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Scarborough Hounds! Who's been to Ace's Place in Guildwood?

I'm in the same boat and was going to start asking for suggestions out this way. The Stone Cottage has secured pole position as the best 'local' out this way. Food is good, service is great and it's very reasonably priced (borderline cheap).

Take note that Lamore Pizza on Kingston west of Bellamy (they deliver) has been a GREAT find, almost reminiscent of the now defunct Venice Pizza from St Clair/O'Connor.

Any other suggestions/hidden treasures out this way?

BBQ Joint near Collingwood?

The Smokestack is in Port McNicoll which is near Midland and serves up BBQ from a trailer beside the SS Keewatin.

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Marvelous Edibles (on Laird): I miss the chickpea salad

Schnitzel House (on Kennedy just north of Lawrence): Great memories of giant schnitzels stuffed with tasty treats and the liver dumpling soup.

Ghallee Kitchen (where Chinos Locos is at Greenwood/Queen)

I'm in agreement on Frank Veteres and the Summit House (I loved the nasi goring!).

Where to buy a Sous Vide Supreme?

They have a great deal on right now for the combo pack (machine, sealer, some bags) for $469 +$9 shipping in Canada. I found promo code "FOODIE" which knocks another $20 off the price of the machine!

ISO Sausage Meat

I've purchased straight up sausage meat from Royal Beef on Danforth east of Coxwell.

ISO - Buns for Smoked Brisket in GTA

I love the buns from Carousel Bakery at the SLM.. You can ask them for the buns they serve the peameal sandwiches on - perfect for pulled pork or brisket!

Swish by Han?

A friend and I went for lunch today - I was quite excited since the menu looked great. The service was prompt but certainly not at all pleasant. I found the food rather bland across the board (except for the apple kim chi salad which was great!). I have heard the dinner menu is better (even from the server).

ISO organic grapes...hopeless this time of year?

There were green and red organic grapes at the Big Carrot today, but they were EXPENSIVE! $7/lb or so..

Huntsville area Catering?

My gal and I are looking at getting married just north of Huntsville in Katrine. Can anyone recommend a superb caterer for about 30-40 people?

In terms of food, I'm hoping hardcore BBQ (I'd have Ted Reader if I had my way) while she's thinking about something a bit more classy. As usual, we can compromise! We're looking at mid-September of this year.

Thanks in advance.

All I want is a pint of beer and some really good chicken wings in South Scarborough....

I was at the Grover Exchange last week (just east of Main on Kingston Road) and their wings were quite good! Service was a bit off, but tasty.

Jawney Bakers at St Clair / O'Connor has good wings to, and if you ask, they'll do up the food any way you want.

St Clair Restaurant
69 St Clair St, Chatham, ON N7L3H8, CA

Allen's on Danforth - will never go back

I had the exact same experience a few weeks ago. Was meeting a colleague there for beers, then split to Terri-O's just out of principal as the folks at Allen's are just so damned rude. Always.

143 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1N2, CA

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Agreed on dumping the Thai stuff. Their Pho as take-out is pretty darned tasty!

Danforth & Woodbine, O'Connor Drive Best bets For Late Saturday Lunch

They heyday of Columbos has come and gone. My pals and I had a stretch of ordering their sandwiches at least weekly. Quality took a major dive, has since recovered to "OK" status which is a far cry from when they were spectacular!

Danforth & Woodbine, O'Connor Drive Best bets For Late Saturday Lunch

Jawney Bakers is far from a dive. The food is always good and the service sets it apart from any other local spots. They have some sandwiches which are fantastic (the new "Alice" sandwich, for example), the soup is always great and I'd have to say they make nachos second only to my own.

Jawny Bakers
804 O Connor Dr, Toronto, ON M4B2S9, CA

Need a restaurant for a 9 yr old birthday dinner with 6 friends

A friend of mine took his 2 year old to a party at the location in Ajax just a few weeks ago. Despite his initial (preconceived) concerns, he said it was good in all respects. The food was good, the place was clean and of course, it was all kid friendly.

Heating Montreal smoked meat (split from Ontario board)

What about in a slow cooker?

Mar 12, 2009
Joshman in Home Cooking

East end takeout/delivery ?

Depends how east you are! Columbos on Danforth near Coxwell is great.

Large pork shoulder

Upper Cut meats at the St Lawrence Market is my go-to place (I think that's the name.. I go there so often, and I'm always on autopilot at the market. The one across from teh uber expensive and recently renovated meat place in the main aisle on the top floor)).. I got a humongous bone-in, skin-on pork shoulder for $21 which was amazing quality.. If you take the whole thing "as-is" and don't make them cut it they'll make a great deal.

Perhaps also try the pork guys at the north market on Saturdays. They'll probably chop one off for you on the spot!

Beef Dip / French Dip Sandwich

I had the prime rib dip at the Keg last week at it was FANTASTIC! (perhaps augmented by the fact I was really hungry) It was $16 or so.. The beef dip was $13 I think..

Best chinese BBQ Pork

I second that motion! I picked up some BBQ there a couple weeks back and it was great. I also grabbed a small order of braised bean curd which was delicious (on it's own and the balance added to a recipe the next day)

Woodbine/Danforth - decent restaurants?

Lest we forget Columbo's! The best darned sandwiches (veal or chicken parm) around. Their rice ball is also a treat (and cheap, too!).
I also like the new Shwarma place at main/danforth.

Chinatown East (Gerrard) Recommendations?

Nursing a cold, I was looking for Hot and Sour soup, saw this post, and headed there without passing go! It is fantastic, not too gloopy and ram packed full of treats. I also picked up the cashew chicken and a tofu/veggie dish for dinner.. Thanks for the tip.

Weekday dim sum: Dragon, Casa, Empire or Grass Mt?

I've been to Dragon Boat twice. It was very good and recommended by a bunch of old chinese ladies who spend their time dim summing here and there.
The first time (Saturday) the place was PACKED, the second time (mid-week) we got there early and were seated right away but as lunch hour progressed it was packed again.
The Lo Bak Ko (not sure how to spell it, but the turnip cake) here is about the best I've had! Their rice rolls are amazing.

FISH HEADS (and bones)! FRESH. (preferably sole, turbot, rockfish or snapper)

There was quite an assortment at the St Lawrence market yesterday. In the south market, go to the Adventures in Cheese in the back corner and you can't miss them.
I've seen them at T&T as well.

ISO: Rye flour

I always get it at Rubes in the basement of the St Lawrence Market. He's the awesome old guy who sells rice, and off to the side, beside the coffee place, he sells all sorts of flour.

I just had the worst shawarma

Hmm, they did hit a rough spot but their seemingly endless reno's seem to be almost done and last time I was there things were tasty again.. Their lamb shwarma's are great.. Where's this Empire you speak of?

I just had the worst shawarma

I live Woodbine/Danforth area and I quite like Shwarma's! I do like the new place at Main/Danforth (which used to be the scary donut store on the north-east corner used to be).. More east (Warden/Lawrence) is Farhats (in the same mall as Nasr) is so awesome and inexpensive. They have a new spicy beef that's not that tasty and the consistency is weird..

Terroni - Mediocre food and BAD Sevice

I agree - the idea of Terroni's is great and some of the food is great (the lasagna was fantastic, however puny - about 1/3 the size I'd expect ordering that dish). Their desserts are also terrible. I can only speak for the Queen Street W location.

May I suggest Regina's Pizzeria on College near Ossington.. We ended up there a few weeks back since Terroni was lined up out the door and it was awesome. I saw them bring out a platter of what I'm assuming was tiramisu that literally made me drool.

best burgers in T.O.

My pal and I went to Allen's on teh Danforth yesterday for lunch - we both had the "organic sirloin" burger and man-o-man was it good! With a side of their their sweet potato fries that put all else to shame.

Lucky Moose

I was down at Beverley and Dundas yesterday and happened across a fantastic new asian grocery store (right on Dundas, south side, just west of Beverley). We went in only because it was called the Lucky Moose and it just opened August 8. They have awesome produce - not the cheapest in chinatown but fantastic quality and some stuff I have never seen before. I wish I could remember the name of this neat little apple thing we got - I'll ask Ms. Joshman later.
They have a great (yet abnormally smelly however apparently clean) meat / fish section. All of their meat looks great and is quite reasonable ($.99/lb for picnic pork).
There's a sushi bar plus tonnes of other great groceries (I picked up what has turned out to be my favourite store-bought Japanese dressing of all time for <$5), which again are quite reasonable for what is such a nice looking store. They also have deals right now where if you spend above certain thresholds you get free sushi..