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Dog friendly Edinburgh?

This is the website to use http://www.dugsnpubs.com/ for Edinburgh and beyond. Edinburgh's got very dog friendly recently, it seems to be the unwritten law that if you want to open a place that does a good beer selection you must also be dog friendly, I suspect because some of the owners are dog owners themselves.
Stockbridge is very dog friendly (I know its off topic but Just Dogs is a marvellous dog shop), Stockbridge Tap doesn't do food I believe on a Sunday and Monday but is a dog haven with great beer so if you're in the area pop in for a drink. Holyrood 9A is convenient as its by Arthurs seat for a dog walk and a great tourist thing to do before hand. Water and treats for your dog usually provided. Vintage does great food - though always busy in the evening so unless your dog is wee or doesn't move might not be the best - try lunch or very early evening? Hanging Bat is a nice place to chill of an afternoon (very busy in the evening). Also I don't know your route to the Highlands but if you happen to be passing Aberfeldy, Habitat Cafe were lovely to my dogs. Also on possible route north the last time I was in the Old Library Tearoom at Balquhidder (part of the MHOR empire), there was a dog sleeping in the corner. Lastly in Edinburgh, a great cafe is Brewlab, very dog friendly.

Inverness and on up to the Orkney Islands

Orkney is not best for food despite it being famous for produce, the cafe at Skara Brae was an improvement on the old days and the Orkney Brewery eating hall is okay. The beers are fine but not the best Scotland has to offer despite its collection of awards. I don't go out for food when I visit. Can recommend the amazing natural landscape, Marwick Head is my favourite for the seabirds and try the John Rae museum. As a local tip - don't call it the Orkneys. Orkney or the Orkney Islands - I'm not being pedantic - the (sort of) locals I know wince! Have a wonderful time, its a special unique place and I adore it. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Aug 21, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: what's in the picnic basket?

Thanks - must try again. Not local, Edinburgh based, but I have a family member in Cupar so I'm often around the area.

Jul 23, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: what's in the picnic basket?

I've been hearing about this hut for ages but I've never managed to find it - think I'm just being a bit dense - not like Crail is that big! Are they there all the time - is it by the harbour?

Jul 23, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: what's in the picnic basket?

In morningside (on way to blackford hill) is Bakery Andante and if you're very flush there's IJ Mellis for cheese, there's also a Henri's which is a french deli with bread and the usual stuff, meats, terrines etc. For East Neuk, its tricky and takes a while to get to by public transport if you don't have a car, but if you can get bikes for the day, there's lovely little quite roads to go down and you can train and bike it, east pier smokehouse in St Monans I enjoyed, they give your food in a cardboard box to eat in or take out, it was the only place in North East Fife that isn't constantly packed. Crail is really cute with crail harbour cafe with great views

Jul 22, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh - Michael Neave Kitchen & Whisky Bar

I second the excellent beer and whisky bar opposite the Grain Store and Kay's bar for Whisky and not choosing a restaurant for whisky. Timberyard is upscale (well in mind it is for the prices) but welcoming, and has things like pigeon and pheasant and specials of the day. It will be funky and vibrant enough for the youngsters.

Jul 17, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh: what's in the picnic basket?

Travelling outside the city is a great idea, there are some lovely spots but it depends how far you want to travel outside the city centre and/or walk. The crags/holyrood park are lovely but I suggest you scope it out first as its quite a wide area and not really a picnicking place so if you don't get the spot quite right you'll be run over by runners, dog walkers etc which won't be that romantic, unless its a quick drink and a sandwich type picnic. It does get very busy at weekends. For an illicit quick drink and snack on a bench, the botanic gardens has a lovely view over the castle and the city, go the the benches right at the top of the gardens by the terrace cafe (you're not supposed to take food/have a picnic in the botanics I don't think). Opposite the way from it is Inverleith Park - picnicking would be done on the slopes by the pond (unless again you want to be run over by off lead dogs and sport games). you're close to stockbridge and lots of provisions, particularly if you time it with stockbridge market. Blackford Hill by the observatory isn't too far from the provisions of morningside if you don't mind a ten/fifteen minute walk, lovely views, not really a picnicking area but that's good as it means it will be quite, but its safe enough to picnic if you perch on the edge over the views. As said above, places where people go to picnic in edinburgh if weather is even just a bit better than okay = lots and lots of people plus in some areas it tends to be studenty types barbecuing

Don't know what to suggest for a picnic basket as we tend to make our own picnic, but if I had to get provisions a quality scotch egg (can usually be found in a farmer's market), a good meat pie (like a pork pie) - these are things I wouldn't make at home and are handy for a picnic. Or a range of good meats, cheeses and bread. Then a walk to an ice cream place once the picnicking is done. In Stockbridge - Peter's Yard does ice cream, on your way back from morningside you could walk back to the centre of town from bruntsfield - chocolate tree shop sometimes does good ice cream, I'm partial to their chocolate sorbet with chilli but flavours rotate a lot, this walk could also take you past another Peter's Yard, and Kondeterie in Bruntsfield also does ice cream.

Jul 17, 2013
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Southern Scotland, especially Glasgow

Apologies, I didn't mean to sound negative, I just pass through the area at weekends and in the past (before I've given up) tried many times to get a lunch spot with no success even a month or so in advance. The Peat Inn has been the place of some very special family occasions and they've been exceedingly wonderful in their service, as you say its not at all stuffy, formal and grown up in furnishings but a friendly warm vibe. I'm not an experienced chow person, I've just used it plan holidays and feel I should give back and I love Scotland particularly the areas that are 'home' to me like Fife and I hope visitors will great time here.

Jun 04, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Southern Scotland, especially Glasgow

Peat Inn for weekend lunch is very hard to get a booking for, for an informal simple lunch by the sea (not many options on the menu so check first if you like the menu) the east pier smokehouse in st monads is fun, I don't think its an actual restaurant, so you get your food in boxes. For reference its Stirling, apologies I know nothing of it having left a long time ago - the Mhor franchises in Callander are good if you're passing near there on the long way to Stirling. I either pop into Mhor bread for some pies and lemon meringue, Mhor Tea and probably now the new new Mhor 84 when I pass by.

Gastropubby type places in Edinburgh, the Vintage in Leith has a lot of red meat but has some nice non read meat options, might be a bit busy for you in the evening, not sure what its like during the day. Menu is online. Its my favourite place at the moment with great selection of beer and food. Cambridge isn't the only place that does nice burgers (the Vintage burgers actually are good), I like the Stockbridge Tap for burgers but its variable on what day they serve food so need to check first, for me its a lovely friendly neighbourhood pub with nice food, in contrast to the Cambridge which I find is more food first with drinks if that makes sense - I don't mean to sound pedantic - just trying to give you a feel for the places to let you decide what is closer to your gastropub meaning (i.e. the Stockbridge Tap I would pop in for a just a drink so to me it feels like a pub, while the Cambridge I would only go there for food and its not a relaxing drinking place). Also its best to book the Cambridge. Stockbridge is about twenty to half an hour minutes walk from the city centre but a nice area to hang about in with a park and the botanical gardens nearby.
Lastly in St Andrews, Fisher and Donaldson, I always say it but I still really adore their fudge donouts & cream slices even though I'm not a sweet sweet person and as its summer a strawberry tart is for a me a must. If you're in Crail, the tea room by the harbour and I think has a teeny gallery, its a tea room with standard fare but it is a lovely spot as it overlooks the sea.

Jun 04, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Coming from Toronto to Edinburgh and London for a week - Not looking for grand dinners, but more unique treats I won't find at home

I'd support the recommendation for the Kitchin, pop into the area of Stockbridge (its a cute little area and you can walk along the Water of Leith to the Botanical Gardens one way and to the National Modern Gallery the other way which is a lovely walk if you want something touristy) for a breakfast at the Pantry for breakfast with black pudding, lorne sausage (doesn't taste that different but it comes as a square making it unique in the UK I believe) and abroath smokie kedgeree for a couple of local ingredients, if you prefer something right in the centre of town Urban Angel at Hannover Street does black pudding.
If you want local beers, Bow Bar is always a recommendation due to central location, also has a reputation for an excellent selection of whisky (I'm not knowledgeable on whisky so I can't say with authority) and an interesting interior.
Konditormeister has a stall at the farmers market as well if you're just looking for take away, though if you're looking for cakes - best sit in.
Gardener's cottage - their website has their menu, not expensive - don't know how unique it is to what you get in Toronto but they do local produce such as roe deer, local cheeses, menu changes daily and its a nice little setting if you like that kind of thing (there's two rooms, in a previous thread it was commented on that one of the rooms was less comfortable).

May 10, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

kimchee in Edinburgh?

All four (I think) chinese supermarkets in Edinburgh I've been in have kimchee, therefore I'm guessing all of them will stock it.

Apr 05, 2013
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland


For more whisky options there is Bow's bar a try of the royal mile, also a place for good beer or venture through the new town on the way to stockbridge to kay's bar - been a while since I've popped in but I remember them as having a rather large selection, and if you want to know what the beer events are on in Edinburgh (from meet the brewers to festivals etc) of which there are a lot go to the beercast website. Stockbridge is a great place to while away an afternoon, lots of little shops to wander through, located next to a park and minutes from the botanics and next to the water of leith. Great local pub in the stockbridge tap with great selection of beers, heard the burgers are nice, will be trying them out soon. Can't say there's anything uniquely Scottish around there though, french cafes, swedish cafes exist. There's a game butcher if that helps! And at the farmers market in Stockbridge found some Dunsyre's Blue if that comes under your Scottish mission.
21212 not sure what you mean by the five elements, if you mean the five courses, each course comes on a plate which has lots and lots of elements on it. Haven't been there in a long while as the price has dramatically increased so can't say what's its like though the bread still lingers in my memory, can't work out what was in it, but it was different and tasty.

Oct 31, 2012
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good everyday dinner in Edinburgh

you can also get one uofg soup in brewlab a cafe which also does sandwichs and proper coffee and nice interesting cakes (had a cheese and chilli muffin that had a proper chilli kick) the baking is sourced from lovecrumbs which has a nice selection of cakes if that interests you. Back to brewpub can get mobbed by student crowd at certain times thought it is fairly large - their menu is posted up on their Facebook page, peters yard i would agree is expensive but if they still do them before 12 the breadbasket with cheese and jams etc is good value - this is in the original branch in the city centre, not sure if the new branch in stockbridge does this. I find kanpai very expensive for something that is okay but I'm biased against the price of sushi in Edinburgh due to memories of past places. Timberyard does a set menu for affordability and has an extensive drinks list if that interests you. I've not been yet, trying next week. If you're in Newington you might be close to the Southern which is a pub which has a proper range of beers and decent burgers.

Oct 31, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Where to get Bun Cha in London these days? Also, pho broth question

As far as I know there is pho ga which is chicken and made with chicken broth and also pho bo which is made with beef broth. (Apologies for being to lazy to get the correct symbols in my spelling). My knowledge of Vietnamese food is very specific to a small area (the area where my mother lived) and it may just have been that it was something she never ate much of. And since I spend my time evangalising about Vietnamese food it would be remiss for me not to know about seafood pho. So I've been off googling this as its bothering me. It looks like I'm not the only one to be unfamiliar with it. The link below gives you a discussion.


Which appears to say seafood pho is a type of hu tieu of which more about it can be found here.


Hope this helps.

Aug 20, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Tasty and quick near Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

I find Valvona & Crolla sells things at a significantly higher price than other shops and the deli counter is not very diverse. I'm partial to their chocolate donuts and white sourdough. Given its location it would be a trip to the other side of town for its own sake, which I don't think its worth it and the bread products can be found at the Farmers Market which is a good place to pick up picnic supplies - open Saturday mornings. I like a pork pie and scotch egg from Ballencrief stall (rare breed pig people - not there every week).

Not far from Charlotte Square - ten minutes at the most is Stockbridge. There's a producers market on Thursday afternoons and Sunday Mornings. Stockbridge has a few delis for supplies, Henri's a french place and Herbies (I think its still open) does lovely bread and IJ Mellis for cheese (be prepared to spend a fortune). Peters Yard has just opened up (not popped in yet) - if they have their full range of bakery items a cardamon bun or any of their buns are good to pick up. For cheese track down some Biggar Blue/Dunsyre Blue/Lanark Blue at the producers market if you can - that's not something easily found elsewhere, my favourite at the Moment is the Biggar Blue. There's nice pubs with a wide range of beers - Stockbridge Tap often hosts beer events and Kay Bar on the way to Stockbridge from Charlotte Square does whiskies.

Next to Charlotte Square is the Cambridge bar which is known for its burgers and always busy. Bit large for me, I prefer the ones at Red Squirrel which is five minutes from Charlotte Square or Holyrood 9A which will be near the Pleasance for the fringe. Good ever changing beer selection. If you're around the Pleasance for the fringe then you'll be near the indian places - Mother India Cafe and Tanjore for your fried chilli idli and dosas.

For things not found elsewhere - you'll need a full breakfast with stornaway black pudding and haggis - Urban angel is the most central place I can think of that does both.

Jul 10, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

[Edinburgh] Cheap/Moderate Restaurants Please

immediately coming to mind - places 1 and 3 have preheater menus, place 1 has a deal until 15th june for pay as you like i think - though need to check not having a private function on

new place locally sourced (i haven't been yet) http://edinburghlarder.co.uk/bistro.p...

place always get mentioned in looking for cheap place http://www.thedogsonline.co.uk/

for seafood http://www.ondinerestaurant.co.uk/lun...

place that immediately comes to mind regarding provenance (Hanover Street is the more central location) - not cheap but comes under £20 for two courses - could squeeze in dessert for £21-£22
The forth street location isn't that far from centre of town (depends where you call central if its princes street/hanover street its probably a 10 -15 minute walk, I would call it central) has preheater options for under £20 http://www.urban-angel.co.uk/cafe-res...

the indian that people seem to like and is most central (i haven't been yet) http://www.list.co.uk/place/103306-mo...

There's a few places around for £20 a head depending on when you eat and what you're looking for - how many courses - maybe say if the above is or is not the kind of place you're looking for and why and you can be directed to something appropriate?

Jun 07, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

One night in Edinburgh

If its oysters you're after, Ondine do three different type of oysters (its a seafood focused restaurant), I think you can just sit up by the bar and Honours by Martin Wishart do one type but a variety of different ways.

May 14, 2012
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Where to eat haggis in Edinburgh?

go to a decent breakfast establishment and you normally get stornaway black pudding as part of your breakfast as well - urban angel on hanover street does them both, pricey but the bacon and sausages are free range and you get the ability to mix and match your breakfast items, tattie scones and arbroath smokies are available - to throw a couple of other Scottish food items in, and I love veggie haggis as well. Meat Haggis is great, good for breakfast, sandwiches etc but i find it a bit too rich on its own for a midweek dinner, which is when veggie haggis comes in.

Apr 24, 2012
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Who here can actually cook excellent authentic or close to it Chinese food?

I would second this, Fuchsia Dunlop's Sichuan cookbook is wonderful, I've eaten in sichuan restaurants and homestyle chinese restaurants and this cookbook does the job. I'm utterly addicted to the fish fragrant aubergines - it can't go wrong with what it goes in it. The dan dan noodles (I always use the second recipe - personal preference) is certainly not wimpish on flavour - where anything is toned down she does mention it (usually in terms of how much chilli oil is used). She's really focused on one cuisine in this book, so as you work your way through the book you get a real feel for the area.

Although I have eaten in a few places, I'm a long way from really knowing what authentic Sichuan cuisine taste like , and my biggest problem trying to grapple with a new cuisine is like you say, how is it exactly supposed to be - having a real headache with Southern Indian cooking at the moment. However there's something about the way she writes that you do get a real feel of how it is supposed to taste - if that makes sense. And even if if it hasn't got the authentic flavours, it still tastes fantastic and flavoursome to me. I might not have great knowledge of SIchuan food but I like to think I know what flavoursome food taste like (my mother is Vietnamese and an amazing cook).

Some of the dishes are really simple. For example, poached chicken with a variety of sauces. The simplest being I think just chilli oil and soy sauce - i'm a fan of the bang bang chicken. She describes the ingredients really well so you understand what it is and what you're looking for in the grocery store. My partner is an inexperienced cook - this was the first real regional cuisine he's ever tackled and we haven't got the whole wok breath thing tackled either - but he's making fantastic stuff thanks to this book.

Apr 13, 2012
orchidalbion in Home Cooking

Cork, Dublin, Inverness, Edinburgh, Newcastle

If you're having lunch in Ondine, you can walk across the road and a few steps down the street to the Bow Bar for drinks, lots of whiskies, great beer - lots of info about it on the web - unless of course you're specifically going to Leith, I haven't been in Kings Wark Pub but on reputation its more famed for its breakfasts and food (though I'm sure its nice)

Apr 03, 2012
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Eating Itinerary, May 2012

A tip for Garden of Cosmic Speculation is that there's long queues to get in depending when you get there, so make sure you get a toilet break in beforehand otherwise its portaloos! And you park in a field, so in case its wet, make sure you've got shoes you don't mind getting muddy in.

Mar 23, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Edinburgh on Sundat

best chance of mingling would be in a pub, though the locals may be staring spaced out at the football!

stockbridge doesn't get many tourists, bailies is an old fashioned pub, hectors is more of a modern pub/bar



Stockbridge tap opposite hectors is a friendly pub, though i don't think they sell food these days. If you're on a cruise will you be in Leith? Plenty of pubs around there - i'm not so familiar with the area, king's wark is a pub known for its food, the malt shovel next door used to at least serve stoves

Leith and Stockbridge are a bit like communities in themselves - village like has been the term applied to stockbridge - the locals are different in both and from pub to pub! - so you might need a tour of Edinburgh to get representative sample of what the locals are like.

Mar 23, 2012
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Eating Itinerary, May 2012

I would agree, you've got so little time and so much lovely unique lovely scenery to experience (not that I'm biased) loch lomand is not the best Scotland has to offer in terms of scenery - would it possible to stop at loch lomand for lunch and stop overnight somewhere prettier, past fort william for example - or to take the above recommendations around Port Appin? I find restaurants in Oban poor value for money, lunch for me would be spent given the weather on the benches next to the seafood shack on the pier (the green one) and eating whatever takes your fancy from there - hot smoked salmons, crab legs, crayfish tails etc. Or fish and chips!

If you take the recommendation of going home over rannoch moor, a nice stop is Balqhuidder at the Mhor tea room, it can be a bit of a fight for service as its teeny and a gorgeous location, meaning it can get busy,


I would agree with the don't bother about Rhubarb, you're paying for the special occasion vibe not the food. Make dinner the Kitchen and lunch - well depends your mood.

I would add my voice to the roads, there are bits that are rather wyndy and hard to overtake which can be exhausting in itself if you're stuck behind a bus or a slow driver who speeds up on the fast bits.

Have a wonderful time.

Mar 21, 2012
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Good eats in Oban, Scotland

Rest assured seafood shack still open - no sign of closing! Would agree that Oban is rather poor value restaurant wise. The seafood shack has picnic tables next to it for eating just beware of the gulls.

Jun 16, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

A week in St. Andrews

To add to the above, this farmshop has just opened up just outside the town - I haven't yet tried yet


Fisher and Donaldson is a Fife institution, I'm rather partial to a custard slice or fudge donout and its the season for strawberry tarts, also the place to go for chunky oatcakes if that's how you like them


Peat Inn - booking is best option

Jun 09, 2011
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Glasgow: food shopping...where?

I see, sorry i didn't mean to sound pedantic, but it was in case you were a follower of things like the Fife Diet - which might be something you want to read about - they were in the media a bit, so mentioning that famous cheeses in Scotland includes Dunsyre Blue would have been a bit pointless! Keep an eye out on pick your own fruit as well, its coming to strawberry season and a trip Fife/Angus/Perthshire to worship at the home of soft fruits might be of interest. Raspberries come in a bit later and some farms also do things like Tayberries and Goosberries. Also try this website for an overview of what Scotland has and when.


May 18, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Glasgow: food shopping...where?

This is a massive chinese/asian store - i think you can easily get the bus to it


I don't know Glasgow that well but a wander up and down Byres Road might be worth your time, I think there's a couple of good delis and a good grocers - somebody else could better advise you, there's also a Waitrose which has British asparagus and rhubarb for cheap at the moment, the season is short so best stock up.

Not sure what you mean by local food - local to Glasgow, Scotland or UK? We have great cheese in Scotland, I believe there is an I J mellis in glasgow for an expensive introduction, Waitrose has an okay cheese counter for a cheaper option.

Find your nearest farmers market for local food or farm shop, there's a lot of them about these days.
This website will give you a starting point, also on here I think they list producers so you can get a feel of who local producers are and where they live in Scotland


Edinburgh has several taste of.. festivals with local suppliers setting up stalls and local chefs cooking - presumbably Glasgow has them as well, here is an example of one - I don't know what they're like as I'm not good with busy places but it could be a start to get a feel for what's around


There are plenty of health food shops around, you'll just need some internet searching to find out where they are - if there's anything you can't find in there like teff flour then search online for delivery.

There's a lot of real ale breweries in Scotland if you're interested, there's here which is one of the few bars that brews its own beers


The List at the moment has an Eating and Drinking guide which could help you find places to eat and drink - just read between the line with their reviews as they're never mean or critical about thing. They have a website and sometimes do articles about food suppliers, worth a browse in their archive for starters.

Local game is a great thing but I think you'll be away before it starts - here's a link to what's available when


For local seafood (if local means Scotland) try hand dived Scallops, langoustines and rope mussels, samphire for starters.

Hope this will be enough to keep you occupied for starters, I'm sure somebody will give you the name of specific shops and places.

May 18, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Loch Ness, Isle of Skye and Edinburgh-- Recommendations Please

I'd precisely agree - Oban is 3 hours away and still a way from loch ness - the most direct route from Edinburgh to Oban doesn't take you through glencoe, if you're keen to go the glencoe way to loch ness and take the route through callender (M9, A84,A85, A82) then an alternate option to Mhor mentioned above is their tea room in Balquidher, an easy stop of the road in a pretty location, beware its tiny and can be totally packed - the service is great but they've got too much to do - if you want to stop earlier Mhor also have a fish and chip shop in Callender which is an hourish from Edinburgh - I don't know if its any good, you could take some out and eat by the river


Of you go the most direct route to lochness via the outskirts of Cairngorms national park then Dunkeld could be a pretty place to stop, there's tearooms in town

Or before that after the Forth Road bridge there's this place, which is a pretty location to stop

http://www.lochlevenslarder.com/ or you can pick up some food here (i think you can buy food here, make sure you double check which junction to get off, i had a bit of trouble last time) and weather being nice you could stop by the side of any loch that takes your fancy and have a little picnic. The route northwest from Edinburgh whichever way you go is stunning and you'll want to stop all the time.

for glencoe itself I've heard of this place but again I've never stopped


For Oban, I'd agree with Coast and Seafood Temple - not sure if they do lunch and don't know if they have their summer opening hours yet, the Seafood Shack on the pier is also great.

May 11, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Where can I buy red chard in Fife?

I've never heard of ramps - had to google what it is! I'm guessing its not made its way here yet. As for red chard, i googled red chard fife and came up with this


Have a chat with the people at Pillars of Hercules and other farm shops. If its a farm shop only type thing then it will only be around in season which I don't think it is yet.

May 04, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland

Loch Ness, Isle of Skye and Edinburgh-- Recommendations Please

Be aware that the Anstruther Fish Bar can involve a quequing time of half an hour, if you're interested in this area depending on your interests and if you have a day/half day (depending on sailing times) from Edinburgh to spare, the Isle of May could be a nice trip to see thousands of seabirds including puffins. Sets out from Anstruther. Touristy in the daytripper sense rather than the international tourist sense it seems.



Pillars of Hercules, organic cafe and teeny farm shop on a working farm is nearby and in the grounds of an estate with nice little walks in it all the way to the Lomond Hills or the cute historical village of Falkland, if you want something homey and out of the way. Always busy, can't tell if they're locals, Fifers or daytrippers - I'm guessing a mix - again depends on your definition of local/ touristy, most nice places has daytrippers and is therefore are not purely local. The cafe is a wooden building so it defintely ticks that box.


Apr 13, 2011
orchidalbion in U.K./Ireland