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Jerk Chicken/Fish/Pork in SF

Anyone know where I can get it?
From what I have read, I feel it could become my favorite food!!

Winter Fancy Foods Show

Anyone going along to this show?

It starts next Sunday (18th)

It looks huuuuge

Help a carnivore with a vegetarian girlfriend

Definitely in the right vein, however I would like the security of a reservation.
I am weird like that.

Help a carnivore with a vegetarian girlfriend

I am looking for a nice place to eat this weekend with the better half

Not cheap and nasty but not fine dining either. I want to make an impression without eating sardine pasta for the week following!

Somewhere which has a solid vegetarian selection without being vegetarian focussed (i.e. a nice piece of meat or fish for me too!)

A vibrant area with places to have a drink beforehand would also be a plus.

What can you suggest?

Any Good SF Restaurant Podcasts/Websites?

First Post! Great to be here!

I have recently moved here from Australia and I am about to start a job serving restaurants and catering institutions in the Bay Area.

I am looking for resources that will help me get up to speed with the SF scene.

It may be a stretch but are there any food related podcasts that are worth listening to?

In addition, are there any indispensible websites (other than Chowhound of course!) that I should be checking out?

I look forward to being part of this vibrant online community!

Thank you.

Nov 05, 2008
Bill Wall in Food Media & News