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Mt. Signal Cafe - "puffy" quesadillas

Hey there- found this site and saw the talk about the "puffy qesadilla". All the locals know they are called "special quesadillas" (especial). The recipe belonged to a Mr. Caro and his family and is over 50 years old. The only place you can find them is in the Imperial Valley. There are 3 women who can make them like they should be made. One of them being married to Mr. Caro before he passed. I found a trademark on the "La Hacienda" Original Especial Quesadilla. They are the best thing you ever tasted. You can serve them with Chile Rellano sauce or guacamole or you can slit them open and stuff them with whatever you like. You can of course have them shipped anywhere. They are really tasty and kind of a comfort food for me. email for info. I will try to find the website. So glad I found this site.

Nov 09, 2008
LINDA HOPKINS in California