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Park Ave in Stanton

4 of us had dinner at Park Ave on Saturday night before Easter and we were pleased. We had eaten there before and didn't feel it had gone down hill. The dishes we enjoyed were lamb chops, filet mignon medallions, halibut, and the surf and turf. There is construction going on on Beach Blvd. in front of the restaurant so it's a little difficult to spot the sign when approaching from the North.

Perhaps a stupid won ton soup question...

Whenever I make Won Ton Soup I always just add the potstickers to the chicken broth. I know the directions on the package say to cook them separately but I've never seen a need to do that.

Apr 03, 2007
Audrey_Ekstrom in Home Cooking

Italian food in Huntington Beach

Hate to hear that Ciao's is gone. I too, wonder about Rombi's. Too bad these little independent restaurants can't make it when places like Buca de Beppo and Olive Garden are always packed. I sure can't figure it!

Italian food in Huntington Beach

It's been several years since we went to La Fontana but I remember we were quite impressed. His menu features mostly northern Italian dishes and they were well prepared. I think the only reason we haven't made a return trip is because hubby is more into southern Italian and likes his red sauces and lasagna. We usually go to Ciaos, Rombi's or the little Italian restaurant (can't remember the name) that's in Sunset Beach.

Huntington Beach

I think you are missing some nice independent restaurants in HB. We like Ciao which is a French/Italian Bistro. We also like Catch of the Day where we've had some very good fish. Also Rombi's which is really struggling but the meals we've had there have been excellent. It's true if you're looking for big fancy atmosphere type places with full bars the above 3 places might be disappointing but if you are looking for good food at reasonable prices in a place that's not a chain these 3 are all good.

Dinner Meeting Rooms in OC?

My club is looking for a restaurant to hold dinner meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. We need a private room that will hold around 30 people and we'd prefer somewhere in central OC that isn't very expensive and doesn't charge a room rental fee. We aren't looking for gourmet food, just a casual family-type place that will put on a catered sit down meal for us once a month. Any suggestions?

Ciao Brasserie versus Rombi's in HB

Last night we went to dinner at Ciaos. Two of us had the sea scallops wrapped in New York steak, one had the lobster ravioli and one had the shrimp scampi. We preceded this with caesar salads and followed up with the Mt. Suveus chocolate cake to share. The food was very good. However, when we arrived we were told there wasn't a table available (they don't take reservations) and we could take a seat at the wine bar even though we could see that there was an empty booth. We ordered a bottle of wine and thanks to the bar tender we were finally seated at a very poor table right by the front door. The bartender could see that we were not happy and he suggested we be seated at an empty booth (not the one that was empty when we came in). We placed our orders, had to ask for water, was served no bread of any kind with our salads, had no one check on us throughout our meal except to bring us our food. The empty booth stayed empty during the entire time we were in the restaurant.

In contrast we went to Rombi's last week. They take reservations and when we arrived we were greeted warmly, taken to our table and immediately served water and a very nice bread basket. A complimentary appetizer (bruchetta) was served and our waiter took our order. Every entree comes with soup and salad and we enjoyed the chef's canneloni. The food, wine and dessert were very good. The chef came around and smoozed with the patrons, the staff was very attentive but not overbearing and all in all a very delightful evening.

My question is why is Rombi's struggling so (I don't think he's going to make it) and Ciao's seems to be doing well? It doesn't make sense to me. Both chefs seem to be good. Rombi's menu is more Northern Italian whereas Ciaos does have a few non-Italian dishes. The only advantage that Ciaos seems to have in my opinion is that the room is decorated better. Rombi's is definitely a strip mall whereas Ciaos has tried to make it a little warmer.

Any good eats by Bolsa Chica (in Huntington Beach)?

We've tried the Wok 3 times in the last 3 years. All 3 times the wor wonton soup has been luke warm and the won tons flavorless, with overcooked shrimp (one per person). Our chow mein was warm but the chicken was rubbery. The sweet and sour pork pieces were tough and full of fat. We really want to like this restaurant because it is very close and convenient for us. For now we make do with Kung Pao Bowl on Edinger. It isn't the best but the staff is warm and welcoming and the Mu-Shu is pretty good.

Any good eats by Bolsa Chica (in Huntington Beach)?

The Harbor House was good years ago but it has gotten old and tired. I still go there now and then for breakfast but I certainly wouldn't take a group there for anything other than breakfast. The last time I was there it was none too clean and smelled kind of moldy. They are known for their omelets though and the lines on Sunday morning are long.

I hesitated to recommend anything in downtown HB for a group because parking is usually a nightmare down there unless you go to the valet parking at Duke's or have each individual in the tour pay to park in the parking structures.

Roman Cucina on PCH is only open for dinner. The Wok at Huntington Harbor is awful, I think the House of Brews is also only open for dinner. De Simone's is excellent for sandwiches but I didn't think the OP was looking for a place for take-out sandwiches. Steve's at the corner of Springdale and Warner is a "place your order at the counter" kind of place. After you've placed your order and paid they give you a number placket and then bring your food to you.

Any good eats by Bolsa Chica (in Huntington Beach)?

The pickings are pretty slim in the Bolsa Chica area especially at lunch time. There is a nice Vietnamese restaurant called S at Westminster Mall. It is free standing at the corner of Edwards and Bolsa. Depending on the number of people you have Springdale Bar and Grill might work for you although it is typical American food. It's on Springdale just north of Bolsa. The rest of the restaurants in the area either don't serve lunch or are chains.

Road Trip Review: Napa Rose - Anaheim, CA (w/ photos!)

Nice review! Makes me want to make a reservation immediately. Thank You!

Great Chocolate in OC?

Thanks for the input. I shall take myself off to either Fashion Island or Irvine Spectrum post haste.

Great Chocolate in OC?

My daughter wants an expensive box of chocolates for Christmas and I'm at a loss as to where to begin looking for this. She doesn't mean See's or Helen Grace.

Southeast Asian Fruits in LA

I bought a package of about 10 rambutans at the Vietnamese market at the corner of McFadden and Beach Blvd. in Westminster about 2 weeks ago. I've been told that most of the Asian fruits will be plentiful around the 1st of January in the Vietnamese markets in Little Saigon.

Favorite Pasta Dish

My very favorite is the cannelloni at Rombies in Huntington Beach.