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The one restaurant you resolve to try in 2007?

Somebody HAS to know a way to get a rez in this place. I know quite a few of the posters here have eaten there, so how did you get in if you have to know the chef to get a reservation? I've been dying to go to this place for a YEAR now! Help!

Aug 01, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

sushi suggestions, East Side

Have NO clue why there is so much love for Saito on this board. Has the atmosphere of a dentists office, weak cuts of fish and no selection. Unless you folks are on some secret list of people he actually serves decent sushi to, I'm at a loss to understand it.
Shibucho is way overpriced and like Ike, the chef seems to have gone nuts and treats you according to some whim of the moment as far as quality of fish and speed of sushi. En I think is fairly decent, but I do also think it is getting to know the chefs and some examples of actually knowing about fish before they really serve you the good stuff... Koda, less said about the better, as is Pazzazz and San Sui

Jul 16, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

best sushi in studio city area?

Tama rude? Never in my life have I been to a friendlier sushi joint, with the exception of Tokio when it actually served sushi.

Apr 25, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

mastro's gone down hill

So, you basically asked others their opinion, they disagreed and you answer yourself?

Apr 25, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

new restaurants in old places:Los Feliz and Silver Lake

There is only The Alcove, Home and The Mustard Seed within walking distance of where LBE used to be.
And that's just me being lazy thinking of places...

Mar 27, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Why is there no good Japanese place in Silverlake?

Saito's is great? Sure, if you like the atmosphere of a empty 7/11 populated by the owner's friends and the weakest selection of fish of any sushi restaraunt I have ever been to.
Granted, what I had wasn't "bad", per se, but the place had no spark and the lack of anything but the "standards" was a big hint on their skill level.

Mar 23, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale

I'm constantly baffled when folks bring up Nozawa for fish quality. They are all gimmick and nothing more in my experiences. Sasabune is better, but now that they've moved, not as good. Zo is good stuff.
This place is on my list.

Mar 22, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Katana,Koi or Katsuya Brentwood-best for less

If you don't do omakase at any of them, sure.
But I really feel you won't get much at either at any of those for that amount.
Anyway, avoid Koi. It's more about celebrities than it is fish.
Between Katana and Katsuya, I would pick Katsuya.

Mar 15, 2007
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Help Me......Best Steak Dinner--TOTAL Package

Agree with Mastro's and Nick & Steff's. Their sides constantly please. As for the steaks, each of these two has their own specialty, but both please me greatly.

Aug 25, 2006
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Hiroba :-) Nice Suprise!

Anyone else try this? I'm not "against" conveyor sushi, but it sure seems to deaden the personality of places. No contact with the chefs, etc.

Aug 25, 2006
Plague in Los Angeles Area

Cliff's Edge, Tantra, The Courtyard reviews

Must disagree with you on Cliff's Edge. Rather a "scenester" joint with help that tends toward the indifferent and a rather average menu and quality that doesn't support the prices charged.
Add in a bar that you can't even sit and drink at (only eat!) and I have crossed it off my list after three visits giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Aug 04, 2006
Plague in Los Angeles Area