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Herb-Rubbed Roasted Turkey Breast

Absolutely fantastic! Used this for our Thanksgiving in Italy where we hosted a large group of people from all over the world--this is how they'll remember the holiday and Thanksgiving. I followed caseypons's excellent advice to let the paste rest on the bird for several hours. I also subbed marjoram for the rosemary and anise for the fennel seeds. Now I just need to convince my family back home to let us use this recipe for future feasts!

Nov 25, 2010
robynschwartz in Recipes

Most (Or Oddest) Ice Cream Flavours?

I tried garlic ice cream at Max & Mina's in Queens several years ago. They have all kinds of wacky flavors, both sweet and savory. It was a little disappointing. I was expecting it to be more of a garlic essence, but it was literally little pieces of garlic sprinkled around vanilla.

Apr 30, 2010
robynschwartz in General Topics

Special Moments with Grim Gruel

Excellent summation to help others avoid a similar fate! I fell for the Warm Delights marketing when my schedule was jam-packed and I didn't have time to bake from scratch. Boy was I disappointed! Gruel it most certainly was! So I not only felt guilty for buying something with all that extra packaging, but getting nary a delight from it.

Sep 23, 2009
robynschwartz in Features

Ultimate Bread Pudding Medium..

We just made a great one using Sardinian flatbread (pane carasau) and Nutella. I'm sure that any kind of flatbread with a bit of thickness would do. It absorbed the liquid very well on the bottom layers and the top was nice and crispy.

Sep 18, 2009
robynschwartz in Home Cooking

Chestnut Gnocchi with Robiola Cheese Sauce

Could this still work if you omit the 00 flour and completely replace with chestnut flour? Gearing up for Passover here!

Apr 02, 2009
robynschwartz in Recipes