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Is Drinking Shower Water Bad?

Thought of listing it, but didn't know if enough have to be relevant. –Well water The best (Tested, often), all of us should be drinking it that's why it exists. The farther away from nature, in everything, the more harmful. Snow run-off: isn't, anymore, automatically safe; chemical industry far too powerful/ widespread, e.g., polar bears: found to have Teflon in their blood. --They ain't using "non-stick" pans
so how did it get there.
-"If you can't reheat tap water to cook..." --"RE-heat" was the point. --Don't re-heat water, use COLD --once, fresh for each use.
-"PUR --a filter?" --You didn't bother finding out --before you bought it or now, even with the link info??? I did. Answer: depends on which model; if you bought: "Aesthetic Effects" filter --nope.
-Dentists, new immigrants, builders, migrant workers: supposed
to be following EPA-mandated laws. --Ditto: every household, but oh oops dead batteries just got tossed into garbage; oh oops cleaners just dumped some Tetrachloroethylene. --Maybe when they leach --into ground water, it won't be ground near your home.
-"…water...throw out all my shampoos and makeup too, probably, and lotion, and deodorant...” –FDA was bought off from testing ANY personal care products, in 1930s. Keep the carcinogen-inducing ones you like, just don't go whining looking for 'why me' sympathy when those 'do the job.'
If a topic doesn’t please you –you want it removed –and Nobody else
should read it??? That’s pretty “Off with her head” Queen of Hearts, lol. –I think eating pig parts is diz-gusting, should I attempt to get CHOW pig parts ref's off the site --the web??? Here’s a bit of magic: if you don’t like this/a topic Don’t > and SURPRISE –page WON’T open! Problem Solved.
~ potter
lol, Amen.

People Think Somebody must be watching/wouldn’t allow toxins in consumer products…

To “crap/no big deal/not worth worrying” about: “small amount” of in lead-laced water—daily + “small amount” of toxins -growth hormones -carcinogenic dye in cattle fed pesticide-laced corn + “small amount” of toxins in milk/dairy –chickens –fish –fruit, produce –WHO is keeping track?

Before 1973: breast –testicular cancer in those under age 40 was so rare, considered an anomaly. Now, after chemical industry got better/best lobbyists: 20 -30-something women fear breast -cervical cancer for good reason; US has highest rates of cancer on the planet. Oh well. Forget it, kick back with a “diet” soda –water, artificial flavor, “sweetened” by three neuro-toxins, aka: aspartame, so lethal criminal to be on the market. –But just one won’t kill you, it’s cumulative, takes lots till a child gets inoperable brain tumor, unknown before “diet” gum –ice cream –candy –soup –J-ello –frozen dinner appeared,1983.

In California: municipal water utility in your area is required to give you test results showing what is contained in water they supply to you, free, once a year.

Until you add certified filter to all taps: run tap water until no odor, clear before using. Or don’t.

Feb 24, 2009
Poppy8sd in Features

Is Drinking Shower Water Bad?

You peeps are funny. (good giggle)

Ever feel drowsy when you get out of the shower? --Think it's just the 'hot water'? Most harmful thing a person can do in the home? Seven minutes in a hot shower. I have several thousand hours into water research. "Solder" --only one thing to consider.

Tap water --any tap anywhere: contains 13 EPA-mandated toxins in municipal water in the US. --Two of those: form a lethal toxin in storage, as in sitting in reservoirs, exposed to sunlight -waiting for use.

-Hot shower: toxins forced into the skin
-Cooking, shower --All taps (--drawing municipal water): Attach filter --CERTIFIED to international standards; find approved one: (--not national science foundation, the other "nsf"); screens heavy metals -VOCs -parasites -toxins
-Cooking: NEVER re-heat tap water, binds the toxins --more lethal
-Restaurant glass of water: if it isn't filtered, ask for a lemon wedge, squeeze juice into glass
-"Brita": NOT a filter
-Bottled water: tap water --but 100 to 1,000% more expensive; FDA LOWERED the standards to those of EPA, in 2003, despite my letters to 17 influential people who Should have stopped it, and protests to FDA, all ignored; bottled water: biggest sucker purchase going. --Hilarious --to see gym snobs sloshing --not so funny to see the poorest in the US, ignorant they are getting ripped off, but keep on going to the DIRTY/parasite-laden machines to fill up anyway.

Feb 23, 2009
Poppy8sd in Features

Sing a Song of Trader Joe's

I kow something of TJs 'habits':
a.) I didn't realize I was "hooked" until, following long-standing practice: I went to buy another of an opened frozen vegetable shu mai package.

Not just "out" but Gone...forever. Pursued it up the chain till I found out buyer set a quota ('price on its head'): 5,000 units --per store --per WEEK. It 'moved over' for 'something new' when it failed to reach those sales. POOF. Sheesh I was/am annoyed --still miss it, rather resent TJs not stocking things we get fond of/used to. My Get Even: I NEVER buy whatever they're cooking --ever, even if it's delish.

b.) A colleague purveys to TJs and when I created a new food he clued me to some of the specs/difficulties I would have if I sold to them. When they wanted product Under my COST I decided:
skip retail /skip mass production /sell directly to existing clients (restaurants, hotels, casinos).
Worked out fine; I retained creative control, my chefs got something unique, original; had the market to myself --till they sent samples to their friends across the country, it got wildly popular --copied in cheap retail versions (as I expected) and I got out.

Lucky there's any thing tasty, affordable at TJs.

Feb 23, 2009
Poppy8sd in Features

Looking for Citron

Depending on your location, Surfas is good idea, though they are in Culver City. This is one time of year citron should be easy to get at:
-Von's --look on displays above fresh produce section
-Smart & Final
-Whole Foods
-Bristol Farms
Only other thought: health food store, like Quinn's

But: if you are doing the work of making bread Why not
-scrape peel of some lemons (without the pith/white),
-make syrup --sugar & water, boiled
-gently steep the rind, till covered
-place sugared peel on parchment to dry and Viola! --Hmmm?

Dec 21, 2008
Poppy8sd in Los Angeles Area

Best butcher to buy a prime rib

Costco??? --A discount national chain that sells speed-slaughtered beef --offers it in "PRIME" grade??? Anyone is free to believe anything they want, it's a free country.

What I know: with the most powerful lobby in the US, beef industry has prevented ALL meaningful changes for 107 years; they screwed with the grades, again, about 15 years ago. USDA is impotent --in any/all things --changing practices, recalls, grading, etc.; that's how they get away with feedlots--force-feeding CORN to cattle, beef loaded with hormones & anti biotics, and speed-slaughtering --even tainted beef CANNOT legally be ordered recalled, thanks to their lobbyists.

TRUE Prime rib is reserved for hotels and some restaurants; the only retail place I know of that has access: Marconda's Meats, in Farmer's Market, one of the last butcher shops left in LA. My family has shopped there for over 45 years. I suggest you call 1st, order ahead. They're fun to talk to, ask for advice.(They will do any meat in any cut, especially nice for traditional dishes, and following long-ago recipes.)

Whole Foods: not Prime grade, IMO, vastly over-priced, near-tastless.

Dec 21, 2008
Poppy8sd in Los Angeles Area

Afternoon Tea, downtown

I'm blocking out the year --the stolen car --the economy, etc., etc., and going to Celebrate my birthday. Need help: for part of celebration I want Best Afternoon Tea and the 'specs' are:
-HAS to be downtown LA (no car)
-has to be: Monday service

I've searched; can't find week-day Afternoon Tea. I want it to be De-lish, elegant, special --don't care what it costs (truly). Harp or other music and fireplace would really do it for me. For reference: I've had Tea at Huntington Hotel, BH Hotel, Four Seasons (excel.), Bev. Wilshire, and many others, around the world, but none downtown LA. Got a great rec? Please post! Thanks.

Dec 20, 2008
Poppy8sd in Los Angeles Area

Fish market near silverlake

Fish King, is ok, I guess. Don't have time to search exact name, but

best secret in town for fish: Thai market on Melrose, north side, about 1/4 mile west of Vermont (--west on Santa Monica /south on Vermont / right/west on Melrose). Not only fresh fish (lots are live/you choose from tank), but costs significantly less than mark-up of any other place, such as shellfish. --Thais are very picky; known this market for 12 years. Also excellent for: Thai spices, banana leaves, coconut milk, et al. It's family-owned, 1st son, manager, is an exec. chef (smart, nice one). Highly recommend. (I used to have a spice biz; some things are only avail. from them)

Dec 20, 2008
Poppy8sd in Los Angeles Area

apple cider for Thanksgiving?

I'm a resourceful cook who had a spice biz, so here's some ideas:
-call Bristol Farms mkt
-call a health food store, like Quinn's
-use TJ's unfiltered apple cider vinegar, add turbano (natural cane, granulated) for sweetner
-call office of Farmer's Market, on 3rd: see if anyone is offering bottled and if not see if any has a source/supplier
-call vegetarian restaurants, see if any will sell you some
-call Ralph's, Von's suppermarkets in high-end neighborhoods

If you can't score with any of those: change the recipe or the menu --cuz there isn't time to go the distance to our apple orchards --which DO have it.

Nov 26, 2008
Poppy8sd in Los Angeles Area

What can I do with a dollop of creme fraiche?

Naw, none of those! In a hurry to find a Thai restaurant that delivers, but I stopped in to say:
Best Thing for creme fraiche, my All-time fav snack:
open a Mejool (can't find the sp) date (--that's the very large one)
remove the pit
with a tiny spoon, e.g., 1/4 tsp, force the creme into the slotted opening
small bites, try not to become sexually aroused(!)

This is SO good, wish I had some Now.
BTW -best to purchase the dates from a farmer's market --in season, not from Trader Joe's (my 2nd home) --they chill the dates, growers know better
-Do not chill, kills the flavor
-Doesn't taste nearly as good with small/regular dates
Elegant, special thing for holidays, a party --very attractive visually, with a bit of creme out the end.
Bon Apettite

Nov 02, 2008
Poppy8sd in Home Cooking