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Shelf life of boxed pasta?

Sometimes it will get bugs (yuch!!) in it. And sometimes, if still left in the unopened box, you can see the very edges get a white (versus yellow) color. That's akin to frezzer-burn and should get tossed out.
PS: If that happens to me, it throw it out to the birds (uncooked) and they eat it like stale bread !

Apr 10, 2010
Chef Gurp in General Topics

South Jersey

Late as usual. Retired Chef & Rest. owner here.
Grenloch, NJ. (near Deptford, Woodbury, Turnersville.)

Apr 10, 2010
Chef Gurp in New Jersey

Senape's Pitza?

Just love/hate Senape's Pitz.
As a child, I grew up in Philly, then as a teenager relocated to Freeland. This stuff was originaly SO VERY strange! I also could not get with the concept of eating pizza cold. But with Senape's this is the approved way. Was never even offered it hot.
These days, it's on my list of old-time things I'm dying to experience again. It definately has a unique taste, and I've gotta see if I love it or hate it.
Probably not happinin in the near future, though. I'm a full-time caregiver and can't get that many hours off to drive to the Poconos.
I'd definately pay money if they shipped it.....Heck, it would ship well....Why won't they ship me some......(grrr....gnawgnawgnaw....jones)

Dec 05, 2008
Chef Gurp in Pennsylvania

gordon ramsay doesn't swear that much

Definately, a non-issue. I spent my whole life talking like that.
I'm glad to see at least one show that comes close to digging the ambience in a real kitchen.

Nov 17, 2008
Chef Gurp in Food Media & News

Ace of Cakes & Hygiene

I must say, this show really turns me off. Although I've been in the restaurant idustry for 30 years and I'm no stranger to the fact that things are not always as sanitary as we'd like to believe, most of the work here seems to go into whimsy, not taste. A cake should be beautiful, but it's sole purpose is not decoration. Decorations are for the table and the environment. Cakes are to eaten. These look like they have no taste. Much more armiture than I'd ever care for. This is a sculpture, not a food item.

Nov 17, 2008
Chef Gurp in Food Media & News