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' La Croisee ' - Leaside's new French Bistro with cozy, romantic ambiance and delectable Burgundian Food!

Walked by today and saw a notice posted that the landlord has closed them.

Dec 02, 2014
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Tibetan Restaurants - Toronto

Can anyone update on where they feel is the best Tibetan food in Toronto?
I am wondering which restaurant I should try. Thanks

Nov 17, 2013
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Peking Duck [split from Los Angeles High-end Chinese thread]

Does anyone have opinions on which location of Da Dong is better... and if it's significantly better or just a little.
I am contemplating between the Dongsi location and the JinBao Street location. Thanks

Sep 09, 2013
minto in China & Southeast Asia

O'Mei - 'Giant Lobster (11lbs) 4 ways' and more ( with photos )

Took my western friends for the lobster meal last night at O'Mei.
They enjoyed it immensely and was a wonderful experience for them.
The 4 lobster dishes were delicious and perfectly cooked. Can't say we enjoyed one of the courses more than another as it was all excellent.

We also had the fried free range chicken, s+s pork, sautéed guy lon with dried tilefish, and the eggplant dish with mince pork in hot pot (no conpoy or mushrooms due to diet restrictions).
All were good and was a nice accompaniment to the lobster.

Another plus is the free corkage BYOB.

Dec 09, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

O'Mei - 'Giant Lobster (11lbs) 4 ways' and more ( with photos )

Thanks Charles. I was hoping you'd reply.
About how much does the turbot dish cost?
Any recommendation for a vegetable dish? Any thoughts on minced pork with eggplant?

Dec 07, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

O'Mei - 'Giant Lobster (11lbs) 4 ways' and more ( with photos )

What non-seafood dishes would you recommend to go along with the lobster ?
Any chicken dish in particular?

Dec 06, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for microwaveable rice cooker

Cayne's has a hard plastic one for around $10

Jun 06, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good Chinese Food Delivery

I haven't tried it but you could check out Dragon Delight.

Jun 05, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

As mentioned I'm not into AYCE Japanese but felt the urge to try based on this post.
I was not expecting Zen-like quality, but was expecting something with freshness and taste, both of which I did not experience.

Feb 06, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Big Meal, a new Japanese all-you-can-eat with table service

I just tried Big Meal for the first time. I am not one for AYCE japanese food but I was longing to try this new restaurant based on all the positive reviews here. I'm not sure if I was expecting a big wow because of the reviews here, but I was greatly disappointed and do not have plans to return again.

Yes, the presentation were nice and hoping to eat into something scrumptious , I was constantly disappointed.

The fresh sashimi was not so fresh and tasted quite bland. I had the salmon, red tuna, butter fish and shrimp.

I tried 2 different rolls which were also tasteless.

Had some unagi hand rolls, though the filling was nice with a good portion of unagi, avocado, cucumber... it was really tasteless.

We had some baked mussels as well, which did not taste fresh.
Our grilled beef ribs were very chewy and tasted like it was just boiled and then grill marks were placed on them.

The tempura shrimp and vegetables had a "hard" batter that made it difficult to bite into.
I should mention that we ordered the tempura when we first arrived and after about an hour, we inquired about it and they quickly brought it out to us afterwards.

This place is understaffed hence the slow service, but the ladies are trying to do their best.
They are continuously apologizing for the slow service in getting the food out or in clearing the plates.

I think the best part for me was the sesame seed ice cream.

Originally I did not want to write a negative posting and was holding back because of all the praise it was getting on this post... I was wondering if it was just me...
but really, I can't see myself returning as I really felt the food was tasteless.

Feb 05, 2012
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find good Sushi in Vail Valley

Looking for a good quality sushi restaurant in the Vail area. "Reasonable" pricing would be a plus.
Would prefer something near Vail Village/Lionshead but would be willing to drive a short distance.

Jan 21, 2012
minto in Mountain States

Driving from Denver Int'l to Vail

unfortunately I'll be leaving before then.

I'lll be back throughout the season though.
What are your thoughts on the Taste of Vail in April? The "picnic" event at the top of the mountain?

Dec 13, 2011
minto in Mountain States

Driving from Denver Int'l to Vail

Thanks for the tips Thime.
I managed to get a 1 day rate for under $70 taxes included for a full size car with a drop off in EGE for early January which I thought was a great rate.
As I will be staying in Vail for 3 weeks this time around, I wanted a car to do a major grocery trip before having to do it by bus.

Dec 13, 2011
minto in Mountain States

Driving from Denver Int'l to Vail

Thank you all (C+C,Thimes, Robyn and BlueOx) for your help.
Yes, it sounds like Kermit is the place that I was thinking but with no "gotta go" comments I will pass.

From Denver Int'l I will only be renting a car for 1 day, getting myself to Vail plus the grocery shopping and returning the car to EGE the following day. Worked out a lot cheaper doing it this way for 2 of us than taking the CME shuttle. ECO bus back to Vail. Just hope the road conditions will be good that day.

I think I'll stop by the Costco in Arvada as it's enroute to Vail.... and have my "gourmet" lunch there (hot dog???)

The Superior Label lamb, I assume from CO would be sold in the fresh meat area?

I noticed that people mention City Market as oppose to Safeway... is it a much better supermarket?

BlueOx: i enjoy reading your comments on this board.

Dec 13, 2011
minto in Mountain States

Driving from Denver Int'l to Vail

Any suggestions for places to stop on enroute for lunch?

I remember seeing about half way through this drive there is a small restaurant all by itself, down a hill from I-70. It seems like a bbq/smokehouse type of place. I believe it was near where there is a colourful overhead sign on I-70 that I think said "Colorado Springs".
If anyone knows which restaurant I'm thinking about, could you please comment if it's worthwhile stopping here and if so, what exit is it?

Also wondering if someone could help me out with regards to the Costo that I see from I-70 from the drive from Denver Int'l to Vail. Maybe around Silverthorne area???
If you could please tell me which "city" this is considered or if you know the interstate exit # that would be great.
Wondering if you think the steaks at this Costco are good... or if you could suggest where else in Vail to purchase good steaks.


Dec 12, 2011
minto in Mountain States

California Roll AYCE on Bayview

Has anyone tried this place yet?
I was wondering if it was worth going to.

Dec 12, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Internet Coupon meal experiences please

Does anyone have opinions on the Chiado coupon?
Earlier postings on it were not great so was wondering if I should try and get a refund on it.
I have the 5-course tasting menu one. Thx

864 College Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3, CA

Oct 28, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to eat at Queen and Bathurst

I'll be in the area for dinner and was looking for suggestions.
From inexpensive to mid-price range.
No Indian or spicy food.

Sep 13, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Weeknight Dinner Options near Canon Theatre

Looking for other suggestions near the Canon theatre.
I have only about 1 1/2 hrs so would prefer non-fine dining.

Aug 23, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good lunch at Don Mills and York Mills?

Wonder Pho at I believe 865 York Mills , in the same plaza as Galleria.
Very tasty Vietnamese with reasonable pricing.

Aug 03, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Affordable restuarant/venue for rehearsal dinner

Perhaps you can check out quince on yonge st south of eglinton.
They have a private space on the lower level.
Maybe they can work out a reasonably priced menu for you

Jul 05, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Doughnuts in Toronto

I have to say that Epi Bread is my all time favorite for doughnuts.
Love the custard filling one.

Jul 05, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

What happened to old-fashioned household string?

Perhaps you can try some Chinese grocery or houseware store.

Jul 04, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Suggestions for lunch off QEW / Lakeshore

Looking for suggestions for lunch anywhere from Toronto to Oakville off the QEW or Lakeshore?
Looking for low to mid price range, any type of food. Free parking. thanks

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

Jun 02, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Nota Bene...anyone been recently?

Was wondering if anyone has been here recently and is it worth going to.
What would be good to order?

Apr 26, 2011
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Prices this Week for: Unsalted Butter, Large Eggs, Baker's Chocolate, Unbleached Flour, Rice Krispies etc.

Shoppers Drug Mart has eggs @ $1.99 with a limit of 2, and after limit @ $2.29
and butter is @ $2.99 with limit of 4, and after limit @ $3.99

Apr 24, 2010
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking for good value restaurants in Vail

I'm here in Vail now but no new snow for a while.
We dined at Centre V which was quite good. We had the cod and venison loin, both cooked perfectly.

Had dinner at Russel's. I had the ribeye but was not impressed with it. There was not much marbling to it so was quite dry tasting eventhough it was cooked med-rare. My friend had the grilled salmon which was great.

Dinner at Pepi's was very good. We had the jaegar (sp?) schnitzel and the vegetarian strudel.

Dinner at Montauk Seafood was pretty good. Had the mussels, lobster mac and cheese and the trio ahi appetizers. Service was great.

We did our "picnic". We picked up a whole chicken, veggies and ready mashed potatoes from Safeway and made 2 meals out of that.

Some specials that I've seen offered:
As Alpine Chef made note, there is a 3 course for $30 at Ludwig's on Wed/Thur/Sun nights. We will try that out later in the week.
Bistro Fourteen up at Eagle's Nest is offering buy one get one free entree on Tues nights. Any comments on food here?
I believe Game Creek is offering 30% off.
Up the Creek is offering 30% off entrees between 4-6pm plus I think 30% off wine anytime.

Jan 18, 2010
minto in Mountain States

Looking for good value restaurants in Vail

Thanks everyone for all the postings and of the links. I assumed there wouldn't be much on offer during January but thought I'd give it a try. I've done a number of reservations as I will be headed there soon. Is there any of the following I should cancel? (Up the Creek is one of my favourite places in Vail so will definitely be going there)
Centre V
Montauk Seafood
Campo d'Fiori
Terra Bistro
Cucina Rustico

Thinking of having some pizza from Old Forge one night.

Not sure if any of you purchase food on the mountain, but there is a meal card on offer by Vail Resorts. Buy $240 card for $200. Hence my reservations at Centre V and Cucina, where the card is valid.

Jan 11, 2010
minto in Mountain States

Looking for good value restaurants in Vail

Has anyone found any good valued or special promos for this month in Vail.
Tasty food is a must. I'm looking for restaurants in either Vail Village or Lionshead area.

Jan 04, 2010
minto in Mountain States

Looking for high end Sunday brunch place

Thanks everyone for your replies.
I think the King Eddy will be high on the list.

Sep 25, 2009
minto in Ontario (inc. Toronto)