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Malaga - going to the town and the region, any recommendations?

I feel obligated to post this find : El Tapeo de Cervantes

Some of the best food I've ever had. One of the best atmospheres I've ever eaten in. Tiny place, six tables. But despite its tight confines, a very relaxed eating experience. This is a can't miss for any food lover. My wife and I were so impressed we went a second time and ordered completely different items. All told sampled 9 dishes (options of tapas, half ration, full ration) and 2 deserts, nothing failed to impress.

Mar 20, 2011
malltmont in Spain/Portugal

Food Stalls at the Djemma el Fna (Marrakech, Morocco)

Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad I stumbled across this. My wife and I are heading to Marrakech on Tuesday. Neither of us are particularly seasoned travelers, but are eager for a taste of something completely different.

If you have any other recommendations, food or otherwise (dress, transportation, security) it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Malaga - going to the town and the region, any recommendations?

We are taking a swing to southern Spain on Saturday and would love any and all recommendations in Malaga, and/or immediate vicinity. Would love any recs for regional cuisine, seafood, or anything that happens to be there, and is that good. Thank you in advance!

Mar 17, 2011
malltmont in Spain/Portugal

1st Anniversary Dinner

Can't argue with your above options. Will add two more

Upperline - taste of new orleans option is amazing
Luke - has good specials and very affordable in comparison to other downtown joints.

As for your above list, a lot of them are pricier (though I really don't know Daisy or Patois).

Jun 17, 2009
malltmont in New Orleans

Visiting Montreal - no clue where to eat. please help

My girlfriend and I are visiting Montreal in late August. Neither of us have ever been and are incredibly excited. We're coming in from New Orleans and take full advantage of all the good grub in our backyard. We're relatively down to earth, far prefer great food to a trendy atmosphere, and gravitate to divey neighborhood bars over shiek clubs. Would love any and all recommendations

Best local dish or dishes you can't get in the States and will miss once you leave?
Places the locals go?
Best bang for the buck?
Best place for that one meal when the budget's not a consideration?

Also, best bars?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Cafe Minh

i'm a huge fan. went to lemongrass pre-k and have been to Minh twice. they had a Tuna Tartar which is one of the greatest cuts of fish I've ever had. Everything is fresh, perfectly prepared, and terrific combinations

Jul 29, 2007
malltmont in New Orleans


Frankie and Johnie's is open. Was there a week ago and they had crawfish (but had run out an hour before I got there). Also, if there was ever a place I couldn't be happier about the smoking ban! I can finally smell my food in that place.

Jan 28, 2007
malltmont in New Orleans

Brunch Suggestions

Elizabeth's is fantastic. Very much a neighborhood joint. Very cheap and delish. Their praline-bacon is great.

Jan 22, 2007
malltmont in New Orleans

Rehearsal dinner suggestions

If you're looking for something a little more on the casual side you may wanna try Mother's...

they've got a great party room, ya get a brass band and it's a good time

Nov 13, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

One Terrific Meal - the shining STAR?

i have yet to have anything short of socks knocked off at Dick and Jenny's, no reservations though. But the food is so so so good.

Nov 11, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Fried Oyster / Shrimp Po-boys

absolutely gotta ditto Crabby Jacks...but yeah, gotta get a rental car, cab ride is too much...had their duck po-boy yesterday....really sloppy and really good

I'll also second Mother's, yeah it caters to tourists but it's still amazing!

One other recommendation...Domilise's...bit of a treck but if you're taking the bus uptown by way of Magazine it's not that bad a hike if it's a nice day.

Oct 31, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Cooking school that serves meals?

guessing they meant the new orleans school of cooking. i went there about a month ago for a private event, it was really fun and big Kevin is extremely entertaining. Hope this is what you were looking for.

Oct 15, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Mr. B's reopening any time soon?

I walked by there today, was a lot of work going on inside...would imagine they'll be open by mardi gras

Oct 07, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

NOLA Lunch Recommendations?

Crabby Jacks is great for lunch if you like fried seafood po-boys or platter.

As just about everyone on this board will tell you, if you haven't been to Dick and Jenny's, go!!!

Sep 20, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Dinner for 30--suggestions?

Mother's has an events room, but i'm not sure if 30 is quite enough, might be a base rental price.

Sep 16, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

where to buy nuts, herbs, dried fruits, etc

Was wondering if there was any place that sold any of the above loose rather than packaged...preferably at a reasonable price.

Sep 09, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Dunbar's re-opening, new location

sorry, meant to post earlier....

Po-boys: roast beef, turkey, shrimp, ham (hot or cold), hot sausage, hamburger

Platters: BBQ Ribs, Catfish or Trout, Shrimp, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Tenders (3pc or 6pc), FRIED CHICKEN

monday - none really, chicken and red beans
tuesday - cabbage and BBQ chicken with yams
wednesday - meatball and spaghetti
thursday - mustard greens w/pork chop or fried chicken
friday -- Gumbo by cup or bowl

they're open 7am-7pm monday thru saturday, though saturday is a trial go saturdays to justify them staying open

located at 501 Pine Street (one block off Broadway, one block off St. Charles)

Sep 05, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Dunbar's re-opening, new location

basically they took over a very small kitchen used for pretty terrible buffet service cafeteria food. so the variety they can prepare on a daily basis is limited.

Had both breakfast and lunch Monday.

plate of eggs, grits, sausage or bacon, toast or biscuit was $2

for lunch...fried chicken with a side of red beans.

Think they have a different lunch special everyday. And that's pretty much how it works. If there's a menu I can grab I'll copy it to this board.

Aug 29, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Dunbar's re-opening, new location

Just to confirm. It is open...and boy is it good.

Aug 28, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Dunbar's re-opening, new location

I'm a first year at Loyola Law School and we got an email on Thursday informing us that Dunbar's would be re-opening this Monday August 28th in the Broadway Activities Center on the Loyola Broadway campus...corner of Pine and Dominican (a block off St. Charles, a block off Broadway).

Aug 26, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

does anyone know what they put in a camelia grill burger

I can second that, heard of someone inquiring about buying it and was told "too late." Good to hear the new buyer appears (on the surface of surfaces) to be interested in preserving it as the Camellia Grill we've always known

Aug 26, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Just moved back (after 11 yrs gone) need food shopping help

Thanks for the feedback. Made it out to Hong Kong Market today, wow, that place is like Chinatown NY all wrapped in one (well, without the smell). Definately plan on growing herbs once I'm a little more settled, been looking forward to that since before finalizing plans to move back.

Aug 08, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Please rate my picks

I gotta second PolarBear on Dick and Jenny's. All things considered (price, quality, relaxed informal environment) it's the best place in the city.

I'd also say Crabby Jack's for lunch. Though I know they're closed for vacation/kitchen cleaning supposedly through August 6th. So they should be up and running by the time you're here.

Aug 06, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans

Just moved back (after 11 yrs gone) need food shopping help

I just moved back to town after spending the last 11 years in L.A. and NYC. What can I say, was never able to get new orleans out of my system so it only made sense. But I'm far more interested in food than the last time I lived here and could use some pointers.

-who has the best produce at the best prices?
-where can i get asian goods not carried in regular supermarkets?
-are there any italian specialty stores?
-are there any farmer's markets other than Crescent City Farmer's Market?

I'm guessing Whole Foods is a good one stop shopping for a lot of this, but I can't afford it so was wondering if there were ways around it. Any help on the questions above or pointers on things I may not have included in this posting are welcome. Thanks so much for any and all feedback.

Aug 04, 2006
malltmont in New Orleans