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Finer dining in Lancaster

John J. Jefferies is great. Large and small plates. Just getting a number of small plates could be quick.

Carr's is a great choice because it is a very short walk and the food is great. The Belvedere Inn has great food but is a slightly longer walk. Also, right down the block is Annie Baileys - not bad food considering that it is first and foremost a great Irish pub. They have an upstairs room for larger groups.

Belvedere Inn
402 N Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Mar 27, 2011
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Looking for the Best Wings in York / Lancaster Area ...

check out McCleary's Irish Pub in Marietta (Lancaster County along the Susquehanna). Great wings, great beer, lousy cell phone service.

Nov 11, 2010
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Visint to Lancaster where to find great coffee, bakeries and breakfast

Try Square One Coffee on Duke St. downtown or Cafe Chocolate in Lititz. Both have websites.

Square One Coffee
227 Princess Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601

Oct 12, 2010
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Longs Park Area, near Lancaster

You have some great choices! Going towards Lancaster on Harrisburg Pike you will come to fine dining (Gibralter), good beer and food to go with it (Iron Hill Brewery), amazing Thai food (Sukhothai), upscale hip food (Fenz), and if you go left on Dillerville Rd. and immediately take a right into the lot where there is a Chinese place and a Mexican store and then go around the back to the left, you come upon an amazing Ethiopian restaurant. Nobody knows it is there and it is fabulous. I would think you could google any of these places (except the Ethiopian one) to get street addresses.

Aug 15, 2010
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Brunch between Hershey and Paoli?

Try The Olde Greenfield Inn in Lancaster, right off Rt. 30 Greenfield Rd. exit - so it is right on your way. Known for excellent brunch. Just google them.

Apr 20, 2009
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Looking for good restaurant near Harrisburg / Hempfield

If you want eat near your hotel, there are a couple of kid friendly choices right nearby. Gilligans Bar & Grill is big and loud and has all of the food you would expect. Also, the Lancaster Brewing Company has a restaurant right down the street from your hotel in Harrisburg. Just google their names and you can check out menus, directions, etc.

Chanceys Bar & Grill (just a block north of the center of East Petersburg on Rt. 72) is fine for lunch or dinner and isn't a chain.

Nov 12, 2008
shtbht in Pennsylvania

Lancaster: last minute suggestions

The newest brewpub is the Iron Hill Brewery on Harrisburg Pike across from Franklin & Marshall. Good beer decent food (burgers, grilled chicken, etc.) good for kids. The other brewpub is Lancaster Malt Brewing Co. (on E. Chestnut maybe?). Haven't been there for a while. Gibralter has excellent Mediterranean food and is one of the best restaurants in Lancaster - they are in the College Center within walking distance of Iron Hill on Harrisburg Pike. Doc Hollidays steakhouse is in the College Center as well. Other good choices - The Belvedere on Queen St., The Pressoom just off the square on King St. and Haydn Zugs on Rt. 72 in East Petersburg just outside of the city. Isaacs Deli (local chain) is great for lunch with kids. Many locations (

Nov 05, 2008
shtbht in Pennsylvania