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Where to take Parents in Madison, WI

My parents are coming to visit me at college in a few weeks and want me to pick a place for them to take me out to dinner. I want to show them a nice place in Madison that still has a casual atmosphere and fits on a college student's budget. They are pub fans but really are willing to go anywhere. We will be going to dinner after a football game on a Saturday so will be in casual dress and just looking for a good family dinner. Anything is going to be better than dorm food for be but I want them to get a good taste of Madison. I've browsed a few websites and The Great Dane is looking good and that is around the price range I'm looking for. I know Madison has some great upscale restaurants but it wouldn't be appropriate for this occassion. As well, I don't anything too greasy or high in calories because I am an athelete and can only splurge on food so much. HELP!!

Nov 06, 2008
goodtwin90 in Great Lakes