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The best AUTHENTIC Italian in Toronto?

I haven't been, but Marinella on College Street (former Cucina location) at Grace is apparently quite good.

Sunday afternoon suggestions please

Hi. I'm looking for suggestions for a casual restaurant, downtown-ish (say between Lakeshore and Bloor, Bathurst to Yonge.....just a rough guideline) that can accommodate a group of 12 plus 3 or 4 toddlers on a Sunday afternoon. Food doesn't have to be outstanding, but it would be nice (for me) if it wasn't terrible.

Thank you all in advance.

Deep fried rice balls?

If I recall correctly, Centro di Formaggio on the north side of College between Clinton and Grace should have them.

Pizza Libretto - family friendly?

I was thinking of checking out Pizza Libretto for an early dinner (5:30) with the family that includes one toddler and one infant. The website says anyone welcome (young, old, etc) but is it really family friendly?

Thanks in advance.

best cali chard under $15

Here are some that I drink fairly regularly that are expensive in Toronto and much less so in California;

Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut Chardonnay
Ironstone Vineyards Chardonnay Reserve
I LOVE Cakebread, but it's far too expensive here.
Toasted Head

Mar 07, 2009
dramarama in Wine

best cali chard under $15

My husband is in the Los Angeles area on business and offered to bring home some wine for me. We live in Canada (Toronto) and Californian Chardonnays that sell for $20+ here are sometimes $10 and under there. SO, I'm looking for recommendations on the best inexpensive Californian chardonnays...hidden gems, tried and true, anything!

Thank you all in advance.

Mar 06, 2009
dramarama in Wine

GOOD Turkish Delight?

I had some that was actually not half bad at The Bulk Barn at Leslie and Lakeshore

Pretty cupcakes, and tasty too?

FYI, The Cupcakery is featured in today's Toronto Star

Pretty cupcakes, and tasty too?

I ordered cupcakes for my daughter's birthday from The Cupcakery

They are so girly and everyone found them to be very yummy!!!

Italian lunch today downtown

What about Teroni on Queen West?

Dinner near Cannon Theatre

Beerbistro! Completely forgot about that! Excellent suggestion - thank you : )

Dinner near Cannon Theatre

I'm looking for recommendations for dinner near the Cannon Theater. Something quick, easy, maybe Italian? As for price point, I'm thinking something comparable to Terroni.

iso fresh figs

Great tips!!! Thanks!

iso fresh figs

I don't know when fig season is....I could be way off, but has anyone seen fresh figs in Toronto? I'm willing to travel to get them.

Molasses Hallowe'en candy: Toronto

I love them too! I've seen them at Walmart and at the Bulk Barn.

Restaurants and Bars in the Distillery District

Agree with you with the exception of Perigee. My fav restaurant in Toronto.

little italy

Trattoria Giancarlo on Clinton, just south of College on the east side.

Looking for fun, casual restaurant in the King/Queen West area

Can anyone suggest a fun, casual place for a mid-week dinner in this area. Looking for entrees around $20-30. I'd even branch out to the Dundas, College street areas for anything that fits the bill.

Thanks in advance

Workhorse restaurants near Queen & Bathurst?

My standby - Coco Rice on King just west of Bathurst on the south side.

Girls Night Out Dinner - N. of Eglinton Pref.

What about Grazie? It's always a very lively and fun destination.

Sen5es for dessert/drinks

in the distillery district

Sen5es for dessert/drinks

I vote for Perigee. It is really an outstanding experience, and not just "boring creme brulee". Ask for a table overlooking the kitchen.

Canoe never disappoints and I'm curious about the new chef at Sen5es, but I think for a special birthday celebration, Perigee is your best bet!


Monday night uptown recs

Looking for recommendations around Eglinton/Lawrence and Yonge/Bathurst areas for Monday night. Something casual similar to maybe's been so long since I've dined north of Bloor, I'm embarassed to say I'm quite out of the loop.
Thanks in advance.

30th Birthday Dinner for 15 - resto-bar/lounge?

I've done a couple of birthday celebrations at Habitat and have been thrilled every time! Check out the menu on their website

I also had a great experience at a party for 18 at KiWe Kitchen. No, the food isn't ground breaking, but everyone enjoyed it and the service was outstanding and after a few drinks, no one really cared about the food :


Of course, Laide is ALWAYS a great time too!

Have fun!

Food/Wine Gift Baskets for the LA area

I've posted this in the General Topics section but thought I'd try here too. I'm hoping to get some help from US chowhounders. I live in Toronto, Canada and need to send a really great gift basket (food or wine) to LA. I'm looking to spend about $200 and would really appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you all in advance.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 07, 2006
dramarama in Los Angeles Area

Gift Baskets for the LA area

Hi, I'm hoping to get some help from US chowhounders. I live in Toronto, Canada and need to send a really great gift basket (food or wine) to LA. I'm looking to spend about $200 and would really appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you all in advance.

Happy Holidays!

Dec 06, 2006
dramarama in General Topics

The Ex - eats

Love the roti, the elephant ears and the tiny toms donuts. And of course it just wouldn't be the ex for me without some cotton candy and a candy apple!
Enjoy your visit.

Perigee questions

DH and I are heading to Perigee for our first time and I'm so excited!!

In regards to the wine pairings...first off, do you recommend it and second, approximately how many ounces do you receive per glass?

Also, both of us have fairly healthy appetites and I was wondering about the quantity of food served with the 5,7 and 9 course meals. We don't want to leave hungry as has happened to us with other set menu restaurants.

Thank you all in advance.