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Stoke On Trent - Newcastle area

Don't hold your breath for Chester, for somewhere with so many visitors it is pretty poor. Though it is probably the only SpudULike with a hypocaust. I quite like Chez Jules just inside the north walls, and a recent post said there was a good place in Hoole - but that is a short drive away, depending where you are staying.

Also in the surrounding 'villages' there are smatterings of good food pubs - I would head there rather than stay in Chester - as John has said regularly, you can rarely go wrong with a Bunnings and Price.

However, you can definitely sate any oatcakey desires in Chester at the Albion, Chester's family hostile pub inside the walls, and all their menu is excellent pub lunch food. Just don't order lager there.

about 18 hours ago
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

Sydney Restaurants

Probably the first thing to do would be to look at the many previous posts in response to where to eat in Sydney and put together a shortlist.

Once we understand what appeals to you, we can add some more suggestions.

Pre-Opera Dinner Reservations in Sydney

Melbourne one is still excellent - underrated in my experience

Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne


Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne

Have to wait for them to reopen

Edit: website says closed from 25th, does that mean they are open Tuesday?

Pre-Opera Dinner Reservations in Sydney

I was thinking the Thais because they start early, you could eat at 5 and be out by 6

Pre-Opera Dinner Reservations in Sydney

Did you want something upmarket? If not, I would go for a late afternoon meal at one of the better thais in the CBD, or Spice I Am.

I really like Spice Temple - go for the more unusual Hunanese on their menu. I love the firewater beef.

Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne

Brilliant. Will be there after Christmas.

Is the sushi bar the place to sit?

Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne

Was it OK getting a spot?

Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne

Think it closes tomorrow for a month. Report back on Japan when you get back

Sunday (pub?) meal & Indian dinner help

I was one who commented. The micro neighbourhood (pub plus high rise) looks dodgy, but I'm sure is safe. Doesn't stop me going. I work in Paddington and Heron is always on the list for dinner.

Dec 17, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

Minamishima, Richmond, Melbourne

SOmeone I trust tipped me off to this place, but don't think I can get there before Christmas.

Anyone been (kersizm?)

Harbin - China - Ice Festival 2015

There are two parts to the Festival - the snow sculptures park, and the evening ice carvings. Neither had much in terms of food when I went, but it was towards the end of the season.

Most of the activity in terms of eating is on the main street that runs down from the station end to the river. A lot of Russian food, and Chinese chains.

What does BLD mean?

How can I score a Fat Duck reservation?

Well said. My budget is not such that I consider 1* restaurants ordinary; ordinary is my local cafe. And the higher you go, the more personal it becomes - I don't think 3* restaurants can be compared with each other as they are unique expressions, and so I think it is unfair so somehow rate them against each other.

Dec 11, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

[Birmingham, city centre] Lasan

Oyster (normally 'oyster blade') is a shoulder but that's cut with the grain, so makes it a bit more textured. There's some cartilage in it which helps in moisturising during cooking. It's the rotator cuff muscle.

My father (butcher) often called it butler's steak.

Dec 11, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London

No, its not that kind of place.

Dec 06, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

One night near Marylebone. Dining suggestions please!

Oh yes, the food is really good. The pub is in a sort of dodgy pocket that seems to have resisted the urban renewal of the surrounding area and is pretty quiet. Perhaps its lack of bustle influences that feeling.

Dec 03, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

One night near Marylebone. Dining suggestions please!

It is excellent, but it is in downstairs in a dodgy pub in a pretty dodgy looking area. I am not sure I would describe it as kid friendly.

Dec 02, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland


What previous recommendations on the Board struck you as interesting?

Sydney/Melbroune two days

Your compounding problem is that you are in the expensive parts of the cities - so I have great Chinese/ Vietnamese roast meats near home but it's a thirty minute tram ride. Same with Box Hill (the real Chinatown) - half an hour on the train.

But you could plan your day(s) around an out of town trip if you were interested in seeing other parts of Melbourne.

There are cheap eats in the city, but they are generally Asian and generally high turnover (memorable quote: 'you finish, now you f*** off')

Sydney/Melbroune two days

Australia is a lot more expensive for food than the US, though not as bad as when the dollar was at parity. You can get things for less, but that's not what you want on your holiday unless you are just after food as fuel.

Also remember you don't need to allow anything on top of the menu price (no tipping!)

Sydney/Melbroune two days

Melbourne - lots of choices - just read back over previous Melbourne threads.

Steak - you're looking close to 50 for dinner (for good stuff anyway), its not cheap. Vlados, Charcoal Grill on the Hill. Middle Park Hotel.

Advice on Visiting Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney

Brisbane, I would recommend you try some Korean. It seems to have more Korean food than other cities - not sure why. There are a handful of modern australian restaurants that are really good - but not hugely different from the other cities, so it more depends where you have the time.

Melbourne, you are in a location half way between the City and St Kilda. North of the city will be a bit of a trek.

I'm interested in visiting a farm & have a meal with the locals in Down Under

I'd just search for Farmstay and look for places that have great produce - the SA wine regions, Tasmania, central and northern victoria

Recommendations in Vietnam and Cambodia, please

Just back from Siem Reap: go direct to Wat Damnak. Also really good Japanese in the hotel opposite Lucky Mall. The French place in town is a nice meal for retro colonial and the cognac collection is outstanding.

36 hour layover in Hong Kong -- gastronomic itinerary?

Where are you staying?

Supernormal (Melbourne)

In Lune's case it is the hipster must-have Broadsheet fuelled social media frenzy backed up by an admittedly good product and deliberate scarcity. The northern part of Melbourne has the same phenomenon with filled doughnuts at the moment. Let's see what their business is like in a year.

I have very little tolerance for queuing, so although Charles may think an hour is worth it, I don't think anything is worth an hour....

Where do you shop when you need new cookware or a new knife in London?

The Japanese = single bevel isn't generally true. Some specialist knives (nakiri, yanagi and takobiki) are single bevel, but the less specialist usuba, deba, santoku and gyuto are normally a double bevel, albeit with different angles to a western knife. Deba and gyuto are the style of knife preferred by westerners.

Also, a steel should only be used to realign the edge. To sharpen a knife properly, whether Japanese or western, you need to use sharpening stones.

Back to Phil's main point though, high end Japanese knives can be quite challenging to maintain. The sharper it is, the harder it is to keep sharp. There are plenty of lower level knives from makers like Mcusta.

Oct 30, 2014
mr_gimlet in U.K./Ireland

Supernormal (Melbourne)

Nice croissants, but not worth queuing up an hour for.

Supernormal (Melbourne)

You just missed Philippa Sibley's deconstructed snickers at Prix Fixe last month