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Where can I buy Efes beer in Baltimore

I have found it in the past at Dawson's Liquors in Severna Park.

Quick Rec: Inner Harbor, good eats, cigar friendly lounge

We are entertaining an out of town friend who is staying in the Harbor area... we are looking for decent/good food place that has a nice lounge/bar area that we can relax with a nice Habano and a cocktail.

Candidates so far: Capital Grille, RUB, La Tasca, ??? --- preferably no Ruths Chris/Havana Club

Price is not an object but ambience is. Any other suggestions/reviews?

Thanks in advance....

Damn Food Network!!!!

While flicking channels last night we came upon a show about 'diner style turkey dinners'. Dammit, now I gotta have one... any recommendations for the Balto/Annapolis area (other than Double-T)?

Please, folks.. we have a serious hankering for old school comfort food and don't feel like cooking.

Thanks ahead for any input!!