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midtown Indian

Not my normal neighborhood I am looking for good Indian food for this Saturday night for some out of towners. Thanks

Mar 23, 2011
2dogs2 in Manhattan

veal chop in vinegar

Jun 02, 2009
2dogs2 in Recipes

Red Bar Brasserie, Southampton, NY?

Cannot say anything good about Almond. RedBar is fine, can be a little noisy, but I think on a Sunday this time of year, that shouldn't be a problem. I would also recommend The Plaza Cafe, which has wonderful fish, also very close to your hotel.

Port Washington: Good chow near Landmark on Main Street?

Le Petite Framboise on Main street. Some nice meals loved the onion soup

diwan restaurant in PW

Has anyone been to Diwan since they reopened in their old space in Port Washington?

West village picks

really enjoy COMMERCE and have never had a slow meal there. I wouldn't worry if you are there early pre theatre as the rush there is later.

Mar 05, 2009
2dogs2 in Manhattan

La Fonda del Sol?

haven't been there, but have vivid memories of the original one. Please post and let us know how it was. thanks

Mar 05, 2009
2dogs2 in Manhattan

can you name others like north fork inn, little owl...

love the dreamy location of Commerce and the food is pretty good too!

Jan 26, 2009
2dogs2 in Manhattan

Great new Shanghai Juicy Bun Joint-Bellmore Long Island!

Think the Shang Hai Pavillion in Port Washington has gone way downhill. I won't even order from there anymore.......for a town with a ton of Chinese restaurants, there doesn't seem to be one decent one anymore


TOKU in Manhasset has a back private room. Then you can go shop! It's in the Miracle Mile.

Peconic Bay Scallops

Had them and they were great. Got them out east. Grace's market place had them but now they have the one's from Nantucket. I think you might of missed the train. Sorry

Dec 01, 2008
2dogs2 in Manhattan

Del Posto, Chanterelle, Or Babbo

Personally I love Chanterelle. The service is wonderful and the food fab. Haven't been to Del Posto so can't comment.

Nov 26, 2008
2dogs2 in Manhattan

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

monk fish, I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT, and no, it doesn't taste like lobster (which I love)

Nov 20, 2008
2dogs2 in General Topics

30th Birthday Dinner - LI

Toku in Mircle Mile in Manhasset. Very upscale, trendy, asian

Anyone know the recipe or someplace that makes something similar to Ebbingers Black Out Cake

ummm, I think Grace's Market place had a similar cake, just in small size

Nov 08, 2008
2dogs2 in Manhattan