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Macarons in NJ?

Not to bring a dead thread back to life but....
today I had LIFE CHANGING Macarons today.

I was driving to a friends house, taking the scenic route driving south down the Delaware and decided to stop at the Stockton's Farmers Market, on the corner of bridge street and route 29 south.

If you rarely leave the highly congested highways of jersey, especially the infamously backed up route 29 in Trenton, then let me be the first to welcome you in, into the REAL New Jersey.

The vendors at the Stockton Farmers Market change seasonally, but even when I was disappointed to have missed one particularly vendor I've always been thrilled to discover a new favorite to fill the empty spot in my heart (and stomach!)

When my last relationship ended, we had a serious debate about who "got" SFM, Specifically, Mighty Quinn's for their Pit Beef-pulled pork but made of cow, Alas, all sold out, In factm Quinn;s was sold out of everything EXCEPT their baked beans and corn salad. So I got a bit of those to take home.

Still Hungry I decided to take the rounds and see what the other vendors still had available. My first stop was a pastry corner, where the owner rattled off a whole list of type of macarons at me and then gestured emphatically for me to try as many as I liked. Bad move lady, If I didn;t need get to work tomorow, and thus home tonight, I wold STILL be syanding there trying out those godly bits of mouth mecca.
I know I walked away after buy a half dozen of the best flavors, and I know at least half of THOSE made it home, but I have to admit there aren't any left for me to try to create hierarchy from. Alasm tuesday I'll have to buy (MANY) more,

Next to the macaron mecca was a small table with one or two unsealed tins of... must?
Not mush. Locally grown hormone and antibiotic free duck liver pate. *Groan*

Now I was clearly in trouble so I tried to start sneaking towards the door, blinkering my eyes with hands, trying to even to breath the additively wafting scents of sugar, salt, umami, 0 basically every good thing the human body is capable of smelling.

I did manage to leave, finally. My wallet was lighter, and yet my heart was heavier, for I knew I;d have to come back again, when all the vendors were stocked, when I could have a complete orgy....

Next time. I think I might bring a date too. Because anyone who fails to marry me after I introduce him to all this bounty, well, he must be a pallattery eunuch.

Jul 15, 2012
penthilisea in New Jersey

Central NJ Ice Cream

You will definetly enjoy Bent Spoon. So many flavors, all with locally sourced and seasonally fresh ingredients. I love reading the ingredients on their small packages of ice cream. Hormone free this, hormone free that, fresh love, and a smattering of fairy dust to make it so additively good!

Sep 11, 2009
penthilisea in New Jersey

Moustache- Middle Eastern in Lambertville

I am completely addicted Marhaba's Baba Ghanoush in any form... I cannot emphasize how perfect it is, texture, flavor, etc. All perfect. I am always trying to get my bf to stop there on his way and get me a baba ghanoush sandwich (it's really a wrap).

Sep 11, 2009
penthilisea in New Jersey

Taking Mom out in Allentown

We are going out a week early for Mothers day on sunday may 3rd to the Allentown Art Museum.
Afterwards an early dinner. We are open to anything you guys think is really good. I want something does not have to be fancy, but is consistently good quality.

Apr 22, 2009
penthilisea in Pennsylvania

Meils in Stockon?

I would reccomend it, but with caveat that it is not the fastest service in the world. I lust after their pa dutch style chicken pot pie with biscuits in the cold months and my grandmother LOVES their cabbage soup!

Feb 25, 2009
penthilisea in Mid-Atlantic

Seek quality Sundae in CNJ

Bent Spoon in Princeton. The iced cream is made on site with local ingredients, the whipped cream is real, and the hot fudge is awesome! The downside is there are 4 tables and the shop is tiiiiiny! They also have delicious mini cupcakes!

Feb 25, 2009
penthilisea in Mid-Atlantic

Near Milford / Upper Black Eddy

Loven Oven is a really homey small shop that produces high quality food, with terrific atmosphere. I can't say enough good about everything I've ever had there, from the maked mac n cheese to the potato pancakes to the quiche de jour, the muffins, everything!

Feb 25, 2009
penthilisea in Mid-Atlantic

Whole Bean Coffee?

This place is the best. Roasted on site, top of the line equipment and the owner/roaster is generally around. They also serve Bent Spoon Ice Cream and Sorbets, as well as J's Scones. The espresso is top of the line, best in NJ IMO and I love their water processed decaf beans as well.

Feb 25, 2009
penthilisea in Mid-Atlantic

BYOB - Lambertville to Frenchtown

Miels in Stockton is awesome, I also recomend Lovin Oven in Milford on thursday, friday or saturday. Both are focused on local delicious food.

Feb 25, 2009
penthilisea in Mid-Atlantic

Good Thai Crab Fried Rice in NJ?

Looking for a Thai place that has that amazingly sweet salty dish of excellence, Crab Fried Rice. I used to get it at Thai Chili In Frenchtown (Hunterdon County) all the time, but it's not on the menu at other places in that general area.
Prefer Northwestern NJ or central.

Iced Coffee

FYI it's really quite easy to make your own exceptional iced coffee at home. Cold press method is extremely coursely ground coffee with room temp water for 24 hours or so, then strain and chill and enjoy! Super smooth idea for next heat wave!

Central NJ Ice Cream

Bent Spoon definetly deserves a visit. The ice cream is all local no preservatives, etc. Flavors can be extreme- corn, earl grey, vanilla carmel bourbon sea salt, etc. Their hot cocoa is excellent in the colder months as well.

Oct 29, 2008
penthilisea in New Jersey