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Pizza Hunting? (Noho,Studio City, Sherman Oaks?)

I love Joe Peeps... Their special is the polar opposite of a minimalist pizza but its excellent in its own way.

Black Licorice Ice Cream?

Thank you kevin & Professor Salt. (thank you xoxohh as well but it was clearly black licorice.) I checked Fosselman's site and saw that it is a seasonal flavor. I called and learned that it is a flavor for October and today is pretty much the last day. I guess I had better get moving! Thanks once again to all who responded...

Black Licorice Ice Cream?

When I was a kid, Baskin Robbins had Black Licorice Ice Cream. It was slate gray in color and was so delicious! Anyone???

Food/beverages invented in Los Angeles

I was going to add the Moscow Mule... adamhgraham beat me to it. I guess I'll just have to have one for breakfast now. I like them without the lime.

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

I really love the Double Supercheese Burger at Snax Burgers in Torrance. (Corner of Sepulveda & Anza) A truly great tasting cheese burger... I like them with grilled onions.

Getting desperate for 50's Chinese food!

Oh my God! I miss the Tin Sing chow mein so much. mamayama thank you for your post, I will try Fu Shing tomorrow! I registered just so I could thank you for your post. The Tin Sing chow mein set the standard as far as I'm concerned. Thick noodles with the little blackened spots, bok choy, the gravy... Mamayama thank you so much! I might have to get in the car tonight. I was absolutely devistated the day I walked up to Tin Sing and found the "Thank you for your forty years of patronage, we are retiring..." sign on the door. I lived two blocks away for twenty years and frequently walked over for an order of the Tin Sing Special Chow Mein. I will report back. Yesterday I was in San Francisco and was lamenting as to how much I missed Tin Sing's chow mein. I had searched CH on several occasions hoping for good news, I guess today was the day...