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Waffles in Madison?

Thanks, jumble. Indie and Yola's....might have to double down on my offer of breakfast!

Much appreciated. Will report back in March on the findings.

Feb 12, 2014
chefcoleman in Great Lakes

Waffles in Madison?


I'll be returning to the Homeland for nine days of work and fun and have started making my gustatory plans. I have also promised to take a friend out for her favorite breakfast (waffles and bacon). Neither of us has lived in Wisconsin for over 10 years, so we need some help!

Where in Madison must we head for the best, crispy on the outside and light on the inside waffle?

Thanks in advance!


Feb 11, 2014
chefcoleman in Great Lakes

Fine Dining Kosher Delivery

Yes, I know. Not an easy one...

About six times a year I am either arranging for or cooking a sit down meal for 40-70 people that includes a handful of Kosher diners. I do not have a Kosher kitchen, so I need to order in. I am nearly always disappointed.

The meals are American/French in style, so ordering some Indian, while perhaps tasty, doesn't really work. I'd like to keep it in the general framework of the whole dinner.

I have been happiest with The Prime Grill and Solo. Levana used to be my go to...

Our dining room is located at 58th and Lex, as far as delivery area goes.

If you had to order in Kosher meals for a plated dinner (money not a big concern) what would it be?


Jan 05, 2010
chefcoleman in Manhattan

The Results of: Where to have a great meal at the bar (Pittsburgh)?


Thank you for the recommendations. I had many great options mapped out pon arrival which made the weekend go very smoothly. (Although the football game didn't go my way...but that's for a different board.) To the chow!

Friday dinner: Six Penn - I ate solo at the bar while waiting for my friend to fly in. The service was a touch slow and cool to start but warmed over time. The atmosphere was lively and Pittsburgh people seem to be my kind of people; friendly and gregarious. I was in a leisurely mood and started with a Bell's Winter White Ale while I looked at the menu. I was excited by many items and settled on the <Sea scallops, General Tso’s sweetbreads, Kim Chee fried rice>, a combo I've never had before (actually, it's been a while since I've have sweetbreads due to a bad experience). The scallops and fried rice combo was really nice and although the scallops were seared/cooked perfectly, they were a bit gritty and perhaps not as fresh as could be. The sweetbreads were fine -unexceptional- with a BBQ type sauce that I’m not sure I’d call General Tso. They didn't really seem to play well with the scallop side of the plate. They didn't clash, but they didn't meld. The whole dish was just spicy enough to not make me uncomfortable (I have a relatively low spice/heat tolerance. The beer was not a great pair either (my own mistake, but I just wanted beer this night) as it pulled all the metallic flavors out and blew them up.

As I said, I was in a leisurely mood, the first night of a vacation, so I had an intermezzo of bourbon. An hour later...

I had hoped to have the lamb Bolognese pappardelle, but it was 86ed. I settled on the <Cracklin’ pork shank, sauerkraut bacon mashed potatoes; Serrano apple puree> and was happy for it. The shank was fall off the bone, moist, tasty and rich, and had a nice crisp to the outside (I asked if it was braised and was told it was confit’d...did not press the subject.); they had done a nice job of crisping the outside for service. I really enjoyed the Serrano apple sauce. Again, not too hot, just enough to make a statement and add some smoke. The mashers were really tasty with just enough sweetness to balance the rest of the salt and spice on the plate. Two pieces of grilled apple was a nice touch. I'd go back for that dish.

Saturday lunch: Kaya - After a night in Southside (fun! And impressive beer selections at many places) we walked from the downtown Marriot to the Strip. Kaya was nice and warm inside with kind and not overbearing service. They meal started a bit uneven with a Pepsi out of the gun that tasted off and a bloody Mary that was mediocre (yes, perhaps not their specialty). But the soups were very nice. I had the <golden beet puree> with horseradish, which was straightforward and perfect for a cold day. My companion had the <Conch Chowder>, which he really enjoyed. I could see it being a main course with some grilled bread, too. Nice mouth feel (everything was chopped precisely the same size, nice smooth texture to the base), seasoned well. I then had the <Crispy Fish Tacos>, which were very good -crispy, light, hot- the usual cabbage and sauce, but I thought it was missing one element...perhaps just more sauce and/or salt. Now that I look at the menu again I realize the kitchen forgot to put the avocados and cilantro on! The tortillas were great..a touch thicker than store bought and great texture. It came with a usual side salad. My companion had the <Pressed Manchego Cheese Sandwich> and liked it enough to carry around the second half for a couple hours before eating it back at the hotel.

Saturday dinner: Eleven – We sat at the bar and really enjoyed the design/architecture of the place. It wasn’t quite as busy as we expected, but it had been snowing all day and it was the Sat before Christmas. It seemed to be at least 50% tourists such as ourselves. We were offered both the Tavern Menu and the full Dinner Menu. We started with a couple of problematic drinks; a gin and Tonic (tonic wasn’t quite right) and Sidecar that seems to actually have been a Collins. Things got better after that. We ordered a dozen oysters, <Spicy Tuna Tartare>, <Smoked Lamb Taco>, <Potato & Goat Cheese Pierogi>, <Roasted Squash Ravioli> and <Avocado Fries>. We also ordered a bottle of 2005 Conde de Valdemar Tempranillo ($48). The oysters were fresh, clean and served with lemon, lime, mignonette and a great habanero cocktail sauce. My companion thought the tuna was missing an element, but I disagreed and really liked the sesame tuilles. The smoked lamb taco was tasty, but I though that dish needed another element. The refried lentils were fun, the meat was great, but the pumpkin masa cake and goat cheese got a little bit lost. I think it needed something creamy to go with the tomatillo salsa. I loved the goat cheese pierogi, but thought the avocado fries were very short on salt, even with the sauce. Great textural contrast, though, between the avocado and fried breading. The ravioli had a nice sweet/savory play going on and like just about everything else, had a great texture combination. Then we drank the bottle of wine, which actually did work with the lamb, pierogi and to a lesser extent, the ravioli. Dessert was <Banana Cream Pie> and it was fantastic. Great combination of flavors and textures, all pieces were done very nicely, especially the mousse.

Sunday brunch: Six Penn – This was my plan from the beginning because I had seen “sausage corn dog” on the menu, but alas, their Website menus are not perfectly current. I was sad, but pressed on. We ordered: < Boston cream beignets>, <Tempura Fried Bacon>, < Corned beef hash skillet, poached eggs; whole grain mustard hollandaise>, an entree that escapes me at the moment, and a side of bacon. Perhaps I should have known from the description, but the beignets really should be pushed for dessert. The cream was pretty good, but the beignets didn’t seem to be more than a rectangular piece of bland dough dropped in the fryer, as opposed to a tasty batter that had been dropped in. The tempura bacon was exactly what I expected: ridiculous and perfect for a Sunday morning after drinking and before football. The lemon aioli was quite nice. My corned beef hash skillet was good, not great. The eggs weren’t poached quite long enough and I wasn’t able to put my finger on what was missing. I ordered some sourdough toast to go with it, and that helped. It was greasy, and perhaps I had just overdone it (QUITE possible). The service was fine, but oddly the side of bacon for my companion showed up with the beignets and tempura bacon, as if it were an app instead of a side.
Other Notes: - Overall, I found a GREAT beer selection in Pittsburgh. The sandwiches we had at Primanti’s (Southside) were “meh” (pastrami, corned beef, steak and cheese). The two cuts I had at Mineo’s were great (white with tomato and regular with pepperoni), but there is heavy nostalgia there as it’s where my folks got engaged. The foot long dog with peppers and onions at Heinz Field was impressive! Very good dog! I was longing for brown mustard, though.

PS – I’ve been eating nothing but salad since I got back and I’ve stopped sweating an Olestra-like substance.

Six Penn -

Kaya menus (no Website for restaurant proper?) -

Eleven -

Dec 23, 2009
chefcoleman in Pennsylvania

Where to have a great meal at the bar (Pittsburgh)?


I'm looking for a place where two guys can have a great meal while sitting at the bar. NOT looking for really good bar food. We're looking for a great restaurant that has a bar where they will serve you the full menu on a Saturday night.

We'll be staying at the Downtown Marriot and will surely spend some time on Carson Street and The Strip, so near those locations would be nice, but not required. (We'll be on foot and taking cabs.)

Less concerned about ambiance, more concerned about food. Crowded and/or active is fine, even a plus...not interested in anything particularly romantic or quiet.

Budget probably not an issue unless it is extreme. This will be our "Big Meal" of the weekend.

Would lean towards American/French, although will consider all ideas.

Many thanks for any and all ideas!


PS - The bar at Gramercy Tavern in NYC is a good example of what I'm looking for.

Dec 14, 2009
chefcoleman in Pennsylvania

Need Caterer Rec for Cocktail Party

An independant caterer/party planner that I use for everything from one server to full service parties of 350+.
He's been helping me out for years.

Sep 10, 2009
chefcoleman in Manhattan

Moroccan Dinner, after Sat. Matinee


Looking for a moderately priced moraccan restaurant for a group of 4 adults after a Sat. matinee. Neighborhod/location not terribly important as we will have plenty of time after the show. We all have adventurous palettes and there is specific request for a good tangine. Liquor license not required...we don't drink much and/or could bring our own.


Jun 06, 2007
chefcoleman in Manhattan

Queens, simple, yummy cheap meals

El Jarro gets my second recommendation of the day (Queens breakfast thread being the other).

And I do not think it is a long walk from the train, welle...perhaps .25 miles? puts the walk at a total of 6.3 minutes, including leaving the station (7 train, Bliss St.), which should be no problem for anyone mildly houndish.

Anyway, it fits the bill of what you are looking for, jakesmum.

Cheap, casual, great. They do take out, breakfast, etc.


Aug 14, 2006
chefcoleman in Outer Boroughs

Breakfast Lover in Queens

El Jarro, Indeed!

I had breakfast there Sunday was lovely. The breakfast selection is small (4 or 5 choices), but so is the bill (true of all meals at El Jarro, but especially true at breakfast).

Rice, beans, eggs with chorizo, 6 tortillas ($5 including the extra tortillas), coffee and a hot chocolate (some of the best ever...made with fantastic cinnamon) for $8.

$8!! And I ate too much. And it was tasty, although the eggs could have used a bit more salt...until I used the green hot sauce over the whole plate. Then it was perfect.

Which is something I've noticed about many of their dishes. A little under salted, unless you add some hot suace.

Big vote for El Jarro...breakfast and otherwise.

Aug 14, 2006
chefcoleman in Outer Boroughs

Late Lunch, Saturday between National Aquarium and Oriole Park


I'm taking a daytrip to the fine city of Baltimore tomorrow and would love a couple lunch suggestions, please.

I plan on parking all day at the Aquarium then walking to the ballpark (4:30pm gametime) and would love to sneak a good lunch on the way. I am open to cuisine/prices, but we will be dressed quite casually.

Ideas? Great seafood suggestions a plus.