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Best Mexican breakfast in San Antonio?

so glad to read that you enjoyed Regio's, ConsiApi!

Just a word of advice: please NEVER use Fritos for chilaquiles! If you ever wanna make some, find the best quality chips you can find, add a green or red sauce and some grated cheese (cotija is the best), y voilĂ ! You have your chilaquiles! : )

Mar 03, 2013
cholulo1 in Texas

Best Mexican breakfast in San Antonio?

i lived in San Antonio for a year and Mexico City for a year as well so thought I would share a couple of my favorite breakfast spots in SA that aren't too far of a drive from where you are staying.

The carne guisada breakfast tacos at Mary Lou's Cafe in Olmos Park are INCREDIBLE! They are by far my favorite in SA!

Mary Lou's Cafe
4405 McCullough

I love all the breakfast plates and tacos at Taco Haven which is a bit further from you but well worth the drive.

Taco Haven
1032 S Presa St

My favorite Mexican breakfast (green chilaquiles with an over easy egg on top and refried beans and homemade flour tortillas on the side (Hey, it is Texas!) can be had at Regio Cafe....and if you're really hungry why not get a migas taco on the side....

Regio Cafe
1706 McCullough Ave


Feb 27, 2013
cholulo1 in Texas

Sees candy in San Antonio???

thank all of you so much-I'm sending my friend some See's tomorrow. : )

Jan 14, 2011
cholulo1 in Texas

Sees candy in San Antonio???

I was thinking of sending a box of See's Candy t a friend in San Antonio. When I google See's Candy San Antonio a San Pedro address comes up. But See's Candy website doesn't show a store in San Antonio. So, is there a See's Candy store in San Antonio. Don't want my gift to be met with "Ugh, we have these here, fool!". Although my friend would never tell me that, I would probably feel that way. Thanks.

Jan 14, 2011
cholulo1 in Texas

help! need to buy wine and cheese on Thanksgiving day...

i am flying into san francisco thanksgiving day. i want to buy a few bottles of wine and some cheese to take to a friends place for thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately, bi-rite, the ferry plaza and k&L wines will be closed.

does anyone out there know where i could pick up some wine and cheese on thanksgiving day?


recommendations for an under-the-radar-not-too-late-to-make-reservations restaurant?

i just checked opentable. lazy boy, right! i showed up at the Slanted Door without reservations a few months ago and it was hectic to say the least. so i think calling might be a good option. THANKS!

recommendations for an under-the-radar-not-too-late-to-make-reservations restaurant?

thanks! i havent tried Range or Perbacco. i've been to Foreign Cinema and it was great but looking to try something new so thanks for the recommendations!!! ciao!

recommendations for an under-the-radar-not-too-late-to-make-reservations restaurant?

hello chowhounds,

just made last minute plans to come to SF to see the de Young YSL show Sat. April 4th and i was unable to make reservations at Delfina, Zuni, or Slanted Door. Gee whiz, what's a hungry guy to do? since i will only be in SF for a couple of days I don't want to spend too much time waiting for a table but i do want to have a truly great SF culinary dinner experience before heading back to LA.

any recommendations for an under-the-radar-not-too-late-to-make-reservations restaurant?

any suggestions are welcome!!!

sincerest thanks!!!!!!

a place to eat in SD with 3 kids after the ZOO...

I love potato tacos, any poor people food, really! but the beef taquitos in a spicy beef broth sounds AMAZING! As for the tacomal being heavy, I am sure my 240 lb S.O. won't be able to resist that dish!!! jejejeje....

Dec 05, 2008
cholulo1 in California

a place to eat in SD with 3 kids after the ZOO...

I think I'll give Mama's a try...i'm interested in trying the "tacomal"... ; )

Dec 03, 2008
cholulo1 in California

a place to eat in SD with 3 kids after the ZOO...

thanks for all of your suggestions!!! you guys are the best!!!

Dec 02, 2008
cholulo1 in California

a place to eat in SD with 3 kids after the ZOO...

hi! me and my S.O. are taking my nephews (5, 12, and 13) to the San Diego Zoo on a Saturday before Christmas and want to go to dinner somewhere casual and yummy for dinner before driving back to LA.

we really like mexican, italian, and, of course, the kids like burgers/pasta. can anybody suggest a restaurant in San Diego that is not a chain, not kid-specific, and super yummy. when in town we really enjoy Spread and an Indian place on University but both of those places seem a little to 'foreign' for my nephews.

i hope i am not being too vague. any recommendations would be totally appreciated!


Dec 02, 2008
cholulo1 in California

Where to eat in Mexico City

By far my favorite restaurant in Mexico City is:

La Tecla
186-A Durango, Col. Roma
+ 52 55 5525 4920

The food is some of the best Mexican food I've ever had...seriously. And be adventerous! Eat at some mercados and street stands. I've had some fo the best birria at a stand in Colonia Indepedencia. I forget the street but I go there everytime I am in DF.

Have fun!!!

Aug 06, 2008
cholulo1 in Mexico

Two weeks in Condesa - Breakfast

I second flor de lis!! delicious tamales, great realxing ambience, and really great service!

Jul 28, 2008
cholulo1 in Mexico

The Park in Echo Park

The calamari was very good! I also loved the corn cakes! The butterleaf salad with roasted beets was so-so. I had the hangar steak which I really enjoyed and ate every last bite! My boyfriend had the salmon which he didn't really care for. But he loved his butterscotch dessert! I had the chocolate cake. Nothing spectacular but if you love chocolate like me then it is just right.

As for the service-hmmmm...the asian server was super friendly and attentive...she had a great sense of humor and just personable enough to know that she was there but not overbearing. Unfortunately, the other server was a little orange county. She was kinda blah, bland, boring...

I will definitely be going back to try some vegitarian courses and for more of that calamari heaven! YUM!

Did I metion that the prices couldnt be any better? No? Well, they are fantastic!

Apr 11, 2008
cholulo1 in Los Angeles Area

Nine Days in Mexico City, Report Back

what a wonderful posting on the various cuisine of my favorite place to travel: Mexico City! Flor de Lis in the Condessa is also one of my favorites. I just had a tamalada (tamale making/eating party with friends and family) here in Los Angeles and I tried to duplicate a few of the tamales like the chipotle pork tamales which is probably the best tamal I have ever had in my life. The next time you are in DF you should try La Tecla in Roma.

Jan 01, 2008
cholulo1 in Mexico

Restaurants for Thanksgiving!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You all have been really helpful and generous with your advice and I truly appreciate it. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Restaurants for Thanksgiving!

I will be in SF for the Thanksgiving holiday and I am not sure where to eat. Does anyone have any dining experience in this food driven holiday? I am looking for something that is slightly traditional and not overly expensive. Any suggestions would be super helpful!

Seattle hound, coming to Austin

Definitely check out Las Manitas for breakfast. The posole is incredible and the migas are delicious!

Aug 03, 2006
cholulo1 in Austin