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Breast up or down?

i have started to roast a turkey breast side down. the only differance here is that i nuke an orange or 2 and stab it, and place it in the main cavity. when the bottom browns some, i flip it. the breast meat is alwasy moist and flavorful.

Nov 27, 2008
RoseBudd in Home Cooking

Roasted Tomatoes

2 years late, but there is a food mill that can be bought from VIllaware called a Vittiro, or Victorio, forget which name. but it clamps to the counter, has a ramp sort of thing the pulp comes out of and a spout the skin and seeds comes out of. the hopper is fairly large, can easily hold a 1/2 gallon of cooked tomatoes and if you have bushels of tomatoes to do every season there is a motor you can buy, just make sure it is the right model. the only problem i had was the spout end, has a plastic extender that has 3 tabs on it. one of the tabs broke off, for now i am hold it in place with good old duct tape, and no food comes in contact with it. if it isn't there some of the skins and seeds get into the pulp. i could buy a replacement but why bother if they don't replace that spout with another that lasts longer. there are also other screen that can be purchased for berries salsa and pumpkins. i have found this food mill to be about the best i could find for about $125, including the price for the motor, does most of the work and has lasted me 3 years so far, and all other parts are like new. i also like the fact that i can buy extra parts for it. there is another one that i saw that looks the same but that one is stainless steel and costs $750.

Oct 30, 2008
RoseBudd in Home Cooking