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where to eat with kids in mayfair [London]

I would walk a few minutes to Belgo Centraal in Covent Garden. When our boy was that age, he really enjoyed the waiters dressed as monks, the big elevator to the basement, and the lively atmosphere (in the dining room to the left; the room to the right is less communal). We enjoyed the mussels and Belgian beer. At 17, he insists on returning each trip.

Mar 13, 2012
pilaf in U.K./Ireland

Indian food in the New Orleans area?

Not so. I picked up from Salt and Pepper yesterday. They have made some modest improvements to the interior and tweaked the menu, but it is open and serving very good Pakistani fare.

Also, although I have not yet tried it, there is a catering business by the name of Saffron NOLA that serves dinner on Friday night only. The Indian dishes look excellent. It is on my short list of places to try.

Feb 15, 2012
pilaf in New Orleans

Rome Report -- Christmas and New Years

Many thanks to contributors to this board for helpful guidance in creating a neighborhood-specific restaurant guide to Rome for our 10 day trip that included Christmas and New Years. The food – from restaurants, bakeries, butchers, etc. – was a real highlight for these New Orleans chowhounds.

The only impression that was soon dispelled was the reported lack of excellent restaurants that would be open on the eve and days of Christmas and New Years. Our strolling in and around the Piazza Navona, via dei Coronari, via della Croce, villa della Vite and elsewhere revealed a wealth of attractive choices. Tops on the list were Le Segrete (via della Scrofa) on Christmas Day (also open New Years) and Antica Enoteca (villa della Croce)(New Years Day). Both were superb, filled with Italian locals and tourists, and serving their normal (and reasonably priced) menus. We were so pleased that we ate at both twice. So, for future reference, do not fret if you are in Rome on these holidays.

Other notables include Osteria Memmo (via dei Soldati), La Campana (Vicolo della Campana), La Berninetta (across the river on Via Pietro Cavallini), Cantina & Cucina (pizza)(Via del Governo Vecchio – a wonderful street with a gluvien stand) and La Taverna degli Amici (Piazza Margana).

It is a wonderful time of year to travel to Rome.

Jan 13, 2012
pilaf in Italy

Best Fairly Cheap Restaurants in the French Quarter

The best deal in the quarter for lunch, in my opinion, is Bacco. $15 for two courses (try the tomato bisque) with pennies for the martinis. There is a $19 two course offering at Bayona, although it is only slightly better than the ordinary, very reasonably priced lunch menu. Their martinis, which are only 19 cents, are better than at Bacco. Lastly, try the Green Goddess. The food is excellent (esp. the crawfish cake)(also, BYOB). But go early, go later, or anticipate sitting at the bar -- the place is tiny.

Jul 08, 2009
pilaf in New Orleans

Has anyone tried Adolphos?

Fydeaux is spot on. While the wine list is limited, there are more than enough vino offerings, and I think the food is wonderful (particularly the stuffed cannelloni, escargot and fish topped with crawfish cream sauce. Mind you, if you're looking for white table clothes and obsequious service, this place ain't it. It is more akin to a dive, with the service and surroundings being very casual. But it is the closest thing in my mind to a small, family run trattoria in southern Italy. If you want an Italian place that is quite a bit nicer, but still reasonably priced with excellent food, try Maximos.

May 13, 2009
pilaf in New Orleans

Miami Trip Report

N.O. chowhounds hit Miami over Easter. In addition to the traditional stone crabs sitting outside at Monty's in Coconut Grove, and the new tradition of picking up superb stone crabs at Publix's for munching at the flat, the higlight of the trip was Indomania. Thanks to the recommednations on this board, we had a wonderful meal of divine peanut sauces, grilled shrimp, lamb stuffed filo, and spicy braised beef. Next time, we will skip lunch to have enough room for the rijsttafel.

Also high on our list was Sardinia -- probably the best mozzarella and tomato salad I have ever had, especially accompanied by the flat bread with goat cheese and honey. Other highlights include the oxtail stew and roasted lamb.

Lastly, thanks to this board for the Cuban recommendation -- Las Culebrinas (Coconut Grove). While the beautiful building felt like the artic, and the 80s pop station inspired some haunting memories, the tapas are not to be missed. We only had two -- calamari with spanish sausage (but it also had shrimp and scallops) and garbonzo beans with sausage and Spanish ham. The flavor was amazing, and went nicely with the sangria.

Thanks again for the help.

Apr 16, 2009
pilaf in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Beer Places in N.O.??

Crescent City Brewhouse (527 Decatur) and Jagerhaus (833 Conti). The former has a limited selection of delicious micro-brewed beer (and a decent menu, including some great baked oyster dishes). The latter has an expansive menu of foreign beers and solid German food.

Apr 16, 2009
pilaf in New Orleans

Place Des Vosges Area Recs

I have stayed on the rue St. Antoine near the St. Paul metro stop several times, and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants nearby. Chez Janou is one of our favorite bistros. There are 3 or 4 neighborhood places (with outdoor seating in nice weather) on the Place du Marche St. Catherine, which is half a block off the rue St. Antoine, and several more on the bordering rue Jarente , including Auberge de Jarente (which was being renovated in December 2008) and Les Bougresses (which was our alternative, and excellent). In the direction of the Hotel de Ville are Le Petit Picard (42, Rue de la Bretonnerie), Monjul (28, rue des blancs manteaux) and Les Philosophes (Rue Vieille du Temple). The rue St. Antoine also has wonderful bakeries and speciality shops, including two that have amazing terrines of fois gras and other meats (Comtesse du Barry and ??) about a block from one another, making for ideal culinary take-home treats.

Mar 03, 2009
pilaf in France

Looking for good risotto

I had the seafood risotto at Figaro's this weekend and recommend it highly (as well as the turtle soup and the mussels marinara). The seafood was fresh and the risotto was just the right consistency. I don't think you can beat it for the price ($20, with a soup or salad) or the ambiance if you looking for a casual restaurant.

As an aside, Figaro's just reopened, having taken a tree during Katrina and insurance problems afterward. The owner was very nice and has obviously put allot of effort into the re-opening. I believe it is better than ever and plan on returning often.

Jan 20, 2009
pilaf in New Orleans

Caribbean, west indian, island food in NO? Where?

Boswell's on Tulane

Dec 11, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Most Michelin for the Money?

I did a bit of research along the same lines last June, and opted for the 2 star Relais Louis XIII. The multi-course menu we chose was 89e (ended up being 7 or 8 courses), and I think they have menus ranging from 75-100e at dinner and 50e at lunch. The 16th century surroundings were elegant, the food was devine, and the wine list was suprisingly affordable and varied. I haven't read about it much on this board, perhaps because it is not considered one of the more inventive, but I was very pleased with the choice.

Oct 29, 2008
pilaf in France

Under $20 dinner reqs in New Orleans?

I would head to the back-end of the quarter for less expensive fare. Eat New Orleans, Mona Lisa, Bennachin come to mind. A muff and Pinns Cup in the coutyard at Napoleon House is worth a trip. I would also consider doing some of your high-end choices at lunch. Luke does a two course, $15 menu daily that is one of the best deals in town. Bayona's lunch menu is wonderful (sweatbreads and the PP&J are the best in town), modestly priced, with a courtyard option (I was there last week). A short walk from the quarter is Rio Mar for tapas and the Bon Ton for S. LA. For nibbles in the course of the day, go to the oyster bar at Acme or Felix's.

Oct 24, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Thoughts On Pelican Club?

I'll be the contrarian here. Having eaten there in recent weeks, I think the Pelican Club is wonderful. Although its dining rooms are on the elegant side, dress is casual and the food is fabulous. Their seafood martini is one of my favorite appetizers in town, and the redfish dish with jalapeno hollandaise was out of this world. And for a night in the FQ, you can't beat the location.

I would also be interested in the responses to the last post. For those who don't recommend it, have you eaten there recently? Most who have that I know, but don't post here, speak glowingly of the place.

Oct 15, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Sharpening stones

I saw a set at K-Mart on Vets near causeway (its in a case behind the register in sporting goods.). I would also try at Puglia's nearby.

Sep 29, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Best Place to Eat Appetizers

Your best bet is Cuvee. Excellent appetizer selection, reasonably priced and varied wine list, and a chop salad that's the best in town.

Sep 26, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Best Place For Fresh Shrimp............

You can't beat the shrimp lot for freshness. But far closer (only a few minutes drive from the FQ), and darn close in quality, is Cajun Seafood on N. Claibourne mentioned by sirvelvet. Try the fried chicken too.

Sep 22, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Traditional Bistro Food in the Marais

While it is known as a Basque restaurant, with hearty, tomatoe laced stews, it also has standard French fare, such as sauteed frog's legs, duck confit, cassoulet and the like. It is one of the better deals in town given that its 29 euro three-course menu comes with half a bottle of wine.

I haven't been to Monjul, although it is on my list of one of the hipper places to eat in the Marais. It, too, has reasonably priced two and three course menus, but wine is not inclusive.

Sep 18, 2008
pilaf in France

Traditional Bistro Food in the Marais

While I am a big fan of Auberge de Jarente, and will be there in December, I wouldn't consider it to be bistro fare. Your best bet near the rue Mahler is Chez Janou, on the rue Roger Verlomme. In the other direction is Le Petit Picard in the Marias on rue de la Bretonnerie. And there are plenty of wonderful, and quite small, bakeries and assorted shops on the rue St. Antoine specializing in cheese, pate, wine and chocolate.

Sep 17, 2008
pilaf in France

Need recs for a birthday dinner

I too recommend Rio Mar. I also enjoy Grand Isle, which is a block or so away.

Aug 28, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Grad student in Paris

Despite the weakness of the dollar, which has strengthened a bit in recent weeks, your budget is feasible, particularly in the Marais. For example, there is a wonderful mussel place on the rue St. Antoine, across the street from the St. Paul metro stop. While it looks like a bar, it has many varieties of mussel dishes for 7-10 euros, with wonderful bread. Wine by the carafe is also quite reasonable. The Auberge de Jarente (Basque) on the rue Jarente has complete meal, including wine, for 20-30 euros. The owner is also very nice. Do some research on this board, and you will find many more recommendations.

Aug 23, 2008
pilaf in France

Rehearsal Dinner ideas

I would call Maximo's. I hear their upstairs rooms will be open in October, and I recall that there are rooms to accomodate that many people. The normal menu is modestly priced, so they would likely work on a reasonably priced fixed menu with some variety. And its in a beautiful French Quarter building close to Frenchman street for those that want to listen to music afterward.

I would also scour the quarter before heading to Metairie, particularly with out of town folks. Call a few smaller places, like Eat New Orleans on Dauphine, to see if you can take over the place for a night. But I would call Maximo's first.

Aug 21, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Parkview Cafe

It is. There was an article on the building in last Saturday's TP, but the article did little to highlight what they serve.

Aug 12, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Parkview Cafe

Having been prompted by yard signs throughout Lakeview, I stopped by the new cafe in City Park last Saturday. I am glad I did and plan to make it a regular outing.

The cafe is bright and inviting, with beautiful tiles and art deco accents. It has a wide offering of pretty standard fare, but it doesn't pretend to be anything more. Many people appeared to be getting floats at the Blue Bell counter, and I enjoyed a hurricane daiquiri and a dog. Stop by if you're in the area; it, and the rest of City Park, deserves our patronage.

Aug 08, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

place to eat in or near Marias

We were in the Marais last year and will be going in a few months. High on our list are Le Petit Picard (42 Rue de la Bretonnerie), Le Dos de la Baleine (40 rue des Blancs Manteaux), Chez Jarente and L’Epouvantail (both on rue de Jarente) Chez Janou (2 rue Roger Verlomme), as well as a few places on the Place St. Catherine.

Aug 01, 2008
pilaf in France

Help me choose

I'll be the contrarian in at least one respect. I was at Antoine's for Sunday brunch, and the meal could not have been more special. Perfectly mixed Sazerac, devine souffle potatoes, sublime crabmeat ravigote, and the best trout almadine I have had in years. Add to that the impeccable service and beautiful surroundings, not to mentioned a wonderful jazz trio, and you have a great a dining experience that is both uniquely New Orleans and distinctly Parisian (e.g. Benoit or Bofinger). As much as I like the other choices (apart from Cochon), the experience wouldn't be the same. I also find, as a general matter, those who disparage Antoine's haven't been there in some time. The place is making a concerted effort to modernize without losing its old-world charm, as Galatoire's did some time ago (to some criticism, I might add), and I think locals and tourists are missing out on a wonderful experience by chalking her up to a bygone era. I go there at least twice a month and will sing here praises until proven otherwise.

Jul 29, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Quick Marigny Suggestions?

Adolfo's on Frenchmen is very reasonably priced and delicious. I usually get the escargot and one of the cannelloni appetizers, both at about $7, and have more than enough to eat. Mona's (also on Frenchmen) is downright inexpensive and you can bring your own wine. Favorites are the lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves and lula kabob platter.

Jul 10, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Sweetbreads, Best in N.O.? Good butcher shop? Is there any market where you can by them raw?

The best in town, by far, are at Bayona, with the lemon butter sauce with capers.

I don't know where you can buy these items in a store, except perhaps at Union Supermarket in Kenner, but the ox tail stew at Christie's poboys on the west bank (Fridays and Saturdays only) is superb.

Jun 03, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Lower-priced casual dinner for group of tourists...

I think Jacques-Imo's would be your best bet, and they take reservations for parties of 5 or more.

Otherwise, I would consider Eat New Orleans on Dumaine. Its also BYOB, which really helps the bottom line.

Jun 03, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans

Fresh Fish

The most varied selection is at Hong Kong Market on the West Bank.

May 19, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans


It is my favorite Italian restaurant in the city, and I can't say that I have had any dish to avoid. I usually stick to appetizers, with the escargo, crab/corn cannelloni and spinach/italian sausage cannelloni as the usual choices.

May 16, 2008
pilaf in New Orleans