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Special Foodie Experience- need recco, please!

I have a friend who is the quintessential foodie. Roberta's tasting table, he's done it. Brooklyn Fare, he's done it. I can go on...I want to get him something special for his bday/ Hannukah and I would love to do something different and special. I'm cool going up to about $700 for the both of us. I did Ko last year, and although I love the ambiance I thought it was lacking when compared to my experience a few years ago. Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance for your help guys.

Nov 08, 2013
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Manhattan

Looking for in-house kosher catering for a synagogue/temple for under $80/pp.

Does it have to be a synagogue? My sister got married at Colbeh in Great Neck (they cater the Little Neck Synagogue) and it was SUPER well priced with open bar, etc. They totally hooked her up. Only draw back? The ceilings are a bit low and the dance floor a bit small, but other than that very affordable wedding. Maybe Little Neck Jewish Center with them catering could be an option.

Oct 28, 2013
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Nicest kosher restaurant atmosphere NYC

Hands down, Pardes in Brooklyn. Whenever I go in there I always see non-Jews eating alongside Jews. How did I know they weren't Jewish? They were talking about Easter plans! The service is a bit spotty, but the food and ambiance compare to non-kosher places I have eaten (I eat dairy out and didn't grow up religious). Otherwise, J-SoHo. Depending upon how frum, you could always do second ave deli. It is certainly an experience-- I'm actually having a co-worker take me there for my 'welcome lunch' because I'm tired of the dairy options in the 'hood.

Oct 28, 2013
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Kosher Cape Town?

My fiance and I are traveling to Cape Town for 6 nights, looking for a GREAT kosher (meat preferred) restaurant. If it's romantic, that would be even better. Place I like: Pardes in Brooklyn, Prime Grill, Mike's, etc. Looking for the international equivolent.

Feb 06, 2011
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Best Tasting Menu in NYC

I second the recc for Pardes. I ate traif for a number of years, and have been on the lookout for restaurants that are up to non-kosher standards. Pardes ROCKED. I could not believe the food was kosher- the depth of flavors, the perfect preparation reminded me of restaurants I used to go to once upon a time ago. Also, how do you know when a kosher restaurant is that good? Non-Jews were eating there on their own; it's become a real neighborhood hangout.

Jan 09, 2011
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Help me find a wine for my wedding

I thought they stopped making the Abarbanel? My fiance and I are looking for a good kosher champagne for our wedding and it turns out that Nicholas Feurillete & Pommery stopped making their kosher versions. We tried the Sacy, but found it a bit on the sweet side for our palette.

Nov 22, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Innovative restaurant in NY/NJ Area

I recommend Solo. Before I started to keep kosher I used to eat at all of the top restaurants in NYC thanks to my job. I had the tasting menu at Solo, with wine pairing, and my sister and I were very impressed. The service was terrible, but after I complained to the manager, the service got a lot better. The food compared to traif restaurants!

Nov 13, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Chow worthy Kosher Eats Tel Aviv/Tsfat/Jerusalem

My Fiance and I are going on a trip to Israel and we're interested in chow worthy eats in Tel Aviv, Tsfat, Jerusalem. The sky is the limit with food (we're willing to pay for an amazing experience)- we want to eat the best kosher cuisine we can find. That being said, we would love to hear your hole-in-the-wall recommendations too.

Aug 24, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Locavore kosher chicken purveyor (NYC-area)

I know this may not be exactly what you're looking for- but take a look at KOL foods. The animals are raised on farms in MD without hormones, anti-biotics and then they bring in a schochet and ship the met. There are some buying clubs in Manhattan to save on the cost of shipping. My fiance and i ordered the beef and it was awesome!

Aug 13, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Looking for good merguez

Although it's kosher- Fischer Brothers on the UWS (72nd St) has amazing merguez sausage. Even my non-kosher eating friends love it. Great flavor, and bit of spice.

Jul 28, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Manhattan

Kosher Caterers for Wedding-CT Coast/Southern RI

Can anyone recommend a good kosher caterer for a wedding for a kosher reception that will go to the CT coast/ southern RI border? I've heard of a perfect taste and Daniel's Gourmet Kosher caterer. Anyone know about these caterers or others?

We're looking for very "modern" fare that our non- kosher eating guests would not guess is kosher.


Jul 27, 2010
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Kosher

Greenmarket Meat of the Month Club exist?

My boyfriend is obsessed with food, especially meat, that is farm-raised, organic, GMO-free (you get the idea). For Christmas this year I'd love to get him a "meat-of-the-month" club membership with a local farm/producer in the region that will ship it to his door. I looked into a CSA membership, but most in NYC area are no longer accepting applications. I also looked into some of the Greenmarket farmers but, it doesn't look like they offer anything like this (or if they do its $125 for 5 pounds of meat for one shipment). Does anyone have ideas where I should look? Thanks!

Nov 10, 2008
Expenseacctfoodsnob in Manhattan