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Rotisserie rental in seattle?

Maybe AA Party Rents. They rent grills, but I'm not sure about rotisseries.

Jun 21, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Buying slider buns?

I know Marcrina Bakery sells brioche slider buns to restaurants, so you might want to check with them to see if they sell them retail, as well. They come in in various sizes down to 1oz./bun.

Jun 21, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Seattle CSA?

I posted this question a few months back. Here's what I got...


May 26, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Pickled Turnips in Seattle?

There's the Pakistani-Indian market on Roosevelt just south of 125th (west side of the street) that sells pickled turnips. Also, there is an Indian market near Lake City Way that sells that type of stuff. If you drive east on 125th, cross Lake City Way and take your first left. You'll pull into a parking lot area and the market is right there (it backs up to the retail/restaurants on LC Way). Good luck!

May 26, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Zagi's Pizza (SEA) - What happened?!?!

I drove to Zagi's last week and they are closed. Does anyone know what happened or if they will be re-opening somewhere eles? That was my favorite pizza in Seattle!

May 12, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

SEA - restaurant for group of 30?

Volterra in Ballard has a private event space, as does Palace (but that may be too big for 30). I think O'Asian does large/private parties. Or, for something casual, Tap House Grill.

Another thougth is the Big Picture (cinema below El Gaucho on First Ave). They do private events in that space which is more of a reception event space than a sit down dinner.

Apr 23, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest


Tilth, in the Wallingford neighborhood, is certified organic by the Oregon Tilth. They have brunch on the weekend and dinner. BOKA Kitchen + Bar in downtown is about 85-90% organic and is open for weekday lunch and weekend brunch. Flying Fish in Belltown uses all organic products for their raw ingredients and is open for lunch. Organic is pretty popular in Seattle and while most places are not 100% certified, if you go to any currently popular/in the spotlight restaurant, you'll most likely find a lot of local, organic ingredients.

Apr 12, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Sea: Locally made artisan cured meats

This is an old Seattle Weekly article that might help: http://www.seattleweekly.com/2006-09-...
Also, I don't know if they do any wholesale, but Adam Stevenson at Earth & Ocean has a pretty big house made charcuterie program.

Apr 08, 2008
MaggieSue in Greater Seattle

This Boise Newbie LOVES Boise Chow!

I've only been to Boise once, but it seemed like there were a bunch of good looking restaurants in the downtown area. Also, I was just at the WA Wine Commission Restaurant Awards last Friday and Andrae's (in Boise) cleaned up and won three awards.


Apr 07, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Clover coffee brewers (SEA)

Does anyone know which two or three Starbucks stores in Seattle have a Clover coffee brewer? Do any other Seattle coffee shops have them? The only info I could find on them were for independent coffee shops in Portland. (Plese don't reply if you are going to bash Starbucks. I'm not a loyal customer, but am not looking to start a negative thread about the company, either.)

Apr 07, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Book(s) on Food/Hospitality Industry?

There are lots of guides to running/managing restaurants and bars. If you go to Amazon, just plug that in to their search engine. I think those types of books might be more useful than Setting the Table or Kitchen Confidential. I enjoyed both of those, but it's not like you can garner much restaurant advice from either one. Some good industry magazines are FoodArts, Sante and Cheers. Cheers actually had nice one-page articles about everything from employee incentive programs to designing a bar menu to chooseing stemware. Good luck!

Apr 04, 2008
MaggieSue in Food Media & News

Food writing in Seattle

I'm taking my chances on having this moved to the Food Media board, but here goes...

What's your opinion of Seattle's food writers? I think the reviews can vary, some well done, some very poorly written. But, what's stranger to me is that it seems like the Times, PI, Stranger and Weekly all are on the same schedule. Last week it was all Asian noodle reviews; this week two of them reviewed Bada Sushi. And, this happens fairly regulary.

What's also baffling is that some of the prominent reviewers are well-known and don't go incognito when dining for reviews. Doesn't this brake rule number one of being a restaurant reviewer? And, sometimes it seems that the writer has only gone to the restaurant one time. That also seems like bad policy.

I'm wondering what other opinions are, and if you've found better sources for Seattle food writing and restaurant reviews than the four papers I mentioned above..

Mar 22, 2008
MaggieSue in Food Media & News

Seattle Group Dinners

You should query on either of these web sites:


You can enter city/neighborhood, price, number of guests, etc to search, then you can email the restaurant via the site.

Mar 16, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

West Palm Beach area recs

No, I'm open to anything; just looking for what's good in that area. Thanks!

Seattle/ Eastside Breakfast in small meeting room

You could check out either privatedine.com or groupdyne.com -- both are search engine-type sites for private and/or group dining.

Mar 02, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

West Palm Beach area recs

I'm travelling from Seattle to West Palm Beach (I think Palm Beach Gardens specifically) this May. I've never been there before and am looking for recommendations. Not looking for anything fancy, just some good chow. What are the standout restaurants in your area? Thanks!

Are these the Asian Restaurants to try?

I would add Szechuan Bistro on 85th at Greenwood (awesome hand-shaven noodles), and Chiang's Gourmet on Lake City (near Glo's).

Jan 31, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Seattle CSAs - Seeking your opinion

I'd like to join a CSA program that delivers to Seattle. I've never been a CSA shareholder before and was looking for opinions -- the good and the bad -- of farms that deliver to Seattle. I live in the north end of town so would perfer one that has a pick up area towards the north, but am open to any suggestions. This would be for my household of two (just me and my boyfriend), so we ideally would want one that offers half shares. Thanks!

Jan 24, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Brunch in Portsmouth?

If you're OK with a casual environment, you should check out the Friendly Toast. It's a quirky, fun environment and the food is good. I couldn't find a web site for them,but there are plenty of online reviews and newspaper mentions.

Good/Cheap Lodging and Food Downtown?

The Ace Hotel in Belltown (just north of downtown, but within walking distance) has a pretty cool style. I think it's fairly affordalbe, too. Some of the rooms have shared bathrooms down the hall, but from recent reviews online, it sounds like everything is clean and OK to share. Check out acehotel.com.

I used to work next door to the Executive Hotel Pacific and from the outside and lobby it seems nice. They recently did some renovations and it's a good location to all of downtown Seattle.

For inexpensive restaurants...definitely graze around the Market. There are a ton of food vendors and small restaurants that are all affordable. A short cab ride away in Capitol Hill is Cafe Press, which is very affordable French food. Also, if you stay at the Executive Hotel, the International District is a do-able walk south and has inexpensive Asian restaurants.

Jan 23, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

What SEA magazine published a seasonal food list?

I'm not sure what Seattle magazine published the list, but you can find a list of the Puget Sound Fresh web site (http://www.pugetsoundfresh.org) or on the Seasonal Cornucopia site (http://www.seasonalcornucopia.com). Good luck!

Jan 10, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Chinese dessert cafe in Seattle?

There are a couple Chinese-style bakeries in the ID. Yummy House is on Sixth Avenue (I think) and has the really light cakes with fresh fruit on top. Another is Mon Hei on King Street. And, you can get packaged Chinese desserts at HT Market on Aurora or at Uwajimaya.

Jan 06, 2008
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Any restaurants open Christmas night?

Northwest Source (nwsource.com) had a bunch of places listed on their front page today that are serving Christmas Dinner.
Good luck!

Dec 24, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Austin Cantina (SEA) - what's the word?

If anyone has tried Austin Cantina, the new Tex-Mex place on 24th in Ballard, I'd love to hear your impressions. I'm considering going there for a birthday dinner. Thanks!

Dec 14, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Knife skills class (SEA)

I've seen some knife skill classes in community college continuing education catalogs. Here's one at South Seattle, which has a great culinary program:
Good luck!

Dec 14, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Bar & nibble/Coffee & pastry in Cap Hill, Ballrd or Fremnt?

For coffee/pastry in Ballard, I second the previous post for Cafe Besalu. They have excellent ginger scones and pain au chocolate. For drinks/nibbles in Ballard, I vote for La Carta de Oaxaca (really good Mexican). And, SamBar is also great for cocktails and small plates. It's a bit away from the main Ballard downtown area, but is definitely worth seeking out -- it's on Market Street, but East of the central area.

Cafe Press is great in Capitol Hill; really good food and not expensive.

Nov 29, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Seattle Restaurant Supply Stores

There is a good one at 149th and Aurora: http://www.seattlerestaurantstore.com/

Nov 28, 2007
MaggieSue in Greater Seattle

Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

Pakistani & Indian Grocery
12325 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle WA 98125
(found that on the Web; apparently I had the name backward)
It's on Roosevelt Way NE, just south of NE 125th Street, on the west side of the street. It's in a little strip with a Thai restaurant, the grocery store and Mr. Kebab restaurant.

Nov 13, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Middle Eastern Grocery Stores

One more place is the Indian & Pakistani Market on Roosevelt and 10th Ave. NE. They have all kinds of packaged foods, bulk, spices, condiments, and halal meats.

Nov 12, 2007
MaggieSue in Pacific Northwest

Dinner Near Mass Pike and I 495?

JP's Restaurant & Pub in Westboro (on 135) is good. It's pretty basic, but good food and inexpensive. Lobster rolls, fried clams, salads, etc.

There's also a Japanese restaurant in the center of town called Hisa. It's on South Street in Westboro.