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New Bedford?

Churrascaria Novo Mundo
Small local place on county street. Great food !!! great prices

Jan 25, 2012
Biagio in Southern New England

G'vannis of the North End comes to .......

Well the service has not changed Slow ... Slower and uneven. On the plus side food was good
but will not go back unless we had the night to kill and maybe bring a snack for the wait.
Two waitresses, a hostess, a buss boy, and a manager, for 8 occupied tables at the most, and still people left because the wait was too long just to have someone take their drink order.
I did see a first .. Just about every customer in the place was waiting for there food except the manager who chose to eat at a table and snap a other members of the staff not to be disturbed. This was at 8 in the evening.. prime dinner time. Seems she couldn't wait an hour or eat before the rush. If there is going to be a long wait the staff should explain before that the kitchen is backed up, to set the expectations. They should never say the dinners will be right out then disappear for 15 minutes. Too bad the food was worth going back for but the service and the wait isn't worth it. They will need to fix these issues if they want to stay in business.
A talented chef alone is not enough.

Nov 08, 2008
Biagio in Greater Boston Area