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Reading Terminal Breakfast

I have been disapointed with breakfast at Down Home Diner a couple of times. Pancakes are supposed to be cooked all the way through. You can do better with the other suggestions many have made here.

May 11, 2012
lancastermike in Philadelphia

Finer dining in Lancaster

Should be noted that Rosa Rosa is now closed. Out of business. Never happy to see anyone close but this place deserved it.

Rosa Rosa Cafe & Bar
1040 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

Oct 24, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

seven springs resort

We went to Out of the Fire Cafe and it was wonderful. What is this place doing here? It was really very nice. Highly endorse this place. I had a veal chop special that was perfectly cooked. Service also very good. Just did not expect to find something this nice at that location

Out of the Fire Cafe
3782 State Route 31, Donegal, PA 15628

Aug 17, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

seven springs resort

Have to attend a conference at Seven Springs. Is there anything worthwhile any place near it. it seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

Aug 12, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

woodstock VA anything at all?

Through no choosing of mine I will be spending a weekend in Woodstock VA.

Is there anyplace there worth going to for any type or style of food?

Fast food and chains are all I have been able to locate

Many thanks

Jul 07, 2011
lancastermike in Mid-Atlantic

Finer dining in Lancaster

You could easily walk to the Loft on Orange St. Maybe it is not fine dining but La Cocina just up King Street is real good food.

Apr 23, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Finer dining in Lancaster

I would get down on my knees and beg you NOT to go to Rosa Rosa. Don't do it,don't do it.

Apr 23, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Lancaster: Hershey Farms or Dienners?

Don't go to Hershey Farms. Please don't go there. Dienners is the far better choice

Mar 23, 2011
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

JoBoys in Manheim

All lovers of BBQ need to go here. By far the best Q I have had in this area. Real wood smoked meats, they use pecan wood, sauces are a NC vinegar sauce and a Memphis style red, neither of them cloyingly sweet. Sides are southern style as well. Cornbread without sugar and cole slaw made with vinegar.

They also are brewing there own beer. The beer is good the Q is better. The owners are former competition BBQ participants. This right in the center of Manheim in the old Summy House hotel.

Not shilling, I have nothing to do with the place other than to say it is great. I recommend the sampler plate, half rack of ribs, some pork, brisket and chicken.

Sep 26, 2010
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Cork and Cap Lancaster

I also had a less than happy experience here. I believe it may be due to all the row houses in the area

Aug 02, 2010
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Restaurants / PA LCB / distributors – how does this work?

The LCB does not deliver. There are location for licensees to pick up their orders. If they get them at the regular store they do NOT receive their discount. BEER distributors deliver to restaurants and bars, but only beer.

Apr 27, 2010
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Weekend Eating in Lancaster, PA

Good list provided, avoid Issacs though. Love rachels and alleycat.

Apr 02, 2010
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Revere Tavern - Paradise, PA

Not in several years I regret to report. The food here was very good, the best to be found in the area by far. i worked with he fellow who was the chef and they did good work. He is no longer there but I know it is the same ownership. I think worth a try, but I won't and can't speak to how things are these days.

Apr 02, 2010
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

rye whiskey

living up here in Pennsylvania I am planning a little trip over the Mason Dixon Line in search of rye whiskey. Lots of places carry Pikesville but I am looking for some Rittenhouse. Maybe in the Hunt Valley - Cockeysville-Timonium area?


Leff chronicles site sale

It's nice to see that though Jim tells us how he suffered, his ego has escaped fully intact

Mar 04, 2009
lancastermike in Site Talk

Cheap eats Clearwater

I was at Lenny's on Friday morning, did not wait for a table, the food was great and the staff was a scream. It helps if yo are a Phillies fan, but Lenny's is great

Mar 02, 2009
lancastermike in Florida

Central PA Mag Restaurant winners

What it tells me is that nobody should take this list as an indication of the best places. It tells me that some places try to gin up votes. And if you would believe these ratings, it would tell you we are in deep deep trouble for decent chow. If Fiorentio's is the second best Italian place we need lots more Italian places. Lyndon Diner the best diner? man, we are in deep trouble if that's true. Barny's Grill? Puh-leeze.

Mar 02, 2009
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Grapenut ice cream in Lancaster area????

I have lived around lancaster for 50 years and never seen it. Not only that I have never even HEARD of it. Id this ice cream with grape nuts cereal? Sounds strange to me

Mar 02, 2009
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Dining near Westin Philadelphia

Nodding Head Brew Pub is just a couple block away on Sansom St and of course, matyson is just down the street as well. Davio's steakhouse is within spitting distance just down the block on the corner

Feb 11, 2009
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Yardley, Newtown area ...where to find Everclear 151?

buy the 180 and dilute it with a little pure water, should give you the desired proof and won't effect the final product.

Dec 17, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Looking for good restaurant near Harrisburg / Hempfield

I live in lancaster and all I can say is good luck. This event is a real mob scene and traffic and all area restaurants are overrun with soccer player. The fast food places are packed. Thousands upon thousands of pizzas are sold.

Please do not expect a whole lot of pleasant dining in the area of the games. And give yourself lots of extra time on the road.

Nov 20, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

If You Had One Minute with Obama, What Would You Say?

Will you be appointing Jim Leff to the cabinet and why not?

Nov 18, 2008
lancastermike in Features

Restaurant recommendations near Rittenhouse Square for anniversary?

Tinto and Matyson are great in the Rittenhouse area. matyson is BYOB

Sep 08, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Airport Layover/ Best Philly Cheese or Roast Pork?

I once had a cheesesteak at the airport marriot and it really was pretty good. Much better than I had expected. Tony Lukes is the place to go, but if time does not permit, try the marriot

Aug 19, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Outstanding ethnic, Harrisburg/York/Lanc area?

How about Lemon Grass Thai? Villebru Famliy Restaurant? Brothers and Sisters? Mo"Bay Cafe? Taj Mahal? All in Lancaster and that's just off the top of my head. The Dominican place on South Duke, You need to get around a bit befor making the kind of statement you did.
Lancaster ain't SanFransico, I agree. There is not the kind of Chinese place you are looking for here that I know of.

Aug 12, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Best Buffet in Lancaster Area

Zinn's is long since gone, replaced by a series of less than impressive places. The park is kaput.

Jul 17, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Multi Restaurant gift card for Manheim/Lancaster, which to pick?

I agree that out of that list I would choose Quentin tavern

Jul 10, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Doneckers - still open?

They are certainly in the process of closing. last I heard they were serving lunch only and that may have changed. I would call before going.

Jun 26, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Dining in Lancaster

lancaster has more than chains

Jun 24, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania

Dining near Clipper Stadium

Our favorite place to eat before games is the Alley Kat on James street just a couple blocks from the ball park. Mostly a bar type place but very good food and stuff for kids to eat as well. Only negative is even in the non-smoking section you will get smoke from the bar crowd.
The Brick Yard is just down Prince from the stadium and has the typical sports bar food. They do have a complete smoke free section which is a plus and have always seen kids there.

Either of these places are a quick walk from the ballpark

May 29, 2008
lancastermike in Pennsylvania