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Laulau or other Hawaiian food in DC

I would like to know the answer to this, too! Would be Great to enjoy some good Hawaiian food.

Cocktails in DC!

Fabulous suggestions! Thanks so much all! I am going to try them out and report back, likely on my blog ( ).

I did try out Proof, and the one drink I tried was pretty delicious. Tonight I also tried The Gibson for the second time... and was disappointed again. :-( Your suggestions definitely encourage me, though.

Best Chinese in DC?

I'm not really sure about the general tso's, but Full Kee in Chinatown is pretty decent. Solid Cantonese fare. Get the chow fun there for sure. Then again I liked Mei Wah so maybe we're not on the same page!

Full Kee Restaurant
509 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Cocktails in DC!

Hi everyone!

I just moved here from San Francisco and am wondering about good cocktails/bartenders to check out in DC. So far I tried the Gibson (I loved the atmosphere and was impressed by its ice! But the drinks seemed so complex!). Any other thoughts out there? So far I've looked up a place called Wisdom. Looks interesting.

Authentic Asian Food and Asian Markets

I recently tried Pho 75 in Rosslyn. Have you been there before? If so, what do you think of it? I thought it was alright, but at 6 bucks, I can't argue with the price, especially since it's near my office.

Authentic Asian Food and Asian Markets

OK I'll definitely have to check out Joe's Noodle House. Sadly, I don't have a car, so I can't check out Eden's Center without an extended walk (and I have definitely thought about it!), so I'm not sure how the food is there. Maybe I need to invest in a bike...

Authentic Asian Food and Asian Markets

I was also lucky enough to try Hong Kong Palace! I find it amusing that the Chinese name is Little Chengdu Restaurant. Ha! Anyway, my friends and I were pleasantly surprised by the food. I'm not sure it's the most authentically Sichuan food you'll find, but it's definitely Chinese. The staff is really nice, too.

Authentic Asian Food and Asian Markets

It's so nice to read about another SF transplant and know I am not alone in my disappointment! Although at the same time, the fact that there isn't much comfort food is sad. I have definitely been surprised at the prices here--food AND real estate! When I negotiated for this job, they said the cost of living would be's been sad to see it not the case. :-(

Asian markets closest to the Mission? [San Francisco]

Thanks for the awesome replies! I checked out almost every one. I think I settled most on Duc Loi and Bombay Bazaar. I was able to fill most of my needs through these places, with the occasional visit to 99 Ranch in the burbs. :-p

I wonder if there is more to be found in the Sunset?

Authentic Asian Food and Asian Markets

Hello there!

I am new to DC, having recently relocated from San Francisco. I was wondering if I could ask for some help in finding some really good Asian food--Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai--I love it all. Unfortunately, I don't have a car, I've been trying to find metro-accessible places. Yesterday I went to Chinatown and was pretty discouraged by its small size.

In addition to the search for great restaurant, I'm on the hunt for an Asian grocery store I can access. Does anyone have any tips here?

Thanks so much, and I'm looking forward to contributing more to this board!

Asian markets closest to the Mission? [San Francisco]

Thanks all for your responses! I tried Duc Loi on 18th and Mission...I thought it was just OK. Didn't actually seem to have that many Asian goods. But it is very convenient. I'll be sure to check out all your suggestions. Thank you!!

Asian markets closest to the Mission? [San Francisco]

I recently moved to the Mission and am looking for a new place to buy my Asian foods...anything Chinese, Korean, Japanese and the like. I've noticed a lot of stores, like Duk Loi, say they're Asian markets, but when I go inside, it's mostly Mexican products. Does anyone have any tips? I saw there's a 99 Ranch in Richmond, but don't know if there's something closer.

Thank you!

Best Cocktails in the Bay Area?

I just moved from Chicago (where I was spoiled silly by Toby Maloney's Violet Hour!). Now I'm in San Francisco looking for good cocktails. Does anyone have any favorites? Any cool bars to hang out in?