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Non alcoholic beer in cans in the UK

I am looking to find cans of non alcoholic beer in the UK, so I can ship to the caribbean. Anyone have any ideas where I can find them???? My brother cannot obtain them there, so he asked if I can ship them over for him

Feb 13, 2013
ochg1 in Beer

Wine and Cheese in Paris

We are going to Paris in less that 4 weeks and have been doing a lot of research on wine. Some companies are offering wine and cheese at selected venues. The price for 5 wine tastes and some cheese for a couple of hours costing 50 euros per person. A little steep I think.

I know there are wine bars and cheese places, are there any suggestions of fabulous places to visit that offer both cheese and wine. The more local, less glamorous and less tourist the better. Even better if micro brew beers are thrown in.

Also any great suggestions on places to eat?, I remember many years ago going to a really little place, where you sat on benches, just cannot remember the place. the food and wine was great and really inexpensive. I know things have changed, but there must be some hidden gems in Paris, that only the locals know about.

Lastly if anyone has any suggestions on unusual things to do, related to food and drink etc, jot it down. My husband is a foody drinker and this is his first time to Paris, I want it to be so memorable

Oct 29, 2008
ochg1 in France