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Chicken Vermonter Recipe Help

Does anyone have some ideas on how to make this delicious dish? My wife recently had it at Johnny Seesaw's in Vermont and she would like me to attempt it...I know the main ingredients are chicken breast, smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar, spinach and maple syrup....Thanks in advance....

Mar 21, 2009
ElAbogado in Home Cooking

Looking for Great Eats in VT

We've actually stayed (and eaten) at the Tavern probably 10 years ago and it was very good and because we always skiied Okemo DJ's was a staple - I'd actually kind of forgotten about both...Thanks for the input -

PS - We're still open to any more suggestions - One can never have too many choices when on an infrequent adventure!

Looking for Great Eats in VT

This weekend we are getting away for an unheard of three day weekend - Just the two of us, no kids...We probably will cook in one night and go out for two...One night I'd like to do something very nice and romantic - the other can be whatever strikes us...We are extremely flexible but we are fussy - We love gourmet but are just as comfortable with a burger or pizza - It just has to be very good... We are staying in Andover (between Chester and Londonderry) but we are not above traveling an hour or so if the destination is worth the ride...Any recommendations are greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance for contributing to a wonderful weekend adventure....

Ideas- Middlesex/New London County?

Looking for some ideas for a somewhat romantic gourmet spot in Middlesex or New London County...The kids have all abandoned us so it looks like I have an opportunity to take my wife out for an unplanned dinner this evening...We're not fussy as to cost or what type of food it is as long as it is good and the place has some atmosphere...Thanks in advance!