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Kenji Lopez-Alt vegan experience

He's one of my favorite people on SE. I've tried a number of his vegan recipes. The best so far, imo, was from last year--a Spanish chick pea and spinach stew. Fairly simple and intensely flavorful.

Trader Joe's Thai Shrimp Gyoza

That's exactly how I eat them too. Sometimes when I want a real burn, I'll use some TJ habenero sauce mixed with the dipping sauce.

Dec 07, 2013
Joltingjoey in Chains

Mystic, CT Lunch?

That's "Pita Spot", one of my favorite restaurants in the region. It's rated #1 on Trip Advisor for good reason.

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - August 2013 [old]

I do know for sure that Morningstar products use GMOs. I contacted them a few years ago and they confirmed. Too bad, because their vegetarian bacon is the best availalbe, imo.

Aug 09, 2013
Joltingjoey in Chains

Vegan or vegetarian hearty stew recipe?

I love beef bourguignon. I use chunks of seitan, or tofu (sometimes both) instead of beef, and veggie bacon. Here's the recipe I adapted from. It's much simpler than the classic Julia Child recipe:

Favorite seitan recipes?

I've been making my own seitan for about 5 years and cooking 1 or 2 meals per week with it. I have a nice collection of recipes I make over and over, but am always on the lookout for more. I would love to hear from readers what their favorite seitan recipes are. Here's one of mine. It's adapted from a NY Times recipe from many years ago using lamb or beef.

Seitan Spiedies (note: I went to college in Binghamton, NY, which is the home of spiedies, which are a sort of Italian version of souvlakia. There's a good Wikipedia article about them)

1/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup red-wine or cider vinegar
1 tbsp lemon or lime juice
1 tbsp dried oregano (also good with fresh oregano)
1 tbsp chopped parsley
1 tbsp chopped fresh mint or 1/2 tsp dried mint
1 small clove chopped garlic
salt & pepper to taste and maybe a pinch of cayenne
1 pound seitan cut into 1-inch cubes

mix marinade ingredients in a nonreactive bowl and marinate the seitan for at least 4 hours (the longer the better)
Thread marinated cubes onto metal skewers and either grill over charcoal, or broil in oven until nicely charred.
Serve on folded slices of Italian bread. Spoon any leftover marinade over the seitan.

Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? [OLD]

Good thread. I plan to use it when I put together my next shopping list. Here are just a few of our faves that have become staples:

1 California estate olive oil (this was top-rated in Consumer Reports last year)
2. habanero sauce
3. Israeli feta (like it better than the Greek, and it's cheaper)
4. organic concord grape jelly
5. European style plain nonfat yogurt

Feb 24, 2013
Joltingjoey in Chains

Hot Action in Westerly

Just remembered another: A China Buffet is moving into the ill-fated Ume next to Stop & Shop.

Hot Action in Westerly

Living almost 40 years now in this town, I can't recall a time period with so many comings and goings on the restaurant scene. Here are a few:

Markos is gone. Not surprised--I never saw anyone there. Heard 3rd hand that they're moving back to Narragansett, which they never should have left. Can anyone confirm?

Dylans is gone for back taxes. The owner of Prime Time Cafe is planning to open a Mexican place in that venue. Smart move since Senor Flaco's is gone and so is Cody's which served some Mexican style dishes.

84 High Street moved around the corner to Senor Flacos. The Cooked Goose announced plans to open a new restaurant where Cody's used to be. They'll retain their Avondale location.

Hot or Not closed about 5 weeks after opening. Had one breakfast and it was totally incompetent. And what's going in there? Billias Mediterranean Grill--the same restaurant that failed in that space before the Thai places came in about 6 years ago!

The Irish pub, The Brazen Hen, still hasn't opened. Anyone know what's holding it up?

Finally, there's a little storefront in Mill Pond Plaza called Chicken Busters. Looks like takeout only, boasting Portuguese style roast chicken, whatever that is. The place is almost invisible and I haven't seen any advertising. it may be gone as I write.

Anything I may have forgotten?

New in downtown Westerly

Correction: they do serve dinner. Can't find a dinner menu online. They seem to have a facebook page, but no web site.
This trend really bugs me.

New in downtown Westerly

No, not Thai, but just as unecessary. It's another breakfast/lunch spot. Menu looks totally uninspired. Lunch is mainly burgers. Nothing has ever lasted very long in that venue, and I doubt that this will be an exception.

Winter recommendations in Provincetown?

Agree totally with dordalina. We've been enjoying Napi's for many years. It's not great cuisine, but it's consistently good. And the atmosphere and decor are totally unique. They're open for lunch in the offseason only to cater to permanent residents, which is really nice. Have a wonderful weekend!

New Lightlife Burgers

These recently appeared in my local Stop & Shop freezer case. Been vegetarian for about 35 years and have tried countless brands and made my own, but these are probably the best I've had. They're also bigger than most--at 3 oz. each and right now they're on special for just $3.00 for a 12 oz. package. There are several varieties--so far I've just had the Backyard Grill'n burgers.

Anyone else tried these yet? Interested in other opinions.

Need (ok, want) Info on new and newish restaurants in Westerly area

Our experiences at the Bridge have been very different. We've been at least 6 times with several large groups, and the service has always been good to excellent. We took my father for lunch for his 90th birthday a few Saturdays ago. He was looking forward to lobster, which is only available on Tuesday evenings (they have a twin lobster special for $20!) So the manager went out to a nearby retailer and picked up a lobster for his lunch. And our server couldn't have been nicer or more efficient.

As for cleanliness, my wife is extremely sensitive to this issue and she's never noticed any problems. I'm usually oblivious, unless it's egregious.

New restaurant at Bruna's (Westerly) opening this weekend

FYI, Trattoria Longo is open at the old Bruna's Table location in Westerly. For most of the spring & summer, it looked like nothing was happening, and then suddenly, there it is.

Some help for Vacation Matunuck Rhode Island

The weekly restaurant review in this week's Providence Phoenix is a total rave for La Strada Cafe & Pizza on Matunuck Beach Road. Now I usually take these reviews with a grain of salt, since the Phoenix is a free weekly and are dependent on advertising revenue, but this place does look like the real deal. Perhaps you can try it and let us know if it's really that great.

Here's the review:

New Westerly restaurant

I got the name wrong--it's Cafe Longo, not Longo's Cafe. Never heard of it either, but it has some nice reviews along with some awful ones on various review sites. I'll certainly give the new Westerly place a try.

Concerning the prices at Ella's, I don't think it's any more that Maria's in Misquamicut, and that place is always mobbed in season. Agree about the patio--even if they bulid a barrier, I still wouldn't want to eat out there so close to traffic.

As for the foie gras issue that coastalgypsy brings up: there are humane methods of fattening geese. Before blowing off Ella's, you might check with them to find out their source--just suggesting.

New Westerly restaurant

Just this morning, I stopped for a light breakfast at Bruna's cafe in Watch Hill and asked one of the employees, who used to be sous chef at Bruna's, what was happening with the restaurant. Apparently, a local man named Longo who owns Longo's Cafe in Federal Hill, will be opening a new restaurant in Bruna's Canal St. building. He's busy expanding the interior space to include a bar, and I saw workers building a shelter over the outdoor patio. They should be opening in about a month.

btw has anyone tried Ella's Fine Foods yet? I had lunch there a few weeks ago and was very impressed. I was going to start my own thread on it, but wanted to wait until we had another meal there.

Goodbye to "Kitchen little" location.

From front page of today's Westerly Sun

Artisanal, Hidden Gems, Hole in the wall Providence, RI

If I found myself in the strip mall where Garden Grill is located, I'd much prefer to go next door to Rasoi Indian restaurant. They have an excellent vegan buffet on Saturday for around $10pp, or plenty of veggie options off the menu.

New London and / or Mystic .....Where do locals eat????

I've said it before on CH and I'll say it again: Pita Spot in Mystic is outstanding for authentic Lebanese food at very moderate prices. But don't just take my word for it. Look it up here and on Trip Advisor and Yelp and you'll see almost nothing but passionate raves.

90+ ?

OK, skeptics & cynics. I've now tried 8 or 9 of their offerings and can honestly say that I'm totally impressed with their quality and value. I've paid $10 for most and $15 for several (I haven't tried their $20+ bottles), and have enjoyed them all. The biggest surprise was the California chardonnay (Lot 40) which sounded like a flabby oak-bomb from the description, but turned out to be a lean, elegant, food-friendly chard. Also, the Oregon Pinot Noir (Lot 28)
was outstanding.

btw, I'm not a novice, nor am I overly influenced by rating numbers.

I really look forward to hearing from anyone else who has tried them.

weg: the Rhone was a bit too oaked for my taste and I still haven't found the riesling.

Jan 16, 2012
Joltingjoey in Wine

90+ ?

Did you try the Malbec? I think it's outstanding. Can't believe I paid just $10 for it.
I'll try the Rhone next. My store doesn't have the riesling, but I'll ask them to get it.

Dec 23, 2011
Joltingjoey in Wine

Sally's Apizza is obviously better than Pepe's and Modern

Sorry, but this is a ridiculous post. There's no "obvious" when it comes to food tastes, especially pizza.

90+ ?

A store in my town in Rhode Island is featuring wines from 90+, a "virtual winery" based in Boston.
What they're doing looks interesting. I found quite a bit on the web.

Wondering if anyone's tried their offerings and if anything's really outstanding. Thanks.

Dec 14, 2011
Joltingjoey in Wine

Orchard with Activities

We LOVE Lapsley Orchards on scenic rt. 169 in Pomfret. They offer free hay rides, freshly pressed cider, baked goods produce & pumpkins for sale. We drive up from Westerly once or twice a year. Columbus Day weekend is their busiest time, though not as crazy as Clyde's.

Providence Pizza

Glad to learn that Nice Slice is still there. I worked part-time in Prov. 5 years ago and they were
on my regular lunch circuit. Excellent NY style pizza.

Nice Slice
267 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02906

Dining Options near Crowne Plaza, Warwick, RI

You're about a mile and a half from Haruki on rt. 5. It's my favorite sushi in the state and they have a full Japanese menu as well. A high protein meal should help your bridge game!

Haruki Restaurant
1210 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920

Is Torrontes the next Malbec?

WS already gave the Crios Torrontes 90 points, for whatever that's worth. I've paid about $11 or $12. Agree with David that it's an interesting and enjoyable bottle and good value.

Aug 26, 2011
Joltingjoey in Wine

Planning a Coastal Drive, Soliciting Suggestions

To clarify your confusion about the location of Matunuck Oyster Bar: South Kingstown is the name of the actual town. There are numerous villages within this rather large area: including Matunuck, East Matunuck and Wakefield, which is the downtown commercial section. I worked in SK for 23 years and could name them all, but I'll spare you.
I now work part time in East Lyme and agree with the Ugh for Main St. Grille. There's been nothing but mediocrity in that space for years.