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Good whisky store?

Does anyone know of a liquor store around Portland that has a particularly good whisky selection? I know we have excellent local artisanal spirits, but I'm looking for a place that also sells some interesting foreign selections, and one that might be willing to order a specific bottle if not in stock.

Oct 16, 2013
minnier731 in Metro Portland

Moving to Seattle from Cambridge, MA...where should I live?

Ha, I look forward to that! Thanks, and will do!

Jul 29, 2012
minnier731 in Greater Seattle

Moving to Seattle from Cambridge, MA...where should I live?

Thanks everyone for all your discussions...very enlightening. I did in fact find a place in cap hill, on the west side which makes my commute easy. I actually found two I was torn between, one near group health on 17th, and one near the 5/olive. I ended up with the latter because the application went through before the other one did, though I think I liked the cozy feel of 15th and the cute neighborhood around there best. The olive/broadway part definitely feels busier and louder and more in the thick of things. If I get tired of all that I may move in a year, who knows. I do think the eastside would be too far for me, since I really despise driving and do want to be able to experience the city without commuting too much at night by myself to the other side of the lake. I will definitely explore that area once I move, though. I'm reaching the tail end of my twenties, becoming more of a settled homebody by the minute, and suspect this is the last time I'll tolerate such "vibrancy" in my neighborhood. It will probably do me some good! I will definitely be reading this board frequently now, thanks!

Jul 27, 2012
minnier731 in Greater Seattle

Mexican Food

+1 for Taqueria El Amigo. great tortas, menudo, street food style tacos...feels pretty orange county mexican food place to me

Moving to Seattle from Cambridge, MA...where should I live?

Ah, yes, this is all good to hear. I was considering the edges of Capitol Hill (N/E) as well, since I did get the feeling it would be quieter, and google maps seems to think that from N Cap Hill there is some overpass I can use to cross the 5 to get over to the Hutch. Glad to hear that it actually is a short walk from there, though I get the idea that if I wanted to take the bus to work on extra gloomy days that it would be a little bit of a hassle. Maybe once I leave crazy angry driver Boston I'll get over my fear of biking in a city and just do that instead.

Ha, coolaugustmoon, thanks for speaking my language! I've lived in Central Square my entire 5 years in Boston, and I suppose I'd like to recreate something like that mainly because it is so convenient to everywhere, and in the middle of many great food places. I do tire of the angry screaming crazy people everywhere, but those sorts of issues are outweighed by all the other good things. That's funny, I was imagining Ballard as sort of a Jamaica Plain, but Somerville makes sense too. I've always thought of moving out to those places but never mustered up the energy to leave central because, well, the convenience. I'm used to shopping at Whole Foods since it's a short walk for me now, and the produce is generally better than most options except for my CSA, so I'll survive having to continue to go to fancy markets. I think overall I just need to stop thinking of Seattle as sooo much cheaper than Boston, just a small amount cheaper, but that's okay. I believe that the baseline will be better, too.

I'm visiting next week to scope out locations and apartments; very happy to have a game plan with all this info!

Jul 18, 2012
minnier731 in Greater Seattle

Moving to Seattle from Cambridge, MA...where should I live?

Thanks, everyone, all this has been very helpful. I do take gizmo's words to heart, in that I do put priority in commute and assume that Seattle's good public transport will take me fairly easily to most great places. I mostly was hoping the discussion would give me a better feel for what each neighborhood is like, and so far it has! I was wondering about SLU, Eastlake, and Queen Anne, but couldn't get a good read on their "vibes" based on what I'd found on the internet so far. I did have dreams of living in Ballard based on what I saw and liked from a visit a few years ago, but it does seem a bit inconvenient without a car. I'll keep all your advice in mind when looking for an apartment. It's great hearing opinions from people who know the city well!

Jul 15, 2012
minnier731 in Greater Seattle

Moving to Seattle from Cambridge, MA...where should I live?

I'll be moving to Seattle for a year, maybe two, and I will be working at the Hutch. I was joking with a friend about moving to the center of mass of Eater's "where to eat now" map, adjusting for the coffee and drinking maps, but now I'm thinking seriously that I SHOULD be prioritizing the food options when I choose a neighborhood. So, I'm turning to the experts.

Is there a nice neighborhood, preferably directly bus-able to the Hutch, that has very good coffeeshops (I realize those are mostly everywhere, but still, I want to be sure), cheap but quality grocery stores, and that is conveniently located to a good amount of chowhound adored restaurants, the kind that I'd want to go to often, with good beer for after work? I get the feeling that Capitol Hill may be sort of what I want, but perhaps I could do better with everyday food like groceries (as well as housing) being cheaper.

I'm in my mid-twenties, just finished grad school, not single but will be living alone and don't know many people there, and want to make the most of my fairly limited time in Seattle (before I probably move back to Portland...sorry...I want to love both places!).

Jul 13, 2012
minnier731 in Greater Seattle