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oyster bar at Grand central, upgraded fastfood place

What a disgrace...just better than a fast food place. It is packed with lots of people, chaos.
The food is nothing to write about... I ordered the cat fish as a main dish, it is bread crumbed with a mild tomato sauce. The starter was a lobster cocktail, well it was half a tail, with a little mayo and and tomato sauce. But you pay as you are in a fancy restaurant. My husband had some oysters, that was ok. I use to remember this place many years was just much better.

Dec 29, 2008
madsen in Manhattan

My Mesa Grill Dinner

I went there tonight. The food was good, my starter was barbequed pork and main dish salmon..that was very good. My husband had the tuna tartare and liked that, his main dish was chicken and he was not impressed. My glass of wine at the bar was 14 dollars, and the tables are very close to each other...that is a put off for me. The place was full, and we got the impression we were hurried by the waiters.. while we were finishing our bottle of wine. I am a big fan of Bobby Flay and his food has flavour!

Dec 04, 2008
madsen in Manhattan

Pecan and Sweet Potato Bread

A great recipe, I made it today, did not change anything on the recipe.
It is moist and tasty!

Nov 25, 2008
madsen in Recipes

Lousiana Crab Cakes

Nov 11, 2008
madsen in Recipes

Euro Asian near Costco, Port Chester

yes I went there over the weekend.. not good. They served me the wrong dish, but because it had a brown sauce, (and I could taste it was Oyster sauce) they said it was a peanut, sesame fish sauce! I did not have time, otherwise I would have sent it back, they were late in serving the main dish, and our movie was soon starting. I will not go back there, it is just average food at a high price.

Braised Belgian Endive

What a fantastic dish! I made it tonight and substitute the cup of water with half a cup of sherry fino and half a cup of water! It works. The endives carmelize beautifully....

Nov 11, 2008
madsen in Recipes

Waterfront Grille/Euro Asian in Port Chester?

I have just came back from the Euro Asian restaurant in Port Chester, I am not impressed.
We went to eat something before the movies. The starter was good, (beef negimaki) but we waited for our main dish a long time, the manager kept coming and said it will only take 5 more minutes.
The place was not full, so I do not know why it took so long. We ordered sha sha beef and shrimp. When I tasted my beef, I knew this was not with sesame paste, peanut sauce, fish sauce and chilli..but maybe oyster sauce. And it was not hot. We had no time, we ate it and then when we asked for the check, I told the manager, this was not what we ordered, and we want him to know that. He then said, it was the right order and they blend the peanut sauce so it looks like this brown sauce, and they make their dishes mild! He must think that because we are not Asian, maybe we do not know how sesame paste and fish sauce taste! We paid and left, no tips! The sad thing is that they would not even admit or apologise when they make a mistake.
Definitely not a place to go back to.