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Dinner in Alexandria Memorial Day weekend

Las Tapas is a chain so i would say no. Columbia FireHouse is a good place to go. Also, the docks and the metro are pretty far apart.. So if you want someplace close to the metro -- then try Brabo or Vermillion or Majestic. If you want to walk all the way to the docks (or cab) then I would do Columbia Firestation. And while a chain, the Charthouse is nice on the water -- if sit outside

Las Tapas
710 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

SEI vs. Zengo?

IF you are looking for a more hip atomosphere and sushi/small plates that are more complext and creative, i would choose Sei. I have dined at both places a number of times and I like the more smaller, more modern setting of Sei. The sushi/sashimi is quite good, the small places are very good and good variety. its more high end. Also, they make some amazing cocktails. My experience with Zengo is that there is more variety/choices of meals but it makes it more bland/lower quality. The only down side is that it can get quite noisy as the bar area can get a bit loud -- but thats what makes it fun on a friday/saturday night!

Zengo Restaurant
781 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Kid-friendly restaurant in Old Town, Alexandria?

As a denizen of Old Town, I would say the most kid friendly is Chadwicks. Pita House and Majestic are not really kid friendly -- both in food or size of place. Austin Grille and Bertucci's on King Street (about 4 blocks from water) are very kid friendly too. Hard Times is also good but a bit further away on King Street. Of course it depends what you mean by kid friendly -- food wise? Accepting of children? kid menu?

New & Healthy Lunch Options

Another great lunch place is mixtgreens. Its opened 2 months ago on F Street between 13 and 14th. They have a website too where you can make your own salad and find out the calorie/fat/nutrition content. its amazing! Its a chain started out of S.F. Try it -- but lines are long between 12-1:30

Any less-rowdy places for birthday drinks in Adams Morgan?

if i were you i would head to U Street -- Adams Morgan is like a big fraternity party and like one person said "douchey". (although i would say Cashion's is the exception but go there for dinner or pre-drinks). Marvin's is great place. Tabaq is good too.

Place for birthday drinks/apps in downtown DC area/Penn quarter

good suggestions. I did CoCo Sala last year so PS7's sounds good. I just had dinner there last week and I did like the bar area.. nice seating and not too frenzied/crowded. Thanks!

romantic restaurant Georgetown area?

If you don't mind spending $$, Citronelle is amazing. Great 5 and 7 course tasting.

Best chocolate dessert or cake?

I do love the cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes! And i agree with you on Central's chocolate cake. I will have to try the 1789 bread pudding and Brasserie Beck. Thanks!

Place for birthday drinks/apps in downtown DC area/Penn quarter

Am putting together a birthday happy hour for folks in their 30s... want something fun but not too rowdy (we enjoy good cocktails/wine and good atmosphere versus drinking out of plastic cups/adams morgan type). Also likely to end up getting food too.

Is Zayntinia still a good place? Or any recommendations? Something different than the same old places.

Best chocolate dessert or cake?

I love desserts -- and mostly chocolate desserts. Where do you think the best chocolate cake/desserts are in the DC area? I am not one for flourless cakes or really really rich chocolate but something moist and melt in your mouth.

Old Town

Are there any good/unique/relatively hip places to go in Old Town besides Restaurant Eve or Vermillion for good wine/drinks and good atmosphere?

Old Town

Are there any good/unique/relatively hip places to go in Old Town besides Restaurant Eve or Vermillion for good wine/drinks and good atmosphere?

Where to go for fun drinks/wine in DC

whats a fun place to go for drinks - maybe dinner- in DC that isn't the same old places (my boyfriend likes to do Old Ebbit and I know all the high power DC lobbying places as I work downtown/am lobbyist. I want good wine, good atmosphere, good crowd but not packed. I am in my 30s. We like to sit at bars or even nice loungy places. Maybe someplace new?