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Traditional Chinese Breakfast

Is there anywhere one can get a traditional Chinese breakfast in NoVa (or anywhere else if not in Vriginia)? I mean things like shao bing/you tiao, or fried egg on scallion pancake, hot soy milk w/ condiments, porridge, etc? I would sure love to know.

Best Dim Sum (with the carts)?

I have eaten at both Fortune in Reston and Falls Church and Mark Duck Chang's and was disappointed in all of them. So many of the dishes are fried or deep fried. The dumplings have very thick gummy doughs and cannot be eaten in one bite. The meat tends to be very dense. I lived in Taiwan for awhile and I quess I am always in search of a restaurant that serves Chinese food like it was meant to be. Dumplings should be light, fluffy and small and their should be many more steamed items. One should not leave feeling like they ate a heavy, greasy meal and that is how I have felt at the dim sum places I have eaten at around here.