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Any good places for lunch near Sunset and La Brea?

I really like Vivoli Cafe for Italian food. Great lunch menu too with stuff around $10-$15. It's on Sunset a bit west of Fairfax

Dec 19, 2008
debstah in Los Angeles Area

Verrazano's Pizza on La Brea

I tried a slice last week and I would agree with nikky's description. It's way better than Village Pizzeria IMO (I had it just a few days before so I feel I can compare directly). I found Village so salty and too cheesy. I just wish Verrazano's had a smaller pizza.

Dec 12, 2008
debstah in Los Angeles Area

Eating the food of a different country every day and I need your help

Le Pain Quotidien is originally Belgian, is it not? I realize they're a chain and have outlets all over SoCal and the world, but it's better than leaving this amazing cuisine out of your endeavor. Also you could cap it off with a trip to a Leonidas shop.

Dec 04, 2008
debstah in Los Angeles Area

Fresh & Easy Coupons Changing in LA & OC [moved from LA board]

bummer, I live alone and spending $20 in one place was possible when I needed a bunch of stuff at once, but I don't think i'll ever need to spend $30 in there.

I've heard they're not making much money and I've noticed even dry goods like chocolate and even canned items that should have really long expiration dates are being marked down to get rid of. I live 2 miles from one and they don't do any promotion at all. I really like the store, I hope they can make it but the way things seem to be going for them... seems inauspicious.

Nov 08, 2008
debstah in Chains

Vivoli Cafe

I love this place. I've had the plain bistecca (steak) and each time it's been wonderful - nice and charred on the outside, tender, and cooked the way I wanted it. I've also had a chicken dish that has tomato, lemon juice, and artichokes, very good. I'm not a tiramisu expert, but I liked theirs a lot and it was a huge piece for the price. I'm not a marinara sauce fan at all, but theirs is so good I'd buy it. They told me they make it every day.

I went with a whole group of people to celebrate something, there were 7 or 8 of us and we all had different things (pastas, panini - it was lunchtime, pork covered in an olive sauce, etc) and everyone loved what they had, so I'd say just go for something that sounds good and ask the staff about their recommendation - they also have specials too.

And for full disclosure, I've only been to the WeHo location. Not sure if they're still doing it but they were a few months ago - if you fill out the little form, you can get a gift certificate during your birth month for $15 off lunch!

Nov 02, 2008
debstah in Los Angeles Area