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Almond Buns from Koi Palace [Daly City]

I just tried these almond buns from Koi Palace for the first time. I don't know why I haven't tried them before because they are AWESOME!

They are covered in an awesome sweet but crumbly topping with a soft, chewy mochi like (but not as soft as japanese mochi) dough with a slightly thickened almond coconut cream filling. The bottom is browned like it has been baked. Does anyone have any idea how these things are made or at least a Chinese name for the bun? Are these sold at any bakeries like Sheng Kee?

I am trying to hunt down a recipe because I need to eat about a dozen of these bad boys in the privacy of my home.

Picture is from as I did not take one myself and could not stop eating to take one.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

What cheese pairs well with strawberries?

hands down my favorite pairing with juicy ripe strawberries is a triple cream like Brillat Savarian or Delice de Bourbougne or Delice D'Argental or St AGur. But the trick is that they need to be very ripe and only to use the paste - not the rind. If your piece is not the texture of stiff whipped cream, then leave out in a serving dish (cutting off the rind) at room temperature for a day or two. If you have more time - ripening in the fridge works too.

Jan 05, 2013
sillyeatinggirl in Cheese

Best Blue Cheese?

I am loving Caveman Blue by the Rogue boys. But it has to be in good shape. That pretty much applies to all blues and I think that is why I used to not like them - easy to miss handle. I NEVER buy blues without a taste. Excess moisture really kills a blue fast.

Jan 05, 2013
sillyeatinggirl in Cheese

Cheese 101

for a great foundation on cheese composition, milk science - Harold McGee has a good dairy section in his book On Food and Cooking. As a former cheesemonger, if you have a local cheese shop - go in often, set a budget (easy too spend to much on cheese) and tell the monger, and go in during non peak times for the most tastes!

Jan 05, 2013
sillyeatinggirl in Cheese

Love and Offal: My Filipino Food Romance

You had me until: "It fascinates me, Filipino food, the mystery and breadth of it, the strangeness and surprise of it." - kind of reminiscent of imperialism and presumed Euro centric superiority. Filipino food is not "strange and mysterious" in and of itself - just to you. And really as a food professional in the modern age, I'd expect less exoticism of a cuisine

Dec 11, 2012
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Sous vide- I know this has been dealt with a good bit

I like to cook my eggs at 142F for 45 minutes or longer and then toss them into boiling water for 3 minutes to firm up the whites.

Nov 18, 2012
sillyeatinggirl in Home Cooking

What's your favorite way to have cheese and crackers?

I'm Asian and a cheesemonger and lactose intolerant. I can tell you for a fact that being lactose intolerant does not preclude you from enjoying cheese. Most of the lactose is washed away or converted to lactic acid during the cheesemaking process. Indians and Mongolians have a long history of cheese making (paneer and yak cheese respectively). Japan makes wonderful fresh cheeses in the Hokkaido region, and parts of Korea have taken up cheese making. I think in general it is a lack of exposure, proper handling and finding cheese that fit into the Asian pallet - not impossible but requires insight and not the typical "give them the creamy" stuff dogma that most Westerners use for new cheese consumers.

Faux Pas: The Chef Was Texting

an open kitchen is not Bennihana! Watching an open kitchen to me is like watching a ballet... ballerinas don't wave to you when you sit down.

Feb 03, 2012
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Which Bay Area restaurants offer a table side cheese course?

Quince does table side cheese service in the main dining room. Their selection and handling of cheese is very well done. Not table side, Perbacco has a really great cheese program too. Aquerello looks to have a good cheese program though I've never had the chance to dine there. Jardinere's cheese program is very nice though not stellar - they do have interesting accompaniments. Mission Cheese is a casual place that has most of the small production American cheeses available on the market - you can order prearranged cheese flights or jsut pick out a few cheeses on your own to experiment with.

What Holiday Foods Can You Fly With?

soft cheeses like brie, triple cremes and Epoisses aren't allowed past security either

Dec 12, 2011
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Who Says Asian Food Has to Be Cheap?

I'mm a total convert/ fan of Red Boat. As a Vietnamese person, I use fish sauce very liberally and often and this brand is BY far superior in taste. I also like the back story of the fabulous and famous "growing area" for the fish used, small batch processing, aging, etc. All of these things cost money and I am more than happy to pay for it. In fact the mark up of Red Boat vs. standard fish sauces is quite small considering the significant taste difference. The bottles I purchased were (I got the 40N and 35N) definitely under $15 for both maybe even under $10 for both. That was the main reason I bought both - it was not that expensive. That's much less than any extra virgin olive oil I purchase and use as frequently. So I definitely feel that I'm still getting a deal for such a high quality product.

Also, Vietnamese style fish sauce is different than Thai style. And fish sauces are often made from different seafood (squid, crab, etc) that affect the taste - it's personal preference. I personally if other fish sauces eventually become as high quality and nuanced as Red Boat I would be happy to have different bottles made from different seafoods in my fridge for various applications! Bottom line is that not all fish sauces are created equal.

Nov 25, 2011
sillyeatinggirl in Features

ISO good red wine vinegar

I know you are probably looking for something right away but a few years ago I started making my own red wine vinegar from left over dregs of red wine or bottles that I took a chance on and didn't like or old bottles... best vinegar ever - takes a bout a month to get a good acidic base and now I just throw in a half glass every other week. I will never go back to buying red wine vinegar again. But for some reason the white wine vinegar didn't turn out as well.

Best Japanese Curry in SF???

Anyone have a good recipe to make at home? I've tried but can't find the right spice blend/ mix/ recipe.

School Lunch Mockery

I used to pack my own lunches with "weird" things that my friends would be very intrigued by. But since I made it myself I was proud instead of embarrassed. Maybe getting your daughter to be more involved in her lunch making would give her more confidence. Also packing it in a super cute bento style lunch box may help her feel better about her lunch.

Apr 06, 2011
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Happy Hour for a group

***caveat*** I work at this bar!!!!!

Lava Lounge (527 Bryant Street between 4th and 3rd). It's usually pretty slow on Mondays and Tuesdays and has a 20% off everything happy hour from 5 - 7pm. It's pretty nice inside considering the neighborhood is rather run down and industrial but there is usually meter parking unless there's something happening at the ballpark.

The food is pretty good - most people are surprised at the quality of the food. The owner runs a catering business out of the kitchen that does weddings and events at City Hall - so the food is better than people think.

There's a lounge area in the back of the bar with seating. Calling around 4pm with a heads up is a good idea.

Brown Rice and Gai Lan Jook (Rice Porridge)

why wouldn't you use a short grain rice? more starch, more creaminess. The picture looks much more like risotto than jook too. Though that maybe a personal bias of mine since I like my jook more soupy. Looks and sounds good though!

Feb 04, 2011
sillyeatinggirl in Recipes

Grated cheese

there are more aged goat's cheeses that can be grated - maybe he was referring to those? There are several goat goudas, and a few goat cheddars that taste and grate well. I don't think he meant the fresh, soft goat cheese/ chevre.

How Are Nonalcoholic Beer and Wine Made?

At the Fancy Food Show, I tried several non-alc wines from Fre and they were really good. I always thought non-alcs were a waste of time but they have come a long way. I definitely would drink them!

Jul 30, 2010
sillyeatinggirl in Features

8 Things That Will Piss Off Your Bartender

@ToddBradley - as a bartender I can tell you FIRST hand that people USUALLY will not tip extra when it's crowded and want a mojito/ blender drink/ etc. If they did I would make them ALLLLL night for people.

Jun 01, 2010
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Raiders of the Lost Drink

Yes this advice is insane - but I think the joke maybe on all of you for taking it seriously?! I thought the tone was SOOOO far over the top that this was a rhetorical article as it were. Sometimes you guys are too quick to hate!

Sep 02, 2009
sillyeatinggirl in Features

REALLY spicy food in the Bay Area?

"Thai hot" is no joke. I'm used to a way ramped up heat level in Asian foods - my mom is the queen of chilis! But Thai hot is too hot for me - esp. when a Thai person orders it! I

The Basics: How to Sauté Fish with Lemon and Capers

I don't think "swirling" the butter in would be enough - I always take a whisk to it.

May 10, 2009
sillyeatinggirl in Features

Uses for Herbs

I like to throw whatever left over herbs I have into sandwiches. Parsley goes well with everything. Dill goes well with chicken or tuna salads. If you like Vietnamese noodles bowls - mint and cilantro are great in those.

Also I take parsley, chives, rosemary and pretty much any thing else and finely chop them, add garlic, salt, pepper and a GOOD olive oil for a GREAT dipping sauce for bread - way better than olive oil and balsamic.

Oh and if you grow parsley or cilantro - I'm loving making and freezing chimchurri (sp?) sauce!

What Is Chunk Light Tuna?

I actually prefer light tuna - it makes for nicer sandwiches and the meat is less dry than white/ albacore tuna. I think it was more flavor too. And of course I like the less expensive price tag!

May 10, 2009
sillyeatinggirl in Features

suggestions for group dinner or drinks/appy near Moscone Center

I like Ducca - the apps are great for sharing and if the weather is nice they have a great outdoor area. Large wine and spirits list.

50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

I Want to Be Alone

Good topic! One time while seated at the bar with a book AND no eye contact AND a perpetually full beer in front of me, people kept on trying to chat me up. They'd ask what I was reading, etc. I mean come on people how many more "do not talk to me sings" do I need to give out. I like Helen's line about "not being social". I do have to admit I'm usually the talker but I do try to check for "leave me alone sings" first.

I eat out alone often as well and I hate being treated like a second class table.

Nov 18, 2008
sillyeatinggirl in Features