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Good Restaurant in Wayne, NJ?

I'll be driving from NYC to Sussex county and this will take me through Wayne.
I'm looking for a restaurant with American Food- cheeseburgers, steaks but also a little beyond - so a few items on the menu that are a little more gourmet.
My travel companion is a plain jane but I like the odd twist here and there.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Oct 21, 2009
mglvernon in New Jersey

Top NJ Cheese Shops

Try Bobolink Dairy- they make their own artisan cheeses and have free cheese tastings.
It's more of a day trip but quite enjoyable.
They are located in Vernon Nj in Sussex County. It's only 8 miles from Warwick, NY where there are a few wineries. Another place to check is Heaven Hill farm market.

The dairy has a website:

Feb 24, 2009
mglvernon in New Jersey

Chinese Food/Japanese Hibachi Sussex County NJ

Hey all-
I'm craving Chinese or HIbachi in the worst way. I've found a couple Chinese Food places that I like but am wondering if there is anything really special here? and also where you would recommend HIbachi?


Visiting Hasbrouck Heights

One thing that comes to mind is Mt Fuji it is a Hibachi and sushi place- this can be pricey but I'm not sure what blow the doors expensive means to you-- You can check out the restaurant menu and prices at:
I have been to Mt Fuji's other location but have always enjoyed it.

Segovia in Moonachie is supposed to be good- spanish:

A small but hopping steak and burger place in Carlstadt is Steve's Sizzling Steaks- Nothing fancy but always busy.

The local greasy spoon- Bendix Diner- I believe was the place of Rosie's Boutny commercials is also not far.

Lastly you are close to Route 17 and it is dotted with chains- outback steakhouse etc.

Good Luck!
Barring that there is a place called Steve's sizzling