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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

We just visited for 4 nights in the Outer Banks, and had some great (and some just ok) meals. Here's my recap:

Kill Devil Grill (KDH) - Pretty good, but didn't blow us away with anything. About a 30 minute wait on a Saturday night (no reservations), but they have a fun ring game out front to keep you entertained....

Stack 'Em High (KDH) - We went directly here when we arrived while we waited for our room to be ready... We're suckers for pancakes any time of the day. We were impressed, pancakes were good - lots of options for toppings/fillings. The home fries were great too - covered in cheese and bacon.

Sugar Shack Seafood Market (Nags Head) - A great place for blue crabs - affordable too ($18/dozen steamed). This is a primarily a seafood market, but they have several tables and beer on tap. They make a good carolina style bbq sandwich too.

Food Dudes Kitchen - I have to say this was the biggest let down. We went for lunch. The service was abominably slow. It took over 20 minutes to get menus once we sat down. Food was nothing special.

Poor Richard's Sandwich Shop (Manteo) - This was a game time decision when we went to Manteo. Turned out to be good - they were slammed for the lunch rush, so it was a little slow, but the sandwiches were quite good. Sit outside at the back on the docks.

The Brine and Bottle (Nags Head) - Very good, lived up to the hype. Bacon jam was delicious, as was the duck breast and peach cobbler. Only thing that wasn't great was the soup that night, a cream of tomato.

Corolla Village BBQ (Corolla) - Very difficult to find, but well worth it. Excellent BBQ - we tried both the pork and the chicken. It's outdoor seating only, and the flies can get quite irritating around the picnic tables.

The Blue Point (Duck) - Up there with Brine and Bottle for the best place we ate. I had the pork chop, which was good and very well brined, but needed some sort of sauce to go with it. There's a great view, and the service was good.

Aug 28, 2012
lpbucw in Southeast

Rec for "best" restaurant in Rome (giving as a wedding gift)

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I'm finding that an issue might be the "August holiday" that many Rome restaurants seem to take. The honeymooners will be there sometime in the last half of August (they leave on Aug. 15th).

Price-wise, I might have been a little over confident in my original posting (I didn't quite realize how strong the Euro was). We're probably looking to give them €150, which unfortunately might not be quite enough for two at some of the above restaurants.

Can you throw out some other suggestions for maybe not the "best", but some great spots within that price range, that may be open in the latter-half of August?


Jun 06, 2011
lpbucw in Italy

Rec for "best" restaurant in Rome (giving as a wedding gift)

I'm looking to give a gift card/certificate to a great restaurant in Rome as a wedding present (the couple is going to Italy on their honeymoon). Can anyone give me a few recommendations? Price is not a big issue, I'd like to try and send them to one of the "top" restaurants, if possible (though I know that is subjective)


May 10, 2011
lpbucw in Italy

Wedding Cake in (or willing to deliver to) the Berkshires


Does anyone have any recommendations for a wedding cake bakery that is in or willing to deliver to the Berkshires (near Pittsfield)? We'd consider using places in VT, Albany, Boston, Hartford,etc if they deliver.

We're looking for something that is moderately priced (around 3-5 dollars a slice max)


Caterers - Berkshires (Recs needed)

We just went through the same search this past summer... we're getting married in the Berkshires in Aug 2010. We were looking for an off-premises caterer - we already had a venue.

We ultimately decided to go with Apogee Catering, We were really impressed with the food and proposed menu - very personal, customized, and creative. Also, if you're looking for 'Asian-inspired, that seems to be one of their specialties. The owner, Dawn, just opened (is opening?) a restaurant in Stockbridge --

We also considered the Marketplace Kitchen in Sheffield- They also looked really good, but came in a little more expensive.

I hope that helps.

Dec 05, 2009
lpbucw in Southern New England

Berkshires Caterer

Thanks for the ideas -- I guess I was wrong assuming I'd have to look out of state.

Have either of you had any experiences with those caterers, particularly for a wedding?

Berkshires Caterer

Looking for an off-premises caterer to do a wedding in the Berkshires for aprox. 250 guests. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'll probably have to source someone from Albany or Hartford.

Edamame Salt?

Can someone tell me what kind of salt is traditionally put on Edamame?

Jan 17, 2009
lpbucw in Japan

Type of Salt For Edamame

Does anybody know the type of salt that Japanese Restaurants put on Edamame? I'm assuming it's some type of sea salt flake, but any more specifics or recommendations would be appreciated.


Jan 17, 2009
lpbucw in Home Cooking

Cleveland (east side) - Butcher Rec?

I'm relatively new to Cleveland, and I'm looking for a good, reliable butcher (I haven't been too happy with the meat from my grocer). I'm in Cleveland Heights, so something relatively close to that area would be appreciated.

Thanks for the tips