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ISO langoustines for grilling at home

So I just got back from Ireland and London and after having langoustines several times I want to start cooking with them. Is this possible in LA?

Also, I wouldn't mind replies about great places in LA that have them on their menu because that would be great too. My favorite way to have them is wood grilled with olive oil, garlic, and chives.


Oct 29, 2008
dustinrjo in Los Angeles Area

Where Can I Purchase Sport Peppers for Chicago-Style Hot Dogs?

Thai chilies are available in a jar pickled at many Asian markets. I'm in LA and there are a lot of them East of downtown. These peppers are the same as the sport peppers but like $1.99 for a 12oz jar, so a great deal. Also, Vienna sells the original sport pepper from their "Chicago Dog" but I haven't found a retailer so this may be exclusive to their franchise.

You wouldn't look for Thai chilies because typically people think of them as red, but they are just a variation of the Serrano chili (or at least that is what I have picked up on from Thai restaurants) but they also have them green pickled in jars and they are a perfect match, not a substitute, I have seen a few different brands.

Don't settle for Tabasco peppers or yellow deli peppers as I had to for so long ;-)

Oct 29, 2008
dustinrjo in Manhattan