categorically acclaim that Noca is the finest meal I have had in Arizona in years!

We began our culinary adventure with the Chestnut/Pearl Onion soup with the fresh foie gras filled ravioli. It was at this point, I knew I was in for one of those meals that you must tell all of your friends about! This soup, which I will be trying to perfect in my kitchen for weeks, was outstanding. Each mouthful of of the savory, creamy broth was heightened by the slight foie gras flavor in the ravioli and I could have happily eaten 3 more bowls with a loaf of bread and a a glass of wine and been quite content!

Accompanying our soup was a crispy-grilled quail with maitake mushrooms. The quail was grilled crisp and delicious and the mushrooms added just that perfect touch of earthiness!.

Having blazed through 2 courses already, I was ready for our entrees. I chose a duck breast that, once again was perfectly prepared. I am so pleased that the Noca chefs know that duck is best served medium rare, My girlfriend chose the skate and we each armwrestled over the moist fish with the crispy outside.

The staff was the restaurant was knowledgible, efficient and happy to share.

And finally, not to be out done, the cotton candy was a whimsical finale!

Elliot and his gang of foodies have this restaurant primed for success and I am counting the days until I return.

Nov 10, 2008
Filet o Fish in Phoenix

Where to find quinces in Tucson, AZ

You can find quince in Tucson at Basha's markets.

Nov 10, 2008
Filet o Fish in Southwest