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Canteen (London) - run out of chances

Sounds to me that the prawns were probably not chilled to near frozen but not defrosted enough!

If you dont like canteen then I wouldnt bother with any of the HaHa chain either! They used to be really good but previous visits have resulted in a really bad spicy prawn bruschetta with rocket (which was really some increadibly greasy bread with 3 (!) small prawns on top, buried under a mound of old, saggy, tasteless rocket for a price of £5!!!), a visit for sunday lunch, which took them 30 mins to tell me they had run out of beef only to offer roast chicken, which was served up 1 HOUR LATER as a chargrilled chicken breast (that was so over cooked and tough that it offered me outside for a fight at one point!) limp veg and burnt potatoes, all served cold by which time I was so hungry I ate it anyway, and a bowl of pasta that could only be decribed as served with the water it was cooked in instead of a sauce, oh and a smidgin of cream to add a bit of colour!

Tried them three times.....wont be returning for a fourth!

Dec 17, 2008
hwitten in U.K./Ireland

The Ivy, Covent Gardens, London

I agree...while the ivy is certainly one of those places to go just to say that you have been there the food is somewhat lacking and pricey for what you get. Also, while I understand that restaurants try to maximise their profits, do the tables really have to be so close together? I was almost sitting on the lap of the person at the next table. Every time we wanted to get up we had to move the table out just to be able to squeeze past!

Dec 17, 2008
hwitten in U.K./Ireland


Now here is a good question....

Does anybody know of a really decent Italian restaurant in London? I dont want any of the corporate stuff (Bella Pasta or, even though pretty good, Carluccios etc) or mega Expensive stuff (Locanda Locatelli for example) but really want to find a nice little family run trattoria with checkered table cloths and empty bottles of Chianti holding candles etc

Nov 28, 2008
hwitten in U.K./Ireland

Peanut Butta Cups

thousands of them. they are a british institution!

Thanks for your help!

Oct 31, 2008
hwitten in Recipes

Peanut Butta Cups

I came from england and LURVE peanut butter cups and really want to try making these. However we dont get Graham crackers here (or if we do they are called something different). Could some one suggest where I could get some or an alternative?

Oct 30, 2008
hwitten in Recipes

What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

I am still waiting to find something that the words "Frozen," "Pizza," and "Good," all refer to

Oct 30, 2008
hwitten in General Topics

A Dream Steakhouse

There is a restaurant on Jermyn Street in Piccadilly called "Rowley's" that serves the most amazing steaks served in what looks like an old butchers or fishmongers (with the cracked tiles still on the wall!) The steaks are served on a silver platter with lots of herb butter on top and endless fries. Sounds like an all you can eat restaurant but the silver service, decor etc is of a very high standard

Stay away from the whole american themed place (there is always TGI Fridays/Planet Hollywood type place for anyone who wants that!)

Also check out the Sizzling Pub Co. places. they are better than average steak house although they are still very much part of a large chain!

I think there is a huge opportunity to have a high quality steak house in the uk. Moving away from the whole Aberdeen Angus places (menu, decor and staff still stuck in the 70's....how they make any money I will never know....check out Anthony Bourdains book "The Nasty Bits" where he talks about them!) and moving more towards somewhere that would sell not just rump, sirloin and t-bone but some more obscure cuts like onglet or hanger.

Oct 30, 2008
hwitten in U.K./Ireland

[London/UK] Delivery and mail-order gourmet?

there are loads of good companies to try

Ocado is very good (use them all the time!)

www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk is also very good

www.abelandcole.co.uk are fantastic

www.donaldrussell.com are very good

www.pughpiglets.com are great although they are wholesale

www.seasonedpioneers.com are good for the more obscure spices etc

and www.patchwork-pate.co.uk are great (pates are out of this world!


or for the oriental stuff then try www.wingyip.com (if they dont have it then no-one will!)

Oct 30, 2008
hwitten in U.K./Ireland