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Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

This is one of Concord's best. I have been there 3 times for dinner and 3 times for lunch. Service has been excellent and the bi bim bap and crab cakes were both memorable. There are many non spicy dishes also for those so inclined.

Micucci's Pizza

Micucci pizza is truly amazing. I also plan my trips past Portland to stock up on Italian groceries and for a slice. I have traveled far and wide in the US and Italy in search of great pizza. This is not you ordinary slice, but rather a unique take on Sicilian pizza. And don't forget to take home a sfogliatelle (a clam shaped flaky pastry) that compares well with the best of Naples.


Definitely agree on sfogliatelle. They are up to the quality one gets in Naples.

Chinese New Year

I called both Bedford and Concord and they are not doing anything special..

Chinese New Year

Does anyone know of any special new year (Feb 3) dining around Concord or Manchester, NH?

Concord NH new restaurant "O"

They just opened in Concord. It was announce a year ago but they must have had some difficulty getting the place outfitted.

Concord NH new restaurant "O"

O recently opened. There is a review in Concord Monitor Insider today. Has any chowhound tried it.

Sunshine Oriental Restaurant - Dim Sum in Concord NH

Had a third visit today. There are many exceptional dishes on the menu and this place deserves much more support. The fried dumplings were very good and the black bean sauced squid was excellent. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Stonington/Deer Isle, ME: Chow?

Lily's Cafe in Stonington (it's just north of the town on rt 15) is definitely worth a visit. Exceptional lunch fare -sandwiches, omelets, soups and salad. They are inventive and competent. It is also open for dinner on Fridays.

Fresh hand-made pasta in Concord, NH?

Another possibility is Angela's on Chestnut Street on the north side of Manchester. They also have a good cheese, and wine selection, as well as other Italian specialties.

Maine Island Hoppers In Search of Good Eats

Bucks, which has replace the Outback Cafe, is definitely worth your consideration. Jonathan Chase who ran Jonathan's in Blue Hill for many years now runs the place. It is simple in its menu, but well executed. Jonathan also manage the general store attached and has good wines, cheese, and specialty items.

Dennet's Wharf in Castine is also worth a stop. The food is decent, the beers very good, and the setting superb. They have their own dock space. I boat over to Dennet's about 5 times a summer and have not been disappointed.

Maine Classics

Bagaduce lunch is in Brooksville, ME, It is only open in the summer. It has a great setting, beside a reversing waterfall, where rt 175 and 176 cross the Bagaduce River.

Naples for one

I will be on a pizza and neopolitan cuisine trip to Naples in December and have compiled many suggested places to try. How will a single diner be treated? Can I get reservations? While alone in the US I go to some high many big city places and can usually get a nice treatment at the bar if a table is not available, but bars are not usually a part of Italian restaurants.

Any suggestions?

Nov 15, 2007
vbmontana in Italy

good ethnic markets/ bakeries in NH?

There is definitely a shortage of interesting ethnic markets in NH. Saigon Market off S.Willow in Manchester on Maple, I think, is quite comprehensive for Asian foods. Angela's on Chestnut on the north side of Manchester is good for high end gourmet Italian.

Cannolis in Southern Maine

I had a sfogatelle at Miccuci's the other day and rate it as very good. This is a great but lesser known Italian pastry with a crisp crust and dry cheesy interior. Not the best I ever had, but certainly the best outside of a few NY places. I am on my way to Naples soon to find the ultimate sfogatelle .

Don Giovanni's (Concord, NH)??

Both restaurants are in the same building, but are, I believe, separate establishments. In and earlier incarnation the two restaurants did share a kitchen.

A Finnish Restaurant in the US of A? [Moved from What's My Craving? board]

Years ago there was a Finnish restaurant in NY. I don't know if it still exists. You might try posting on B. Ojankangas has a Finnish cookbook(and many others) and is a good source on their cooking.

Jul 08, 2007
vbmontana in General Topics

Lobster Pound rec near Camden/Bar Harbor?


I heard that Eaton's closed. That is a great loss. I have been going there for 30 years.

Blue Hill, Maine (and environs)

Clionice, on Main Street in Ellsworth is my favorite better dining spot in the region. Good for lunch or dinner featuring and assortment of Meditereanean tapas and entrees. There is also a very good ,but not particularly attractive, pizza place in Ellsworth on Rt 3 just 100 yds east of the rt 3- rt 1 split. (The name escapes me at the moment.)

Perking up winter strawberries

A good way to spruce up winter berries is clean then, cut into chunks (the very large berries should be cut in half or quarters) and marinate in sugar (to taste) and Marsala wine. Let steep for 30 -60 minutes before serving.

Jan 26, 2007
vbmontana in Home Cooking

Authentic Soul Food/Southern Cooking in Manchester NH--wow!

Tried Premier Palette at lunch yesterday. This is a worthy addition to Manchester. I had a smoked chicken sandwich with a hot sauce that was very good. Sides were excellent. I suggest talking to Zelma when ordering to determine level of spiceness of various dishes if that is a concern. It was for my wife and she got good advice in choosing her sides.

Next time I will try the beef ribs.

Chinese/Asian grocery store in NH or VT

Manchester has an increasing Asian population. There is a quite large supermarket (Vietnemese, but including sections of other Asian goods)on Maple St just north of the intersection with Willow. About 1 mile further north on Maple there is the Seoul Korean market and next door an Indian spice shop.

Need recs for Belfast, ME for next week. What's still open?

I agree with recommendations for Chase's Daily, but you may want to consider an exceptional treat. Primo in Rockland is about 35 minutes away. It ranks nationally. On two visits I have been impressed with use of local ingredients in a Italian inspired menu. Mellissa Kelly is a very talent chef. There are lots of references to Primo that can be found with a google search.

Maine Vacation next week - Camden and MDI

The Left Bank in Blue Hill has been closed for a few years.

Concord, NH - Capitol Center for Performing Arts

The CCA is a wonderful place but the restaurant scene in Concord doesn't offer much beyond the standard chains.

Two possibilities are:
The Common Man (near exit 13 on I 93 just south of the CCA) and the small wine bar and restaurant, 55 Degree,at 55 Main Street about 1/3 mile north of the CCA.