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San Pedro dinner recs?

Hi, some friends and I are looking for a decent place for dinner around San Pedro... our only requirements are that it not be too loud (so we can have a conversation) and NOT Japanese food (one of the friends is not a fan of Japanese food)

Any recommendations?

Great burgers in Glendale?

Do you mean Hamburger Central? If so, I agree on all counts. Corner of California and Central.

Hamburger Central
241 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203

"Chocolate Brunch" at Luna Park

I went on Easter Sunday, the first day they featured the menu.

The French Toast, I thought, was very good, although oddly, it was accompanied by a salad. I was told the chocolate chip pancakes were really good too. The Chiliquiles, though, weren't what I expect in that dish. It seemed way too heavy on chips and beans at the expense of other ingredients, and basically seemed like a plate of chips.

I was told the chocolate mimosas were "weird".

Anyway, it was a cute schtick, but unless I lived in the neighborhood, I probably wouldn't go back.

Grilled Cheese Invitational

I went last year, and it was so crowded it wasn't really worth it, as a spectator. Imagine fighting off mobs of people for an hour in order to get about a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich.

I hear they're charging admission this year, which might help the crowd thing a bit.

Best onion rings in LA...who's got them?

Hamburger Central at the corner of California and Central in Glendale.

Good restaurants with great deals in tough times?

Frida (at least the one in Glendale) actually has decent weeknight specials in the dining area... one night (Tuesday, I think?) is $2 tacos, Monday is something like $3 enchiladas, etc. (sadly, I don't remember them all) And their $2 tacos at happy hour (M-Th at the bar) are pretty darn good too.

I like Frida's food but thought they were overpriced; these specials, though, are definitely worth it.

King Cake for Mardi Gras in LA (preferably Westside)?

You can try Porto's... they had them last year. No idea if they were any good though.

Umami Burger: Two Visits

I went Saturday at lunchtime... got there a bit after noon and it was almost empty (only 1 table occupied) ... we were confused about where to order: at the counter or would they take our order at the table. I think it's usually counter service, but the owner(?) told us he could take our order at the table. So we sat down and he took our order.

I ordered the Umami Burger and my friend had the pork burger. The Umami Burger was great... can't really describe it but it had this great mouth-feel. And it tasted great too. My friend's pork burger was good too. We split an order of fries, which didn't seem like much, but we left full anyway.

By the time we left (around 1:00) the place was full.

All in all, decent burgers, and I'd go back if I was in the area, but I wouldn't make the trip across town for it again.

Best Root Beer

Sioux City Birch Beer, available at Galco's. We had a tasting of root beers, birch beers, and sarsaparillas a couple of years ago and that one came out on top.

Skaf's Grill

Is the Skaf's in Glendale the same restaurant/owner?

philly transplant seeking the best CHICKEN cheesesteak (not beef please!)

I had one of their "chicken works" a couple of weeks ago, and while it was good, it sadly wasn't the same as it used to be.

Am I stuck in a rut at Langers or Smart?

Yeah, I love, LOVE the #19, but I think the key to getting the perfect balance is to remove about half of the cole slaw.

Fredo's Cheesesteaks New Management

Crap. I tried Philly's Best over the weekend and it was nowhere near as good as Fredo's, so I could at least console myself in the fact that Fredo's was still around.

But Eagle Rock? That's even MORE convenient to me than Pasadena was. I'll look forward to that.

Am I stuck in a rut at Langers or Smart?

While I think the pastrami at Langer's is FANTASTIC, I think the #19 creates a certain balance of flavors and textures that can't be beat by pastrami and mustard alone.

Philly's Best - Santa Clarita - For Valley folks - you gotta go

How does it compare to Fredo's in Pasadena?

Fredo's Phillys
720 N Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104

searching for best Monte Cristo sandwich in L.A.

Yeah, hate to tell you this, but Monte Cristos are fried by definition. The french toast sandwiches you're referring to are NOT true Monte Cristos.


Hah. So am I. 6:45.

Have any Chowhound Faves Broken Your Heart

Bashan. I loved Bistro Verdu, and was sad to see it go, but had high hopes for its replacement. Despite other CH'ers raves, I thought the food was barely mediocre, overpriced, and the service was lousy.

I miss the cherry charger from Jamba Juice. Any substitutes?

Have you tried actually asking for it? Although it's off the menu, they still may be able to make it.

Grilled Cheese Invitational: Who had the best sandwich?

I was there with a couple of friends, but we left disappointed as there were WAY too many people for the amount of grilled cheese that was being made. After waiting over an hour, the three of us ended up with a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich each.

I was underwhelmed with the sandwiches I tasted: one was from the "missionary" category, but the texture of the cheese was grainy and it wasn't spectacular. Then we had one with brie in flatbread. I don't really like brie all that much, and it was really messy. The third we had was a sweet sandwich with ricotta, raspberry and white chocolate, among other ingredients. It tasted good, but ricotta doesn't melt all that well.

We didn't stick around for the judging.

It's-It Ice Creams in Pasadena!

Yes, I just noticed them last week at Vons in Glendale (Glendale Ave at the 134)... I guess Vons has started stocking them.

Only vanilla, alas, but that hasn't prevented from buying a box on each of my last two grocery shopping trips.


I'll echo Das Ubergeek in saying that right now is the middle of artichoke season, so you'll see them cheaper than any other time of the year. I saw that Von's had some jumbo artichokes for $1.99 last week.

Best Ice Cream in los angeles????

Yes, those are fantastic, HUGE, and quite a deal.

UFO Ice Cream Sandwichy Goodness?

That said, I've seen them at the 76 station on Glendale Ave & Glenoaks.

UFO Ice Cream Sandwichy Goodness?

That wouldn't be the lobby shop in the 400 N Brand building, would it? Because I bought a few of those there myself. :-)

Nutter Butter

I saw them at Vons in Glendale.... Note that they were on the top shelf (next to chocolate-covered Oreos)... NOT with regular Nutter Butters.

Coupled with the Pavilions sighting above, I'd be willing to guess that you should be able to find them at most Vons/Pavilions.

Philly's Best Opening in Pasadena (Del Mar Station)

I've never tried Philly's Best, but I can't imagine it's an improvement over Fredo's.

720 N Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104

Best Fish 'n Chips in LA?

I was disappointed with Fish King, as theirs is breaded, not battered.

Dinner near Glendale Community College?

Unfortunately, the Great Grill is no more. There's a sign on it that says it's going to become... you'll never guess... a yogurt shop!

New List: Culver City's What Is Everyone Thinking?

I'd have to qualify your Meltdown review by saying that it's not only ordinary, but quite expensive for what you actually get. It's not that hard to make your own grilled cheese, with comparable results, for a third of the price.