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visiting DC

Yes its still open, fantastic, and cheap. I went for dinner Friday before last. It was busy even at 8. I recommend the pickled mango beef and the vegetarian dishes, even if you are an avid carnivore. The sour mustard tofu is a revelation.

Looking for cooking classes

Sur La Table at Pentagon City has regular classes. Also Saran, the Indian restaurant at 5157 Lee Highway in Arlington, does Indian cooking classes from time to time on an ad hoc basis. You can call and see if they have any planned in the near future.

McClean, VA - Nice Restaurant


I would agree that Woo Lae Oak isn't the best Korean in the area (you'd have to go to Annandale for that). But I wouldn't go so far as to say it isn't good. Its probably better than 99% of Korean restaurants in the country, but it just so happens that many of those top 1% are also in this market, so Woo Lea Oak suffers in the comparison. Westernized? Sure. But I've found it to be reliably good, particularly as an introduction to Korean cuisine.

As far as smelling like grilled meats, this could be a concern. I've never found the smell to be particularly strong, but if there are sensitive diners and this would be a big problem then its probably best to go elsewhere.

McClean, VA - Nice Restaurant

Woo Lae Oak in Tysons has upscale Korean and would come in right under your price point (depending how you order). Some of the dishes might be outside the comfort zone of a non-adverturous eater, but there are crowd pleasers too. The steak they grill at the table is hard to beat and would be very accessible to even someone with a limited palate.

Need Vegetarian or non-red meat options in Baltimore

I would recommend Helmand at 806 N. Charles St. Its a Afghan place with a lot of good vegetarian options.

Best Value for Open Table's November quasi-restaurant week?

Oops. Its not actually restaurant week, just an Open Table deal, but a lot of places are participating and it looks like a mini-restaurant week. I updated the original post. Thanks.

Lemon Digestif

wow, that was fast. Thanks.

Nov 07, 2008
klaus in Recipes

Lemon Digestif

Do you steep this at room temp, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer?

Nov 07, 2008
klaus in Recipes

Unique Eats in DC

Dukem is where I usually go for Ethiopian. I went to Meaza for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I found their vegetarian sampler on par with the sampler at Dukem.

Best Value for Open Table's November quasi-restaurant week?

I'm trying to decide on a lunch and dinner for Open Table's quasi-resturant week from Nov 17-21. Here is a link to the deal:

At the risk of posing too broad a question, does anyone have any recommendations on where to go for the most bang for my buck?

Ideally I would like to go somewhere where I'll get an experience I wouldn't normally be able to get. So for example, I'd rather not go to a place that already offers a 3 course prix fixe. On the other hand, a place that doesn't tend to dumb things down too much for these types of deals but might otherwise be too pricey would be perfect.

Japanese Robatayaki/Korean BBQ rec?

My favorite place for Korean BBQ right now is Hee Been, and it would be good for a birthday. Its just off I-395 at 6231 Little River Tpke, Alexandria, VA 22312.

At about $27 per person at dinner it isn't cheap, but they have one of the better buffets in the area (korean or otherwise). In addition to all the typical Korean dishes, accompaniments, and the raw meats that they will grill at your table, they have snow crabs, oysters, sushi (made fresh continuously), tempura veggies, udon soups, and other delicacies.

They also have a great menu if you prefer that to the buffet, and if you have a larger party they have private 10 person rooms where you sit around a sunken table.

Ethiopian in DC

In addition to the U Street places I would recommend you consider the 9th street places just around the corner. Two of my favorites are Sheshemene and Zenebach.

The veggie sampler and the lamb tibs at Sheshemene are very good. Address: 1909 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

Zenebach, over on T St. is also excellent, but has a very small dining area. Address: 608 T St NW, Washington, DC 20001.

ISO: Good Tex-Mex in NoVa

Good luck. I moved from San Antonio about a year and a half ago and haven't found decent tex-mex yet.

Its not tex-mex, but the best place I've found is probably La Sandia in the Tyson's Corner Center. I was wary at first because its in a mall and is more upscale ($10-15 entrees), but it does an ok enchiladas verdes and has passable chips and salsa. Its a straight Mexican place so you get black beans instead of refried pintos and you don't get all the greasy goodness of a Jalesco style tex-mex taqueria. But still, its probably probably the closest thing to tex mex around.

Also, I'd recommend against Taqueria Poblano. I've found it even worse than other places in the area.

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

I concur with many of the other posters. The Beef in Beer Broth is mediocre at best. The cumin lamb is excellent, as is the cumin beef. It isn't on the take-out menu, but I really like the fish in spicy broth. The fish is unbelievably tender. I also like the chicken with pickled vegetables. As others have said, it is a nice counterpoint to the spicier dishes.