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Phone Etiquette at the Table: The Rules Have Changed

Using your phone while in the company of others is still absolutely annoying and rude.
Actually, it is worse now than it was four years ago since, as you mentionned, it seems to be more accepted. The fact that a social/cultural norm is "socially accepted" doesn't make it good.

Nov 13, 2011
Gontran in Features

Wait, Lemme Google It!

Count me in as a Luddite then

Nov 13, 2011
Gontran in Features

Vege pate in Montreal. Does it have nuts in it?

i'm not sure if it contain nuts, i haven't had it in a while but the best vegep paté in montréal is the one they make at les copains d'abord on mont-royal

Cheap/Budget Eats in Montreal

café la pagode
vietnamese subs in chinatown
99c pizza

Mtl restaurants slashing their prices

i don't know about restaurants slashing their prices but i've noticed quite a few places have gotten a bit more expensive in the last year

Your fave ice cream flavors from the Mtl ice cream shops

this summer my favorite has been coaticook's "tire et pépite d'érable"
two summers ago i was always eating the cointreau flavor at leo le glacier but the last few times i went they didn't have it in stock (haven't been there in a while though)

edible Chinese food?

too healthy?
i don't get it. i've been to most places mentionned in this thread and what i get is ultra greasy stuff. i mean even a vegetable plate at, let's say deer garden/beijing/vip/niu kee is drenched in oil
not that i'm complaining, i enjoy it, but i don't get the "too healthy, not greasy enough" comment

Nutriotionists in Montreal?

thanks for the infos

but i forgot to specify that i live in hochelaga.
anyone knows about anyone in hochelaga/centre sud or downtow

Niu Kee - new ownership?

not as good nor as spicy as it used to be

Nutriotionists in Montreal?

Anyone knows of any good nutritionists in montreal, who can accommodate a vegetarian diet?