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Light lunch in/around Richmond

I'm embarassed to say that I forgot to post a reply indicating how our experience at the Iron Horse went. In short, it was just what we were looking for, and the train theme was perfect for our kids. It also has a toy train store a couple of doors down that is a great browsing spot if the kids finish their meal early. The food was very nice -- I had the fish of the day -- and the service welcoming and warm. Thanks, again, kim shook, for the recommendation.

Ropa Vieja in DC?

I'm Cuban, and just made my own batch of ropa vieja when my Mami was up from Miami last week. Best ropa vieja I've had in the DC area was at Cuba de Ayer. Croquetas, tostones (fried green plantains) and maduros (fried ripe plantains) were also good, and unexpectedly non-greasy. Black beans were perfectly adequate.

Light lunch in/around Richmond

Thanks very much! The Virginia Diner might be a bit far for us (coming from north of DC), and since we're going down on a Saturday Homemades by Suzanne doesn't look like an option. But the Iron Horse looks great! Its menu seems to have something for everyone, including my ridiculously limited-cuisine children! I'll post a reply after we go.

Light lunch in/around Richmond

We'll be making our annual pilgrimmage to the Outer Banks and are taking a different route (460) this time. We usually lunch at the Trellis or Cheese Shop in Williamsburg. Anything along those lines in the Richmond area, or slightly north of Richmond, close to I-95? Looking for light -- seafood, salads, etc. Thanks.