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back for a visit, looking for a great french bistro night

thanks to all of y'all. wherever we wind up, we'll raise a glass to y'all. :)

Sep 03, 2011
chipotlero in Chicago Area

back for a visit, looking for a great french bistro night

my sweetheart and i had one of the best romantic restaurant nights out at la tache about seven and a half years ago. the place was quiet, but the wine was good, the waitperson was great, and the steak frietes was the best i'd had since henry's bistro in chapel hill closed.

apparently the place is no more, and apparently the food and service slid down that slippery slope since we had our night out.

but we're heading back to the city in october to visit family, and we'd like to have another at least semi-magical french bistro night out. steak au poivre, killer winelist, and al fresco dining a plus.


thank you. :)

Sep 02, 2011
chipotlero in Chicago Area

Hazel's Northeast

my SO and i have breakfasted at hazel's a couple of times. i really enjoy the, food, vibe, people-watching and all. she's generally underwhelmed...possibly because they do seem to have a light hand when it comes to seasoning (where both their breakfast sausage and their sausage gravy are concerned, particularly), but hey, they're serving family recipes.

the chicken-fried steak and eggs is good. and i have misplaced-texan feelings about chicken-fried steak.

one other thing about amici: not only do they deliver interesting pizzas, their pizzas are also available with a pretty darn nice gluten-free crust.

TWO new coffee places in NE Minneapolis?

non-starbucks-wise in northeast, have you checked out lily's at central and 33rd?

small kitchen. but the coffee's good. and it's a very pleasant (and funky) spot. the patios's nice.

Le Creuset vs. others. Why is it better?

i've never cooked with a le creuset dutch oven. but i can recommend the creuset from rick bayless' cookware line. it's heavy. we call it 'the magic pan' and cook everything we possibly can in it. braises up a storm, lets just enough moisture out, and cleans up like a dream.

Apr 22, 2009
chipotlero in Cookware

bitter oranges in the north shore area?

hi, y'all...

any idea if there's anywhere around the north shore where i might be able to find bitter oranges? i've just run across a recipe for braised pork ribs chamarreta that looks really, really good. :)


Nov 13, 2008
chipotlero in Chicago Area