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Beach Pit BBQ- Tustin

As a long time Tustin resident and Q affecionado I was delighted when Beach Bit opened. At last, I thought, that there might be a good BBQ joint in my own back yard. Maybe one day, but Beach Pit ain't it. The bland, greasy food served here is a far cry from anything resembling real BBQ. Disappointing and overpriced is the best I can say for this place.

Jul 11, 2008
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Orange County: your list of current top steak houses?

How did Lone Star get on this list!? Steakhouse - Yes. Good steakhouse - No! Of the others, almost all are chains and overpriced. Two real steakhouses in Orange County that offer top quality steak at reasonable prices are Stubrick's in Fullerton and Sevens in Tustin.

Go to Stubrick's cause its funky, raucous and old school no-nonsense. You'll be eating in the back of a bar, but you'll be eating a great steak.

Go to Sevens for a more upscale experience. They offer a broad selection of steaks plus more sophisticated fare in the way of appetizers and desserts.

Jan 03, 2007
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find a Great Torta in Anaheim/Tustin Area?

Having lived in Mexico, I've developed a serious addiction for Tortas. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a place in Anaheim/Tustin area that does a good job on these.

Any recommendations for TORTA specific places will guarantee my immediate pilgrimage and my forever gratitude if it turns out to be the holy grill (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

Dec 15, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

The Catch in Anaheim is closing

This may be old news to some of you, but it just came up on my radar. The Catch is closing in January 2007. Developers have bought the property and are building apartments on the site. A shame that one of OC's good eateries bites the dust.

Sep 15, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Date spot in Orange County?

Here are a few places where the atmosphere and service is as entertaining as the food.

Hush, Laguna Beach, uber-hip, interesting menu, awsome patio view, go be among the beautiful people
Cafe Zoolu, Laguna Beach, crazy good seafood, jam-ass packed most of the time with Lagunatics, make reservations
Tapas, Irvine, catch the Flamenco show
Agora Churrascaria, Irvine, dont eat for a week before you go, you'll need the room
Shushi Wasabi, Tustin, sit down, shut up, eat what ever the chef puts in front of you

Sep 07, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

New to Orange County - where to eat?

Orange County offers lots of great places to chow down

Greek: Christakis, Tustin
French: La Vie en Rose, Brea
Armenian: Zankou Anaheim
Steak: Sevens, Tustin
Persian: Caspian, Irvine
Barbeque: Lucille's, Brea (nice) or Burrell's, Santa Ana (super funky, but great)
Sushi: Sushi Wasabi, Tustin
Indian: Haveli, Tustin
Cuban: Habana, Costa Mesa
Brazilian: Agora Churrascaria, Irvine
Mexican:Alamende's, Laguna Beach (fine Mexican, not your average beans and rice joint)
Seafood: Claes, Laguna Beach
Sunday Brunch: Ramos House, San Juan Capistrano

Sep 07, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Catal in Downtown Disney review (Orange County) [Moved from Calif board]

We've been to Catal twice (4 months apart) and both times the service was shabby. Noticing how other tables were faring I'd say this was the norm on the evenings we were there.The food, when it arrived, was well prepared. My impression was that the servers simply couldn't have cared less. I feel the same as ChristianZ. Give'm a couple of chances. In most cases bad service is just a hiccup. At Catal it was consistant - bad.

Sep 07, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Dinner between San Diego and Anaheim

Restaurants in this area are not known for thier view unless they are on the coast. I can recommend Claes at the Hotel Laguna for both a spectacular dinner and view. It is a very modern, elegant setting right on the beach, offering exceptional seafood. They have a respectable wine list. If the weather is right, sit on the patio for what is probably the best Southern California dining around. Don't even think about parking in Laguna, use the valet at the hotel. Its comped by the restaurant.

Sep 01, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area

Haveli in Tustin

I go to Havali often for lunch and dinner. It is truely one of the better Indian restaurants in OC and as yet an undiscovered gem. If it is any indication, it rates at the top of the list with almost all of my Indian friends. Well worth visiting and well worth your support.

Aug 24, 2006
Tatter in Los Angeles Area